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Lt.Cmdr Nia Calderan

Dec 5, 2014, 6:36:29 AM12/5/14
to Sb118 Garuda
(( Conference Room; USS Garuda))

:: Nia sat at the head of the table, an empty chair next to her for the
Captain to fill when she arrived. It had been a long mission, a scary
mission and one that Nia had been thankful to survive. She was also
pleased to be back in her crisp red uniform and not her tatty torn
dress. She had been embarrassed at her appearance throughout the last
mission, and hoped now to be able to convey the professionalism she knew
she had within her.::

:: The senior crew began to file into the room, and Nia gave them a
reassuring smile as they did so. She also looked down at the box in
front of her containing some items of recognition for the first class
crew of the Garuda. Just then, Nia looked up to see Captain Egan Manno
enter the room. Nia stood to attention.::

Calderan: Afternoon Captain.

Egan Manno: RESPONSE

:: Nia stepped aside to allow the Captain to sit down. Nia was grateful
to have been given this honour to present the crew with their ribbons,
so well deserved by them - the best crew in the Fleet. Once everyone was
in and settled, Nia stood tall at the head of the table, arms behind her

Calderan: Welcome everyone, thank you for coming. It gives me great
pleasure to be able to address you all here, and to congratulate you on
your performance during the recent crisis aboard Deep Space Ten. You
have acquitted yourselves magnificiently and are a credit to Starfleet.


:: Nia nodded, but her smile faded slightly. She had some bad news to

Calderan: Before I go any further, I need to inform those who have not
yet heard that during the crisis, the Cardassian commander of DSX was
killed, and our own Commander Valen was taken prisoner by the Maquis
terrorists. Starfleet are still searching for her, and dialogue with the
Maquis is being sought to get her safe return. As soon as I know
anything solid, I will update you.


:: Nia paused for a moment, respectfully, for their missing comrade. She
then let her smile slip back and looked up again at the crew.::

Calderan: With Captain Egan Manno’s permission, I will now present
ribbons to the members of the crew whose actions merited special

:: Nia opened to box in front of her, seeing the sparkling pile of
ribbons and medals laying inside.::

Calderan: Will Lieutenant JG Raissa Moonsong and Lieutenant Evan Delano
please join me here?

Moonsong / Delano: RESPONSES

:: Nia waited for them to arrive. She picked up two ribbons from the

Calderan: For injuries sustained in the course of their duties,
especially in quelling the disturbance in the Dinner Hall during the
crisis, I award the Purple Heart to Lieutenant Moonsong and Lieutenant
Delano. Congratulations.

:: Nia pinned the ribbons to her colleagues tunics.::

Moonsong / Delano: RESPONSES

Egan Manno / Anyone: RESPONSES

:: Nia shook hands with both of them before they returned to their
seats. She waited until they were sitting before she picked up another
two ribbons.::

Calderan: Please could Lieutenant Commander Tristam Core and Lieutenant
Juanita Sanchez join me here?

Core / Sanchez: RESPONSES

:: Once they had got to Nia, she held the ribbons up.::

Calderan: As noted by LtCmdr Bakari and relayed to me, in recognition of
their quick thinking and expert knowledge in sending an electro-magnetic
pulse to knock out the Maquis’ booby traps, I am presenting you both
with the Innovation Ribbon.

:: Nia pinned to ribbons to their tunics, offering each of them a warm

Core / Sanchez: RESPONSES

Egan Manno / Anyone: RESPONSES

Calderan: Congratulations!

:: Again, Nia waited for the chatting to die down before moving along.::

Calderan: Will Ensign Knight and Ensign Pritzker please join me on?

Pritzker / Knight: RESPONSES

:: The two Ensigns stood in front of Nia. She had two half-pips in her

Calderan: For your efforts during the recent crisis, it is my pleasure
to promote you both to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

:: Nia fixed the pips to their collars.::

Pritzker / Knight: RESPONSES

Egan Manno / Anyone: RESPONSES

:: Nia applauded along with the others as the two newly minted JayGee’s
went back to their seats.::

Calderan: Congratulations.


:: Nia coughed to clear her throat, and took a sip of water before
moving on the next recipient.::

Calderan: Doctor Skyfire, will you please join me?


:: The Doctor came up to stand with Nia. Nia looked him straight in the
eyes. She tried not to blush knowing that he had seen her in nothing but
her underwear on more than one occasion during her visits to the
sickbay, but now was not the time to be shy.::

Calderan: Doctor, your efforts in finding a cure for the pathogen were
not without risk, but the success of your experiments proved to be the
salvation of many of our Cardassian friends aboard the station. In
recognition of your efforts, I am very happy to award you the Medical
Science Ribbon.

:: She pinned it to his chest, noting how well his toned body filled his


Calderan: That’s not all. I also have the honour of confirming you as
the Garuda’s official Chief Medical Officer. ::she winked at him::
You’re *Acting* no more.


:: Nia made a mental note that she still needed to have a word with the
CMO about putting himself at risk like that, but in hindsight Nia would
have probably done the same thing. Crew before self, and all that.::

Egan Manno / Anyone: RESPONSES

:: Nia waited for another pause, and then looked down in the box again.
There was at least one matter to finish with before they could retire.::

Calderan: Finally, I want to express my deepest thanks to all of you. I
had the duty of being Acting-CO of the station during the recent
mission, but my task was made so much easier having all of you working
with me. We are, without hesitation, the best crew in the Fleet. Even
those of you who haven’t received an award yet, the light of the stars
still shines on your record. It is therefore my honour to present
everyone here the Silver Star, in recognition of your actions against
the Maquis and maintaining order on the station alongside our Cardassian

:: Nia looked to her side and smiled at the Captain.::

Calderan: Captain, will you help me give out the Silver Stars to

Egan Manno / Anyone: RESPONSES

:: The medals were awarded to the crew. Eventually, everyone was seated,
and Nia raised her glass for a toast, indicating for the others to do
the same.::

Calderan: To the crew of the Garuda, and to absent friends!

Egan Manno / Anyone: RESPONSES

To Be Continued…

Lt.Cmdr Nia Calderan
First Officer: USS Garuda
* * *
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