[G] [JP] Lt. Alora DeVeau & Aron Kells: Three Seven, Part Two

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Amanda Nordstrom

Dec 13, 2014, 7:06:11 PM12/13/14
to Garuda
(( Life Science Lab 5 ))

DeVeau: Go on, open it.

::She watched as he navigated through the layer of paper and bow, hands
returned behind her. Her smile returned, if not as bright, as the box
beneath was revealed and then opened. As he pried open the flaps of the
box, red was revealed, a tiny bush planted in a dish that was decorated
with simple, earthen coloured rocks.

DeVeau: It’s a lagga bush - bonsai version. This is my second one I’ve
done, but I wanted you to have it.

::It was a Romulan specimen, and yet it had done well with the trimming
required in making a bonsai. Although bonsai wasn’t necessarily easy,
Alora had learned a lot on her first and her second one was definitely
prettier. Blooms seemed to burst from almost every inch of the canopy
shaped branches. The timing couldn’t have been better.::

Kells: You do realize that the first thing I’m going to do is sequence
its genome, right? Or, if it already has a sequence, I’m going to
compare this one to the type specimen and…. ::beat:: I’m trying to say
thank you. I’m not doing very well.

DeVeau: It’s all right. It sounds sort of like something I would do.

::Alora glanced around and leaned in to whisper in a conspiratory manner.::

DeVeau: It’s already been sequenced, but have at it.

:: He wasn’t much of a hugger -- it was part of the difficulty of being
much taller than the human norm; it made hugs awkward for anyone other
than a Breen in its encounter suit -- but he did so anyway. She’d shown
him kindness, and he wanted to reciprocate a little of it. Alora
accepted his embrace more than willingly, her own hold firm in its
sincerity. The gesture brightened her features, her smile taking on a
lighter tone.::

Calderan: =/\= This AmbassadorNia Calderan to all Garuda crew. Shore
leave is ending with immediate effect, please report to your stations
and duty posts within one hour. =/\=

:: Ambassador Calderan? Had she been an ambassador a few days ago? Aron
didn’t think so, but he might have heard incorrectly: The call was
coming through Alora’s badge, and it was currently stuck somewhere below
his shoulder. He felt the message as much as he heard it, though he let
go soon after Calderan began to speak. Alora released him as well and
glanced up at Aron as she listened to Calderan’s command. ::

Kells: Right. You have to get to work, and I’m sure this place will be
flooded with personnel soon. By the way, who’ve you assigned as civilian
liaison in life sciences? Who should I get to know?

DeVeau: Mariel Vattir, she’ll get you started. Come see me tomorrow
morning, I’ll fill you in on what’s happening.

:: He held up the lagga bonsai, admiring her handiwork and horticulture.
He spoke through its branches: ::

Kells: It’s beautiful, really, it is. I -- I think I remember that
you’ve given me plants before. And I killed it?

:: The memory had just hit him. He tried not to lose his smile, but it
was terrifying whenever it happened. Memories that had nothing to do
with his incarceration on the Ring would suddenly reappear, and he’d
have no idea why they’d been lost or why they’d suddenly come back. It
was a scary way to live, not trusting your own mind. Alora was far less
perturbed than Aron at the memory and even chuckled a little. It died at
the expression that flashed across his face, easy to read even through
the branches of the little bush.::

DeVeau: Sort of. The other you did.

Kells: Then I’ll do better this time.

:: He tried to play it off, but he thought -- he knew -- that she’d seen
the fear on his face. Well, that would be a story for another time. The
problem was, he thought, they were all turning out to be stories for
another time. ::

DeVeau: I know you will. I’d better go.

::She turned and aimed for the door, Aron following her to ‘see her
out’. She paused as it hissed open. Although she’d been ordered to her
post, she paused to turn back to the man and smiled.::

DeVeau: It’ll get better. You’ll see.

::Another smile accompanied the encouragement and Alora coupled it with
a second hug. It was a quick one, but no less sincere. She released him
once more, offered a little finger wave, then quickly trekked down the

Kells: I know it will. Or I, you know, hope.


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda


Aron Kells

Civilian Scientist

USS Garuda
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