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((Bridge, USS Invicta))

Rahman: If there's anything else, captain?

Kells: I'm sure there is, but...

:: He shrugged. There would be more than enough to occupy them in the coming days, he knew, and there was no use trying to make work for its own sake now. ::

Rahman: I'll begin drafting up the shakedown cruise itinerary immediately. I also suspect there's going to be a lot of personnel requests coming my way.

Kells: Yes, I expect so. We have space for about 100 officers aboard, whereas Garuda had nearly 400. 

:: Though whether officers would be asking to stay with the Garuda, come along on the Invicta, or something else entirely, he wasn't sure. The crew had been through a lot of changes recently -- not just the loss of their former command team, but now a ship transfer -- and he could understand if many of them elected not to follow. He didn't have their loyalty yet, not really. ::

Rahman: ::softly:: New frontiers indeed…

:: Aron realized his thoughts had wandered when he heard her speak, and looked back in time to see her glance back at him. Well, at least he and his XO were in the same place. ::

Rahman: And thank you for the words of support, captain. You know, though, it's still not too late to change your mind.

Kells: It's never too late. But I haven't yet, have I? 

Rahman: Then in that case… ::She gestured to a potted plant in the corner.:: I'm getting rid of that.

Kells: Oh?

Rahman: Call it a security matter. I don't like the look it's giving me.

:: To that, he could only snort. Speaking of the crew, never mind the official upheavals they'd been through -- what about things like having their potted plants sprout into doomsday vegetative monstrosities? Yeah, the crew had been through a lot. ::

Rahman: See you at 1800 hours, sir.

:: He glanced at her before the turbolift doors closed. She was taking this remarkably well -- but, then, maybe she thought the same of him. He managed a slight smile just as the doors started to close. ::

Kells: You, too.

:: And with a slight whir, the turbolift departed, leaving Aron standing, uncertain, too small in a bridge larger than he'd ever dared to imagine. ::


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