[A1-SDM] LtCmdr Saveron and MSNPC Yal'Kara'Orth: Rapid Evolution (Bakari, Kells, Egan Manno)

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Sarah Eccles

Jun 18, 2015, 7:27:30 PM6/18/15
to Garuda
(( Starfleet Diplomatic Mission, Corridors ))
Saveron: In an emergency, Station Control should be prepared to shut off the lighting on the event. Our Va Wreth allies will have a distinct advantage in apprehending Ross or his accomplices in the dark.
Bakari: Perhaps we should have the Va Wreth meet with Glinn Zorkal to augment station security, then? The Invicta is going to be covered from bow to stern with their own security. If one of Ross's accomplices makes a move, or if he somehow attempts an escape, there's a lot more room to hide on the station.
Yal: Better that we cover the station than an unfamiliar ship, I think. The Invicta’s crew know her, but they do not know us, and we do not know that ship.
Kells: Very true, and it's going to be much more difficult over here, too. A1's the equivalent of something like a dozen different sovereign states, and while I think most of the diplomatic missions here will be cooperative, given what we're doing, they could certainly slow us down if they're not....
Saveron: We do not need to give any species any reason to object once again to the Va Wreth. ::He cautioned.::
Yal: My people will defer to this Glinn Zorkal and his station security. We are here to assist only. oO And gain a better understanding of the layout of the station. Oo
::Hurried footsteps sounded on the decking behind them.::
Egan Manno: Excuse me. Wait, please.
::As one the group turned, and though he recognised the voice, the sight of Fleet Captain Egan Manno all but running down the corridor was… unexpected. She was habitually a dignified presence. That was something that Aron would do.::
Kells: Fleet Captain?
Egan Manno: I've just received a report: Ross has been captured. 
Saveron: That is an agreeable development. ::Their major problem had been nullified.::
Bakari: ?
Yal: Our target is captured? ::She queried.::
Kells: When did this happen?
Egan Manno: I've just been informed. Commander Rahman's report just came through. 
Yal: He is likely to have accomplices, subordinates still loyal to him.
::A lone, rogue Va Wreth was extremely unusual, always there was a Matriarch and her crew.::
Saveron: The difficulty is that we do not know their identities. Only their target.
Bakari: ?
::There was a moment’s pause as everyone considered this most recent development and it’s implications. It made some things simpler, and some more complex.::
Kells: What now, ma'am?
Egan Manno: I suggest you all head for the Invicta. They'll no doubt have their security covered, but you have -- we have been directly involved not only with the Ross incidents but also with the Va Wreth since the Kubarey complaint. ::beat:: At least three of us are meant to be there for the address anyway. Perhaps they'll be happy to see us there early.
Kells: Perhaps. ::He paused.:: --I'm sure they will, ma'am.
Saveron: Proximity to the Invicta would be logical, given the suspected target.
Bakari: Response
Yal: We three will accompany you as Nial’Kara’Anth’s representatives. The remainder of my crew are spread throughout the station and able to respond rapidly should they be needed.
::Some of them had seen just how rapidly Va Wreth could  move.::
Kells / Bakari / Egan Manno : ?
Yal: That is correct. There has been some changes in our crew following the incident. Our re-captured ship shall remain a part of our Embassy. There will be other Sethir.
Kells / Bakari / Egan Manno: Response?
::She gave that odd, clicking trill that at least Cassie had heard before. Pleasure? Laughter?::
Yal: The ship is mine, as is the Embassy. I am Yal’Kara’Orth now.
::Her gambits had paid off, and Nial’Kara’Anth recognised her prowess, both in tactics and in negotiation. It was rare for a Sethir to become Kara, but not entirely unheard of.::
Kells / Bakari / Egan Manno: Response?
Yal: I was trained as Sethir, yes, but two castes cannot be taught. Kan are born, and Kara… make themselves known. ::She bowed slightly.::
Kells / Bakari / Egan Manno: Response?
Saveron: After you, Fleet Captain.
::Suddenly, what was no doubt intended to be a small group had turned into quite an entourage.::
LtCmdr Saveron
USS Garuda
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