(A1-Med) LTCDR Mei'konda - Awake (Shandres/Core/DeVeau)

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(( Catch-up sim.  I’ll write something pertaining to the Invicta here shortly, but happy to backsim. ))

((Astrofori 1 Medical Department: Emergency Care))

:: To call it sleep would have been inaccurate.  Mei’konda definitely wasn’t sleeping after his exposure to the gas that the Va Wreth had used to incapacitate he and his crewmates, at least until the medical staff on Astrofori One had rendered him unconscious. ::

:: He just couldn’t move, and he’d never felt so much pain. ::

:: The attempts to save Mei’konda’s life had been dicey for a while.  Analysis showed that the gas compound, whatever it was, had been metabolized strangely by his system.  While on most humanoids it had acted as an anesthetic, Mei’konda’s body had converted it into a nerve gas.  Paralysis, uncontrolled muscle contraction.  A century earlier, medical technology might not have been advanced enough to fix the problems. ::

:: That didn’t help the intense soreness in every part of his body as Mei’konda laid in the recovery ward, staring at the ceiling above his bed.  He didn’t like that he didn’t recognize the ceiling.  But at least he could see again. He wondered about Evan - his boyfriend was out of contact.  Working, one of the half-Vulcan’s subordinates on the Garuda had told him.  Mei’konda knew better than to interrupt. ::

:: The Caitian hadn’t been discharged from Astrofori One’s sickbay yet, but he was tired of laying in bed.  Letting out a grunt of pain, the feline officer gathered his medical robes about himself and forced himself upright before planting his bare paws on the cool floor.  They were still trembling a little.  The Doctor had insisted he use a cane for the time being, so he grasped it, and pushed himself up to his feet.  There was a familiar voice he’d heard, amidst the bustle of the sickbay’s primary care area. ::

::Another plus was that he was kept relatively close to his team mates - with the understandable exception of Mei'konda.::

Shandres: Are you all right?

DeVeau: Response?

Shandres: You’ll be okay.

Core: 'M sorry.

Mei’konda: Shandres, Core?

Shandres/Core/DeVeau: [Tag]

:: The Caitian rounded the corner, rubbing at his sore brow with the hand not wrapped around the cane.  He forced what he could for a smile. ::

Mei’konda: I taake it… we won the day?

Shandres/Core/DeVeau: [Tag]

:: Core didn’t look particularly thrilled.  Or, he was in pain.  It was hard for Mei’konda to tell with those dark Rodulan eyes.  Shandres, well, even if Mei’konda was better at reading humanoids, Shandres was probably trained not to give anything away.  The Caitian slumped down near the edge of the bed that Core had been sitting on, careful not to get in the way, and just listened to what they had to say. ::


Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda

Chief of Operations

USS Invicta

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