[DSX] JP- Lt. Alora DeVeau & Lt. jg. Raissa Moonsong: A Proper High Tea

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 8, 2014, 1:36:37 PM10/8/14
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((Tea in the Sky))

::Cup lightly clinked against saucer as a variety of patrons sipped at
their beverages and nibbled on various pastry treats. Alora herself sat
alone at a table, no cup or plate before her while she waited for her
companion. In her eyes, it would be rude to partake of something before
someone she expected arrived. That figure appeared in the doorway and
Alora smiled as she lifted her hand to draw attention to the other woman
in question.::

DeVeau: Over here!

::Raissa’s expression brightened when she saw Alora waiting for her. She
hurried over and took a seat. She was in civilian clothes which allowed
her to hide the evidence of her recent promotion. She was clad in a
bronze sleeveless tunic and a pair of brown leather pants, the earthy
colors warming her skin. Her only adornment was a couple of feathers
that twined in her dark hair behind her left ear.::

Moonsong: Alora…. I’m sorry I’m late… Have you been waiting long?

DeVeau: Nah, not really, it’s all right. Have a seat.

::Alora’s fingers fluidly flicked toward the chair across from her,
occupied until her companion should arrive.::

DeVeau: Have you been here yet? I thought it would be a taste of home if
nothing else, but if you’d rather go somewhere a bit more exotic, I’m
pretty easy.

Moonsong: ::she smirked amused as she waved at a server:: Oh no, this is
fine. I will politely not point out this is where I met you and Dr.
Skyfire when I first arrived. It would be rude to say such a thing.

::Alora’s palm contacted her forehead with the result of an audible smack.::

DeVeau: Oh yeah, we did. I can be such a dunce sometimes.

::The memory drew to the forefront. It wasn’t like her to forget
something like that, but Alora did have to admit she’d had a lot on her
mind as of late.::

Moonsong: I’m really glad you invited me. Let’s order.

DeVeau: Sure, that’s fine.

::The waiter walked up to their table looking attentive and offered a
smile. He was human, at least by first look and offered the two ladies a
small smile. At a second glance, Alora couldn’t help but notice the odd
cast of his eyes - yellow with a gold center, like a cat’s in the light.
Okay, so maybe he wasn’t human.::

Waiter: What can I get you two?

Moonsong: I’d like a pot of Terran Rooibos tea and the High tea platter.
::the platter consisted of a wide variety pastry selections from scones
to thin toast and sandwiches::

Waiter: ::turns to Alora:: Do you wish to add to the order? ::A
diplomatic question::

DeVeau: Yes, please, I’d like a glass of your iced ‘dragon’ tea. ::She
paused to glance over at her companion.:: The entire platter, huh?

Moonsong: ::Her cheeks pinkened and she shrugged:: I’m hungry.

::A soft giggle escaped and Alora nodded, then shifted her attention
back to the waiter.::

DeVeau: And another high tea platter.

::If they had leftovers, they could just take them back to their
quarters to enjoy later. The waiter inclined his head as he noted their
selections, then retreated, leaving the two women in their own company.

DeVeau: So what have you been up to?

Moonsong: ::slumps back in her seat:: This and that and a ship full of
crazies. Remind me to ask you about plants later. ::Then she sat up and
leaned forward:: I heard what happened on the Mercury. Are you all right?

DeVeau: Yeah, I’m okay.

::Alora shrugged and glanced in the direction of some movement, but it
was merely a couple of more patrons adding to the small crowd already

DeVeau: I just feel like I can’t do much right these days.

Moonsong: Why would you say something like that? You’re a good officer…
a good person…

::The waiter returned with their drinks while the two platters were
being prepared. Raissa poured the rich red tea into a delicate china
cup. She was pleased the restaurant knew how to serve this tea properly::

DeVeau: Take a look at the last couple of missions. I’ve not been doing
so hot.

::Alora shrugged and reached for the tall glass of almost blood-red tea.
A gentle sweetness caressed her tongue as she sipped at it, then set it

DeVeau: I haven’t really been doing model work, but hopefully I’ll do
better the next go round.

Moonsong: It can’t be any worse than my first time on the bridge. Senior
officers staring at you while you less than quietly freak out…

::Raissa sighed. It couldn’t be all that bad.::

Moonsong: ::She looked up at the other woman.:: We’re getting negative
here. How about we try something else. How about you ask me one question
and I promise to answer honestly.

DeVeau: Okay.

::Alora had to ponder that one a bit. She didn’t want to be negative -
honestly, she much more preferred the optimistic approach. Therefore,
she wanted to find a topic that wouldn’t bother Moonsong, like last
time, and would result in a more pleasant discussion.::

DeVeau: How about...what’s your favourite memory of Starfleet thus far?

::Nothing deep or elaborate, but certainly a happier topic - at least
for her..::

::Raissa sipped her tea. So much for a happier topic. Starfleet was
proving to be nothing like she imagined:

Moonsong: I haven’t been in that long…. My roommates once gave me a
surprise birthday party once. Considering it was during finals it was a
great stress reliever. ::she glanced up at the other woman.:: How about
you? What’s your best memory?

DeVeau: Walking on to the starship for the first time. The Mercury.

::Alora’s eyes brightened, that light still shimmering within them
despite everything that had happened since.::

DeVeau: It was so exciting. I mean, I’d been on ships and such,
especially since I had to be brought out here, but this, this was _my_
ship. I would serve. Oh, and the first time I got to visit a planet.
That...that was especially exciting.

::Alora would refrain from mentioning the bad things that had happened
on the missions. She needed to focus on the positive.::

Moonsong: ::She nodded:: I guess I’m looking forward to that.

::At that moment the waiter arrived with their platters. This required
an extra waiter as well as pushing over another table to handle the
large trays. Raissa’s eyes gleamed in anticipation::

Moonsong: Now this is what I’m talking about.

::The next few minutes were taking up in sampling the myriad of pastry
delights on the tray. Raissa remembered her grandmother’s high teas.
Though she was originally from Betazed, she had fallen in love with that
particular ritual and made is mainstay of all visits from her

Moonsong: So… next question… is it hard to make friends in Starfleet?

DeVeau: Yes and no.

Moonsong: ::she popped a small fruit tart into her mouth:: What does
that mean?

::Alora tapped her finger against the glass of ruby liquid before taking
a thoughtful sip. She sat it down, the tea now only filling half of it.::

DeVeau: I found it easy at first, and it’s easy in a sense, but at the
same time it’s hard. You’re kept pretty busy, but you do have some free
time. The trick is to find people you click with that you can hang out
with on a schedule that meshes with your own. I made friends pretty
quickly, though the one I was closest to has since left, but I’m hoping
he’ll be back sooner rather than later.

Moonsong: ::sighs softly:: The hardest thing I’ve found with making
friends is that some people expect me to just be there to listen to
them. Meaning they have no real interest in me. Which means I’m kissing
romance out the airlock.

DeVeau: Well, I expect someone to listen when I talk, but I always
return the favour. You’re talking about more of a ‘I want you to listen
cause I need counseling’ though right?

::Alora offered a sympathetic smile before she eyed another bite of
sandwich then delicately slipped it into her mouth. As she chewed, she
lifted the napkin - made of actual cloth - to her mouth and dabbed
lightly at the corners.::

DeVeau: See, right now, you’re here not as a counselor but as a
potential friend.

Moonsong: ::almost pouting:: You sound like you’re interviewing me…

DeVeau: Yes. This is an interview. Thus far you’re doing really well.

::Her smile split into an all out grin, sunshine beams from one corner
to the other and she followed it up with a wink.::

DeVeau: All kidding aside, I can see how it can be difficult and how
some might avoid you because of your position. ::She raised a hand,
thumb curled in so that only four fingers remained upright.:: I promise
I’ll try not to bug you about counseling matters without an actual

Moonsong: ::she laughed fully relaxing in Alora’s company:: Thanks, I’ll
hold you to that. ::pauses:: However, I won’t have a problem with you
needing to vent off the clock, so to speak… Providing I can pour my
‘troubles’ into your fully functioning ears.

DeVeau: Of course. What are friends for?

::Kestra had been her sounding board for years, ever since her first day
at Starfleet Academy. For some reason, the Betazoid had gravitated to
her and the friendship had been immediate. It was almost supernatural
the way the two had become so close so quickly.::

DeVeau: So you must tell me more about yourself. I feel like I’ve barely
even tapped the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

::Alora was more than happy to return the favour, but she was pretty
much an open book. There was very little that she’d ever hidden from

Moonsong: ::She consumed another pastry:: Let’s see… I have parents who
are both alive and busy. I have two overbearing older twin brothers. My
paternal grandfather is alive and annoying. My maternal grandmother is
still around. She was the one who taught me about High Tea. I speak a
number of language and tend to swear in gutter Mandarin when angry or
stressed. ::she grinned:: Any questions?

DeVeau: Yes. What is the meaning of life?

Moonsong: ::solemn expression:: Forty Seven. ::laughs:: Well at least
according to one of my brothers. Don’t ask me to explain.

::Alora giggled slightly and drained a bit more of her tea before
continuing. ::

DeVeau: It sounds like you have a lot of annoying people in your family.
So when you’re not picking people’s brains and helping them to get
better, what do you like to do?::

Moonsong: ::she was thoughtful for a moment.:: Quiet meditation. Growing
herbs and devising different teas for different effects. Horseback
riding. Making crafts. ::grins:: How about you?

DeVeau: Singing, playing instruments, checking out the various Holodeck
programs and practising Aikido. When we’re at Deep Space ten, I like to
see what’s new and just stroll around for a different view. I also enjoy
reading books, both digital and old fashioned hard copy and watching

::Alora had a variety of interests and it was hard to spend time on any
one in particular for large quantities, but she tried to get at least
twenty minutes of practise for each instrument in a day if she could.::

::Raissa looked at the remnants of their meal. She felt embarrassingly
full with how little was left over. But it would be enough for a snack
later. She had enjoyed her time with Alora and in a sense was not
looking forward to go back to work. Unfortunately she had another
appointment in less than an hour.::

Moonsong: I hate for this to end. It seems as if shoreleave is my
busiest time.

DeVeau: I guess that’s when people find time to focus on their mental
health, not just their physical, huh?

::Alora offered a rueful grin. ::

DeVeau: You go on ahead, I’m going to lounge around here then maybe walk
the promenade some more. Try not to work _too_ hard though.

Moonsong: ::she rose as she got to her feet:: Hopefully I’ll see you
later, Alora.

::She blew the science officer a kiss and made her way out of the
establishment, pausing only long enough to pay their combined bill. It
could be considered presumptuous but she would be fine with her friend
paying next time. Raissa hoped these get togethers would become a
regular thing. She always felt more relaxed after spending time with Alora.:


Lt. (j.g.) Raissa Moonsong


USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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