[G-QTRS] JP by Lt. DeVeau and PNPC Saavok: Origami Time! - Part 2

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Amanda Nordstrom

Apr 9, 2015, 11:37:28 PM4/9/15
to Garuda

((Saveron’s quarters, USS Garuda))

::A few more folds, a tuck here and there and she set a miniature crane
before him. Before they continued onward, she reached for her triPADD
and brought up an image of an actual crane.::

DeVeau: It’s not exact, but still a lovely art. There’s also a legend
about making folded paper cranes.

::Saavok carefully copied Alora’s movements, needing little assistance.
Art he understood, Vulcan culture was not without such nor without an
appreciation of it. Artistry was an acceptable reason.::

Saavok: What is the legend? ::He asked as he folded carefully, before
comparing his result with hers and with the elegant image on the screen.::

DeVeau: The legend goes that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes
can make any wish he or she desires and it will come true.

::Was there…? No. He couldn’t see any logical basis for such an assertion.::

Saavok: Do you know what the origin of the legend is?

DeVeau: Oh gosh, it’s an ancient, ancient legend. I don’t think anyone
really knows the true origins. The crane is considered a sacred animal
and is said to live a thousand years - probably where the thousand
folded ones comes from as far as number. Even what happens differs
depending on who you talk to and what area of Japan you’re in. Some say
you get a wish, some say you get luck, or good health. Some say that you
have to make the thousand within a year or you don’t get your wish.

::The child considered this, regarding his paper crane thoughtfully. A
thousand was a lot.::

Saavok: What would you wish for?

DeVeau: That is a very good question.

::Alora plucked her paper crane from the table and balanced it upon her

DeVeau: Long life and good health for my friends, maybe. Um. I dunno. I
pretty much have everything I personally want.

Saavok: That is preferable, although wanting is sometimes more
satisfying than having.

DeVeau: Not always. Sometimes, yes, but not always.

::Alora placed the little crane back in front of the little Vulcan.::

DeVeau: What about you? What would you wish for?

Saavok: New experiences. I wish to see new things and learn things. The
universe is an interesting place.

::Grey eyes searched Alora’s face.::

Saavok: Is that an acceptable thing to wish? ::He asked suddenly.:: Long
life and good health for friends would also be preferable. Indeed, for
everyone. That’s why father does what he does.

::And that was surely an more altruistic thing to wish for. Was it
selfish to want things for himself?::

DeVeau: It’s a perfectly acceptable wish, yes indeed. And yes, your
father does do that - and he’s pretty good at it if I do say so.
So...think you can make a thousand paper cranes within a year?

Saavok: I will require two-thousand. One thousand for me, and one
thousand for friends.

DeVeau: You think so?

::The little Vulcan considered this.::

Saavok: My wish for myself is already coming true. Perhaps I will only
need one thousand.

DeVeau: That’s very true. You already get to have new experiences here.
As you get older, you’ll have more freedom as well I’m sure.

::Not that the child didn’t already have more freedom than many. Then
again, he was also a lot more mature and self controlled than most
children. Such was the life of a Vulcan.::

Saavok: Is that why you joined Starfleet?

DeVeau: Pretty much. It was an opportunity to learn and explore and
yeah, have new experiences. What about you? Think you’ll join Starfleet?
Maybe as a science officer?

::She wasn’t biased - no, not at all.::

Saavok: I do not yet know what fields I would prefer to study further. I
think that I do not yet have enough experience to decide.

::People often asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.
Apparently ‘me’ wasn’t an acceptable answer.::

DeVeau: Well, you have plenty of time to decide, so no rush. Just
whatever you do, make sure it’s something you really enjoy. Something
that you have great interest in.

::Enjoy as much as a Vulcan would admit to anyway.::

Saavok: The universe is interesting.

::That was perhaps the problem. Everything was interesting. Was there
something that he had a particular interest in? Not yet.::

Saavok: I shall meditate on it. ::He took another piece of paper from
the pile.:: Do you know any shapes that aren’t animals?

DeVeau: I know a few. We can do a boat, I know some baskets and other
containers, some toys, stars, a few other things. We can also do some
kirigami which is when you fold paper in a certain way, cut it and when
you unfold it, it has a lovely shape or picture. What would you prefer?

Saavok: Kirigami sounds interesting.

::It was always interesting to learn something new, and Alora was a font
of new ideas.::


PNPC Saavok

Vulcan Child

USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer

USS Garuda
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