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(( Bridge, USS Garuda ))

:: Twenty four hours.  A full Terran day had passed and the time had come, as the Walrus had said, to talk of many things.  At least, she hoped they could talk of many things.  It was time to meet and greet and get to know these new people.  Excitement bubbled within a certain young science officer, the evidence of which trickled out in the form of a tap of her finger, or the shifting of her feet.  Would she be on the away team?  Would she have a chance to experience this monumentous occasion first hand?  Was monumentous even a word? ::

EGAN MANNO: Report. Have we received anything from the Kubarey vessel?

::Alora glanced at her new captain, then to those who gave an answer as Egan Manno was given an answer.::



EGAN MANNO: Please join me in the transporter room, Lieutenant Jolara, Lieutenant DeVeau--

DeVeau: YES!....sir.  Yes sir.

::Would a fist pump be inappropriate?  Yes.  Yes it probably would be frowned upon.  Alora clamped her hands down at her side, but there was no way she could dim the brilliant smile that immediately sprang to her features.::


EGAN MANNO: Yes, Commander, that is my intent. The Kubarey ship has not responded, and it may be that we were always meant to meet them on the surface.


EGAN MANNO: I appreciate your concern, but I was ordered directly by Admiral Moday to meet them. It is not a duty I can pass off, even in the face of your admirable zeal to protect your CO. I will go to the surface. However -- it would make sense to limit our military presence. I shall take only one security officer -- and Dr. Mackellar? He is a civilian, after all, and it may be superior to present a less militarized front.


:: The captain held an expression that was less than pleased though it passed quickly.  Alora could understand the concern as well, but this was a peaceful mission.  She also agreed that it would be better to seem less militaristic.  Whatever concerns Ross had, they still couldn't dampen her spirits.  She was going to get to meet them too!  She would be among the first! That was more exciting than receiving a whole case of non-replicated ooey gooey caramel filled chocolate!::

EGAN MANNO: I will discuss this no further, Commander. I am going to the surface.

::If the Captain was told to go, she'd have to go.  And from the way Ross immediately got to his feet, so was he - which meant the captain was even less pleased than before.::


EGAN MANNO: As you wish. Hm. =^= Captain Egan Manno to Lieutenant Commander Rahman.

RAHMAN: =^= ?

EGAN MANNO: =^= Report to the bridge. You will have the conn while Commander Ross and I beam down to meet the Kubarey.

RAHMAN: =^= ?

EGAN MANNO: =^= Very good. Egan Manno, out.

:: That done, the Captain focused on Handley-Page ::

EGAN MANNO: Lieutenant Commander, I ask that you remain on the ship. If possible, I would like to get a sense of the Kubarey ship's capabilities and construction, and you and Lieutenant Commander Rahman are the best officers to begin that investigation.


EGAN MANNO: I will, however, require one of your subordinates for this mission. Who would you suggest?


EGAN MANNO: Very good. Lieutenant Shryker, please join me with Commander Ross in transporter room one. Lieutenants Jolara and DeVeau, you will accompany us as well, please.

DeVeau: Yes sir!

::Alora offered a sharp salute, a former gesture quite at odds with that grin which hadn't faded one iota since her name had originally been called.  She got to gooooo, she got to goooo, she got to gooo!  It was all Alora could do to keep from skipping and she forced her feet to simply walk and join the captain.::


::Their team wasn't finished.  Another had to be fetched and the Captain tapped her badge.::

EGAN MANNO: =^= Captain Egan Manno to Doctor Mackellar.


EGAN MANNO: =^= Doctor, please join me in transporter room one. I have need of your skills and services on an away mission.


EGAN MANNO: =^= Then I will see you shortly. Egan Manno, out.

(( Transporter Room One ))

:: Alora's body trembled ever so slightly.  It quietly quaked and quivered.  Excitement built up within and she would burst at any moment.  Calm.  Calm.  She had to be calm.  A deep breath was taken and let out, then another and she managed to curb her desire to jump up and down - well, mostly.  She glanced around at her fellow officers.  Was she too obvious in her glee? She couldn't help it.  What they were about to do was one of the most exciting things she could imagine being a part of out in Space.  It was one of the reasons she had wanted to travel among the stars.  Now, on only her third mission, she got to participate.  The captain inclined her head to the chief and gave the command.::

EGAN MANNO: Energize.

::Alora's heart flipped with elation.  Energize, energize, energize!  They couldn't get there fast enough.  Golden light shimmered and surrounded her.  The world of the Garuda disappeared and Alora closed her eyes.  The sounds of the transfer faded and she opened them.  Opened them to view upon a world that, as far as she knew, had never been seen by those of the Federation before.  Light years away from her planet, she would have the opportunity to visit another - and meet a people never encountered before.  What would they be like?  Friendly.  Friendly.  She had to think positive.  What about their flora and fauna?  What sort of wonders awaited them?  Alora couldn't wait to find out.


Tag! and TBC!

Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Garuda
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