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(( Comm Quad -- DSX ))

:: Mr. Fergus and Cmdr. Calderan had parted ways after about an hour before she headed back to the ship, presumably to begin processing his paperwork for the transfer in light of the recent catastrophe and their discussion. He had the small pup Devlin now running alongside him on a leash, a cute little silver bone ID tag hanging off his black collar with his name on it. He also had a pet bed and some kibble as he began to make his way down the causeway. He didn’t recognize the person that called out to him, but she apparently remembered his name. ::

DeVeau: Hi Doctor Fergus!

::Alora lifted a hand and waved to the doctor in question.  Honestly, she probably wouldn’t have bothered him since they didn’t really know each other that well except for one thing - he had a PUPPY.  And puppies, of course, were irresistible - especially for Alora.::

Fergus: :: stopped in his tracks. Devlin gave a yip as he too halted. :: Hm? Have we met :: beat :: Lieutenant?

DeVeau: Alora.  Alora DeVeau, Chief of Science, USS Garuda.

::She wasn’t really that formal but generally introductions included last names and since he didn’t really know her, she figured her title and what not was appropriate.

:: He nodded and replied with an ‘ah’ before speaking again. ::

Fergus: Of course, Lieutenant DeVeau. Forgive me, I didn’t recognize you.

DeVeau: You can call me Alora.  

::While she was certain the doctor was quite an interesting person, the Chief of Science was itching to get her hands on a certain canine that was just too cute for words.::

DeVeau: Who’s your friend?

:: He gave a half-hearted shrug in response to her question. ::

Devlin: Yip! :: The puppy let his tongue hang from his maw, panting softly. ::

:: Fergus chuckled as Devlin sat down. ::

Fergus: This little guy is Devlin. Figured Dr. Skyfire could use a best friend. And I’m Greywin Fergus, one of the soon-to-be-transferred-I-hope, to the Garuda.

DeVeau: He’s _adorable_.  May I please pet him?

::Please?  Pretty please?  With sugar on top? PUPPY!  Her fingers twitched like an overeager child just waiting to get her hands on some candy.  Fuzzy, fluffy, slobbery candy that barked and wasn’t edible.::

Fergus: Sure, go ahead. :: The little pup rolled onto his back and panted softly. ::

::WHEE!  Alora crouched down and let her fingers eagerly rub the chest of the dog.::

DeVeau: Hey there Devlin.  Are you going to be Skyfire’s new best friend?  Huh?   May I be your friend too?  

:: The little Beagle jumped up into her arms, licking her face happily. ::

Devlin: Raff!

::She giggled as warm tongue darted against her nose and both hands moved to rub his ears.::

DeVeau: Such a sweet boy...where did you find him?

Fergus: One of the residents needed to find him a home because she was leaving the station. I said I’d give him a good one. And there’s something I should tell you. I’m not actually a doctor, just a nurse.

DeVeau: Ah, okay.  I thought I heard you called Doctor so…

::Had that changed?  Or was there another reason?::

DeVeau: So are you just coming to deliver the dog or are you now assigned to the Garuda?

:: He thought that through for a moment, then shifted the items in his arms. ::

Fergus: I’m just waiting for my transfer paperwork to go through. You did hear me called Doctor at least once. I suspect it’s because Dr. Skyfire was trying to keep us all on the same footing during the panic.

DeVeau: Well then, I guess that means you’re here to stay for a while.

::Her verdant gaze glimmered with glee.::

DeVeau: And that, of course, means you must have a plant.  Do you currently own any plants?

Fergus: Ah...nope. Can’t say I’ve ever had a plant before.Tell you what, though: You can teach me about basic plant care and give me one for a housewarming present once my paperwork goes through. Sound fair?

DeVeau: Are you telepathic?  I think you just read my mind.

:: He chuckled softly. ::

Fergus: Nope. Not telepathic at all.

::Alora allowed herself a few more scritches on the dog, then rose to her feet.  He was a sweet thing and only seemed to enhance her desire for a pet of her own.  If Doctor Skyfire could have one, couldn’t she?  Well, she’d make sure first.::

:: Devlin licked her hand as she stood, then got up onto his paws as well. He gave a nearby planter a good sniffing while he waited for Fergus to move. ::

DeVeau: Do you have any questions about the ship or need anything?

Fergus: You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find the good doctor, would you? I’d like to be able to drop him off before we talk green things.

DeVeau: Doctor Skyfire?  Yes, I know where his quarters are.

::She was pretty sure she did.  If not, the computer would be able to tell her.::

Fergus: Would you walk with me so I  don’t get too hopelessly lost? And do you mind grabbing the kibble? Might drop it.

:: He offered his arms out to her with the bag of dog food on the top. Underneath it is a small silver dog bowl with a rawhide bone, the bowl having a little bone image that reads “Devlin” in black lettering. ::

DeVeau: Why of course I can!  I don’t mind at all!

:: As she took the giant bag of kibble, he shifted the contents in his arms once more. That tugged on the leash to get the pup’s attention. Alora balanced the bag and peered at the name, then grinned at the dog as he seemed to realised whose name was etched on the bowl.::

Devlin: Yip!

:: Fergus chuckled again and let her lead the way back to the ship, because he didn’t have a clue where he was going. ::


PO 2nd Class Greywin Fergus


USS Garuda

Devlin the Beagle

Therapy Dog

USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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