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Amanda Nordstrom

Jun 16, 2015, 9:29:14 PM6/16/15
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OOC: I apologise if I've missed tabs. I've managed to skim the previous
sims but I may have missed something in content as well as tags so beg
your forgiveness if that's the case!
((Under the cover of darkness, somewhere on a Va Wreth ship))

Shandres: DeVeau, see if your commbadge works. Tristam… Commander, do
what you can to make sure that signal gets out.

DeVeau: Right.

::Alora's fingers lightly tapped against the metal attached to her
shirt, but there wasn't a sound to be heard, no tell-tell chirp that
announced it had connected with a Federation signal.::

DeVeau: ::Sighing:: No dice.

::Either they had managed to cut off communications or it had gotten
broken during her fall and subsequent transport to the Va Wreth ship. If
only she could _see_.::

Shandres: I’d really, really would like to go to station medical please.

::A pitiful curl of sound peeped as Alora could only imagine Shandres
had managed to grab a hold of the Va Wreth and was now doing something
uncomfortable to her.::

Shandres: You’re not going to try and stop us, are you?

Va Wreth: ::whimpers:: Nooooo…

Shandres:: Good girl.

DeVeau: We...

::The pounding of footsteps in the hallway interrupted her, and suddenly
the room was full of Va Wreth. One, the Va Wreth Shandres had managed to
get hold of, let out a squeal and there was the sound of scrabbling
amidst the murmur of bodies as they swished into the room. An infantry
of feet scuttled to a stop and though she could not see, Alora had the
sense of space being occupied, the acoustics of the room suddenly less
reverberating as someone commanded.::

Yal’Sethir’Anth: The aliens are not to be harmed!

::She knew that voice and, as suddenly as it had stopped, the tapping of
a variety of limbs sounded again, only that time the echo of noises
surrounded her - above, to the side, all over. Despite the assurance of
those words, Alora cringed and her hold upon Mei’konda’s shoulder
tightened. Ghastly green flashed from time to time, revealing the
position of the plethora of bodies.::

Yal’Sethir’Anth: Find something that will radiate. ::She snapped, before
moving towards the two former captives on the ground. One she knew.::
Alora, trader turned Starfleet. I am Yal’Sethir’Anth. We met at the
soiree. The rebels are being nullified.

DeVeau: Yes, I remember. I was…

::A click was followed by a dim light, one that caused Alora to cringe
briefly, the sight stark and bright compared to the depths that had
surrounded her just seconds before.::

DeVeau: What, exactly, is going on?

Yal’Sethir’Anth: I imagine they intended you as hostages. We will return
you to the station momentarily. Are you missing any of your party?

DeVeau: No, but Mei’konda’s sick, we need to get him to a doctor, quickly.

::That was the first and foremost thought on her mind. While other
matters could be attended to later, she wanted to be sure that her
coworker and friend was taken care of before anything else.::


DeVeau: It’s pretty bad, he couldn’t move. We need someone now.


DeVeau: Thank you.

::As the bodies writhed and set into motion a series of events, which
included the capture of the Va Wreth who had kept them captive, Alora
herself remained still and tried not to be impatient as she wanted for
help to come to the aid of the stricken Caitian.::



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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