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Dec 6, 2014, 11:27:22 PM12/6/14
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(Alora’s Quarters, Garuda)

::Wow.  In a way, it almost sounded like secondary school with the woman sleeping with someone else while the other had interest in her.  Well, maybe that was just Alora.  She refrained from stating any judgement of the person in question and nodded slowly.::

DeVeau: Are you out of words because you’re not interested and don’t know how to say no or because you aren’t sure what your feelings for either of them are?

::Love triangles.  Alora hadn’t ever been involved in one and she hoped she never was for they sounded messy and confusing.::

:: Skyfire was perplexed for a moment, but she did make a valid point. He didn’t know how he felt about either of them, and had difficulty analyzing his own interest level. Despite the fact he’d kissed Gabi twice. Then again, she also clocked him in the jaw. Chase just seemed flirtatious. ::

Skyfire: As you say, I’m not sure how I feel about either one. Gabi has already kissed me twice, but she did punch me the other day. :: He reached his good hand over the bruise site. :: Valaine...I don’t know how to begin to describe how I feel towards him because I don’t know. I’ve been busy with work and… :: Pause. :: ...have difficulty analyzing my own levels of  interest in them.

::As he talked and tried his best to express himself, Alora continued to sip slowly at her hot chocolate, Devlin’s warmth on her thighs.  Her free hand wasn’t truly free for it stroked down his back in a repetitive, smooth motion all the while.  If she were in his shoes, what would she do?::

DeVeau: Okay, I have a question.

Skyfire: Ask away.

DeVeau: How long have you known these people?

:: He thought about it for a bit, having another sip of his drink. ::

Skyfire: Cross, maybe longer than 5 months. Can’t remember exactly. Porchevska, 2 months. Valaine, 2 days.

::Well, longer than she expected on the first two, but pretty much what she expected on the third.  Alora nodded, took the last sip of her hot chocolate, then set aside the mug.  This freed both of her hands to scritch at the puppy’s ears.::

DeVeau: Okay, I’m just going to come right out and say it because I really don’t want to see you going after someone who’s just going to break your heart.  If Ms. Cross is going around and sleeping with someone else, she’s probably not really that interested and I would pretty much put her out of the picture.

::It sounded worse than she wanted it to coming out of her mouth and Alora winced.  Still, it was better to be blunt and honest rather than giving advice that might make him think that was the way to go.::

:: He nodded in silent agreement as he took another sip of his chocolate. He already followed that particular piece of advice. ::

DeVeau: As for the other two, how well do you know them?  Maybe instead of looking at it from a romantic relationship point of view, just spend time with them as friends.  Hang out, watch some movies, chat about what interests you.  See if it goes anywhere beyond that.  Or, if you’re not looking for a relationship, then you can keep it right there and not move forward beyond that boundary - and then you’ve still got friends, right?

:: Devlin licked Alora’s hand gently, his tail wagging in contentment. ::

Skyfire: Not very. Gabi’s insisting that she’ll teach me to be social. Chase…I haven’t the foggiest. He wants to take me to Risa, if that tells you anything.

DeVeau: Yeah, that could be taken either way.

::Alora shifted a little, her fingers switching to scritch beneath the canine’s chin as she pondered the situation.::

DeVeau: I honestly think getting to know them better as friends is the best way to go - because if you don’t know them then you’re not going to really be able to know your feelings about them.  Besides, I think being friends first makes for a better romantic relationship later if it moves that way.  That’s just me.

Skyfire: You’re right. That may help.

::She paused and then peered a little more intensely at the doctor.::

DeVeau: Teach you to be social?  Are you not social, Doc?

:: His eyebrows raised a bit with surprise, one of those ‘you don’t know me very well do you?’ type looks. He sipped his drink again, and as he held it his lap met her gaze. ::

Skyfire: This is probably the most social I’ve been with anyone outside my department or less than commander rank in a long time. I don’t count counseling as being social, though I admit Counselor Moonsong has been a great help in my gaining control over the abilities I’ve acquired.

::Alora mimicked the doctor’s expression with an eyebrow arch of her own.  As if she read his mind, she shook her head.::

DeVeau: I admit, we haven’t hung out much, but I always enjoy company.  You can chill with me any time you like.  You know, I thought about starting a game night on the ship.  Would you be interested in something like that?  It would be a good way to get together with other people and get to know them.

:: As much as the idea appealed to him, he didn’t know if he can deactivate his badge long enough to enjoy it should such a thing come up. Again he sipped his drink. Devlin liked her hand once as he was scritched under the chin, letting his tongue hang from his mouth. ::

Skyfire: I don’t know if I can get away from the badge. Doctor’s life and all that. I’d be interested, but would have to stop if someone paged me for a medical fiasco. :: Pause. The memory of relieving Trel’lis from duty came back to bite him. And he shuddered once. :: Speaking of, I just removed Lt. Trel’lis from active duty right before the ceremony.

DeVeau: Well, you’re not on duty all the time and of course everyone knows that a doctor’s work isn’t ever done.  But still, it might be worth it to try, right?  Otherwise I might have to hunt you down and drag out to be sociable, give Gabi some help in socialising you.

::Her eyes twinkled with her grin, but it faded as she processed the last bit of information he’d given her.::

DeVeau: Trel’lis?  Is she all right?

:: The doc sighed and set his drink on the table. He leaned back and took a breath, not sure how much detail to go into. Regarding the socialization, it probably sounded better in her head than how it came out. ::

Skyfire: I can’t go into the details of her case, but to sum it up, I’ve done what I can. She’s on medical LOA until further notice. :: He paused and exhaled slowly, trying to relax before he continued. :: Did you intend for that to become as kinky as you made it sound?

::Alora’s hands stilled in their petting as she stared at the doctor for a moment.  While she wasn’t necessarily the most eloquent person in the world, she generally could gather her thoughts a little better than the single word that managed to pop out of her mouth.::

DeVeau: What?

Skyfire: The “hunt down and drag you out” part seemed to have an almost predatory note to it. Are you sure you’re not one of those people you hinted in our last conversation who is attracted to me?

::Those green eyes blinked at him a few times and she squirmed a little, rolling Devlin’s perch beneath him.  Pink darted into her cheeks at the idea that he might have though she was trying to flirt - which had not been the case at all.::

DeVeau: I’m not going to lie, I find you physically attractive, but honestly, so are a lot of men on this ship, and I really have no designs on you what-so-ever.  I’m sorry if I sounded predatory, that wasn’t my intention  at all.  I’m not looking for a romantic relationship with anyone.  ::She paused briefly, then added.:: But I’m always happy to make new friends.

:: He seemed oddly relieved at the statement, though how to respond afterward seemed difficult for some strange reason. Instead, his reply was simple and accompanied by a nod. ::

Skyfire: I see.

DeVeau: And if we’re friends, you know what that means, don’t you?

Skyfire: I can’t think of what it means at the moment.

DeVeau: I get to tease you relentlessly.  Of course, the same can go in reverse…

:: He hadn’t the slightest idea what he’d tease her about, and didn’t feel like saying anything. He took another breath and drained the last of his chocolate. ::

Skyfire: Right.

::Alora eyed him and his empty mug, her smile returning once more to play upon her lips.::

DeVeau: Tell you what, why don’t you pick out whatever plants you want.  I highly recommend a violet or two.  They’re easy to care for, don’t need a lot of attention, but if you keep them happy, they’ll bloom nine months out of a Terran year.

:: He blinked a few times and eyed the selection of plants once more. He slowly got up and approached a pair of blue and red violets in one of the corners. ::

Skyfire: These look good…

::Alora offered one last pat to Devlin before she put him down then rose to draw alongside the doctor.::

DeVeau: That’s a good one.

::Alora indicated the blue that had caught his interest.::

DeVeau: That’s a variety called a ‘Blue Boy’.  It’s been around since 1927 when it was introduced as a cultivated house plant.  A lot of varieties can look to this one as an ancestor.

::She motioned to the other he’d indicated, the one with red blossoms.::

DeVeau: That’s also an older variety called a Tomahawk and also a great choice.  I have a couple of each so just grab a pot that strikes your fancy.

:: He grabbed one pot of each and glanced to Devlin ::

Skyfire: C’mon, boy. :: then glanced to Alora :: Thanks. I’d...I’d be interested in a game night.

DeVeau: Good.  And how about some company for dinner, huh?  Either here or on the station?  It’s not as much fun eating alone.:

:: She had a point, though he wasn’t entirely sure how to answer. ::

Skyfire: Any time, or …? :: as he tried to pick up on the emotions. ::

DeVeau: Sure.  It’s a standing invitation.

::Her emotions were easy to read, and mostly genial, some underlying concern though whether it was for him or in regards to Trel’lis was hard to pinpoint.  Cheerfulness seemed to remain a constant - at least for the moment, but there was no sense of romantic intent behind her words.  He smiled again, one pot in each hand. Devlin padded alongside his master as CD headed for the door. ::

Skyfire: Thanks again.

Devlin: Raff! :: and wagged his tail, looking up cutely at Alora before heading off. ::

DeVeau: No problem.  Bye guys.

::Alora waved even though the Doc couldn’t wave because his hands were full and Devlin couldn’t wave because...well...he was a dog.::


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire

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Lt. Alora DeVeau

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