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(OOC: "Slightly awkward chat," eh? Well, now you're just taunting me to have some fun... >:) )

((Chief Engineer's Office, USS Garuda))

Belasi: I was also wondering if you had anything planned for shoreleave? 

::That caused her to stop and look over at the lieutenant.:: 

Rahman: I beg your pardon? 

::She studied the man closely. Did Deltans sweat?:: 

Belasi: Forgive me. What I meant was, do you have anything planned departmental wise? Is there anything I can assist with during the period of leave we are all about to have. 

Rahman: oO ...right. Oo

::After a lingering moment, she nodded finally.:: 

Rahman: Oh. Well, actually, I haven't given too much thought to that yet. 

::She returned to her PADD.:: 

Rahman: Yourself? 

Belasi: I am not one for being idle in my *spare* time.

::Wasn't that the way with many engineers she had worked with in the past? Tobias Walker. Kevin Breeman. She practically had to change the security codes to kick out Kael Thomas after he had already been promoted to chief engineer of the Vigilant. And then there was that time when Reez had to ban Roshanara from her own engine room.::

::But then, she wasn't one of those chief engineers who felt the need to "parent" her subordinates and force them to enjoy their leave. If they wanted to do more work after they'd be fairly warned, then she was only happy to oblige. Just ask Mr. Thomas.::

Belasi: If it pleases you, I can run some diagnostics over the Garuda’s shuttles and send my results through to Lieutenant Vistain. I am aware of her prowess in shuttle modifications. 

::Was that the only areas of her prowess he was aware of, she wondered. A shameful thought, true, but it did make her snicker.::

Rahman: Hmmmph. I'm sure the lieutenant would be very appreciative...

::The Deltan nodded to the Chief.:: 

Belasi: Thank you ma’am. I shall leave you in peace now and get on my project. 

::He turned to leave.::

Rahman: oO Not so fast, pretty boy. Oo

::She cleared her throat.::

Rahman: Ahem. Lieutenant.


Rahman: As much as I commend your enthusiasm to help Ms. Vistain, if you are volunteering your time, then perhaps you'll join me in modifying the Bussard collectors. On the Mercury, we had developed some enhancements for their use in the Menthar Corridor, and I'd like to similarly adjust the Garuda's before we depart DSX.


Rahman: Good.

::She threw down her PADD on the console and sprang to her feet, heading out of her office towards the ladder to the nacelle access tubes.::

Rahman: Hope you didn't have a big breakfast.


((Nacelle Access Tube))

::It was a long trek from Main Engineering to the nacelles. First, you had to travel horizontally through the Jefferies tube network before reaching the nacelle pylons. Then, you had to squeeze through the vertical shaft that was clearly built for a Bynar. Or one petite Kriosian.::

::Roshanara climbed up the ladder and reached the access hatch to the nacelle itself. She held onto one rung of the ladder with one hand as she punched in her security codes to open the hatch with the other. She called out to Lt. Belasi who was hanging from the ladder below her.::

Rahman: You doing all right, down there?


Rahman: She's quite a big ship, isn't she?


Rahman: Just more to love, isn't that what they say?


::The hatch opened then with a hiss, and Roshanara crawled up and over into another tight crawlspace. There was a small control room where you could actually stand at the back of the nacelle, supposedly level with deck 25, but they weren't here to work on the warp coils. To access the Bussard collectors, they'd have to continue forward another 90 meters until they were practically right under the ramscoop, and the space would only get tighter.::

::As they crawled forward, side by side for now as the space permitted, Roshanara could feel those famed Deltan pheromones filling up the space. She'd never worked with a Deltan before in such confined quarters. In fact, Deltan engineers were somewhat of a rare sight from her experience.::

::Yet despite the infamy of the pheromones' supposed power, if she were supposed to feel a sudden attraction, it failed to form. Instead, the effect was more akin to a pleasant aroma.::


Rahman: "Weapons, piloting, and strategy." Not what you often see on an engineer's resume.


Rahman: So then why engineering?


::When they finally reached the dead end of the crawlspace, Roshanara at least had an answer to that question: Deltans did sweat, and quite a bit by the looks of it. Roshanara took off her uniform jacket and handed it to Belasi.::

Rahman: Take this, will you?


Rahman: You might want to do the same. You look like you're drowning, lieutenant.


::She suppressed an evil smirk. She thought of Del's assessment of her once: "You are a cruel, cruel woman, Rahman." Damn straight.::

Rahman: All right, now to access the ramscoop, we're going to have to pry off the outer cowling.

::She pointed to the ceiling of the tube.::

Rahman: This is actually the lower section of it. It slides back and then to the side.


Rahman: All right, on three.

::They each took a hold of the grips and readied themselves. She gave the countdown and they strained against the metal, but it failed to budge.::


::She looked over and saw what the problem is.::

Rahman: No, you have to grip it like this and twist.

::She leaned up against the lieutenant, grabbed onto his deceptively muscular arm and guided his hand in the motion.::

Rahman: Then pull.

::She bit her lip with a smile.::


Rahman: All right, let's try again.


::With their combined effort, the cowling slowly moved back, revealing the massive ramscoop above them. Roshanara put a hand on the lieutenant's shoulder, propping herself up against him to get a better view.::

Rahman: Beautiful, isn't it?


To be continued...

Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman
Chief Engineer / Second Officer: USS Garuda 
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