[DSX-AD] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Visiting Newly Acquired...Friends?" (Kells)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Apr 5, 2015, 10:02:50 PM4/5/15
to Garuda
(( Corridor ))

DeVeau: So tell me about _your_ experience with the spiders. They were
amazing and I really wish I could spend more time with them.

Kells: Do you, now?

::Mischievousness gleamed in his eye which piqued Alora’s curiosity.
Even though she wasn’t telepathic (at least, not in the traditional
sense), she could almost see the gears in his brain whirring and turning.::

Kells: Well, mostly it involves a lot of being chased around and almost
eaten, which is why I much prefer these versions. And if you really do
want to know more about them--

DeVeau: Of course I do.

:: His nod was swift as was his response. ::

Kells: Come with me.

:: He grabbed her hand tugged her after him. As he pulled her along,
Alora couldn’t help but giggle and allow him to drag her after him. ::

DeVeau: This is going to be fun.

::And goodness knows she needed some more fun in her life.::

(( Jump: Deep Space 10, Arachnid Dome ))

:: Despite the fact they hadn’t been there but once, the way to the Dome
was easily found. As they traversed through the tunnels, through which
they had passed not so long ago, Alora cast a sidelong glance
accompanied with a grin at her companion. His own enthusiasm seemed more
tempered than hers, but perhaps that was due to his attempt to remember
exactly where they were going and make it seem like it had been easier
to find than it truly had. As they approached the door, she picked up
the pace and motioned for Aron to follow her before stepping through.::

DeVeau: I wonder how they’ll take the news about the change.

Kells: Maybe we shouldn't tell them we're all being reassigned.

DeVeau: The spiders seem to have an idea of what’s going on more than we
think they do - it could be they’re already aware.

Kells: You're right. Maybe they already know.

DeVeau: Maybe. Either way, I don’t think lying overtly or by omission is
the way to go.

::It certainly didn’t help to build up trust, even if the spiders were
partially - or even mostly - robotic in nature.::

DeVeau: I wonder if they’ll talk to us.

::There were no arachnids in sight, but that didn’t mean they weren’t
present. Despite the size of the creatures, the Dome itself was huge and
criss crossed with all manner of beams. There were so many nooks and
crannies to tuck themselves into that, combined with the colouring which
blended well with the walls and ceilings, it was impossible to say by
simply looking whether or not the spiders were there at all.::

DeVeau: Think they’ll remember us?

::It was a facetious question, laced with amusement, and even as she
spoke, motion caught her eye and she turned toward it. As if to answer
her question, several spiders slipped into sight, emerging from the
depths of the shadows which existed beyond the beams of metal across the
ceiling. Among them was the spider queen, still thrice as large, if not
more, than Alora herself, who settled down a mere three feet before the
visitors. Where fear had gripped her when faced with such an awesome
fight, it was far less intense that time and accompanied with the wonder
that had inserted itself into prominence. Slowly, carefully, Alora
approached and when the queen made no move, she stretched out a hand to
place it upon a leg.::

DeVeau: Hello, Sheba.

::A span of breaths passed before there was any sort of response, then a
slight shift followed closely by whirring and beeps was suddenly
accompanied with actual words.::

Sheba: Greetings, Maker.



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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