[ARB] Kindred Alora - The More The Merrier (Arboretum peeps)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 15, 2015, 10:35:19 PM1/15/15
to Garuda
(( Arboretum ))

DeVeau: Don’t do anything rash, Captain.

Kells: Who are you? What do you want?

::She smiled, but the light that would have danced in Alora’s eyes with
such a gesture was conspicuously absent.::

DeVeau: I am the Kindred. We are the Kindred.

::She refrained from answering his other question and Kells took the
opportunity to call out to the others who were trapped with him.::

Kells: ::loudly:: Who else is here? If you can hear me, let me know!

Bakari: I'm here, sir. Lt. Commander Bakari, along with Ambassador
Calderan. You're not alone.

Calderan: Alora seems…. possesed!


DeVeau: Possessed...an interesting term. I suppose it is accurate enough.

Kells: Then tell me what's happened to Alora -- and why you're holding
us here.

::The one who was Alora had turned as if to stride away, but Kells’
demand drew her back. She studied him, then moved closer.::

DeVeau: She is here. Not particularly happy, but she is here. As for why
- well, I have my reasons.


DeVeau: We were dying, until you took us - withering away in the
remnants of that cloud. It seems your...plants as you call them...are
quite compatible with us - as are certain of your beings.

::Something chirped and Kindred Alora started to turn, but the question
posted to her distracted her.::


DeVeau: Not all of you. Not most of you, actually. This one...this was
was very receptive. Easy.

::She paused, as if trying to find words to more accurately describe
what she meant. Eventually, she flicked a hand dismissively.::

DeVeau: No matter. She was the first - but she will not be the last.

::There was murmuring behind her, but for the moment, Kindred Alora
ignored it in favour of the man before her.::


::She edged forward, peering intently at him.::

DeVeau: You and her…::She struggled a moment.:: Friends. Interesting.


::Another presence entered the arboretum and the flowers bent toward
Alora and whispered of its arrival. Without turning, she spoke.::

DeVeau: Another visitor.

EGAN MANNO: Hello, Alora.

::Vines immediately snapped around the captain and Kindred Alora focused
upon the dark beauty.::

DeVeau: Interesting. I would have thought the captain would have avoided
this place.


DeVeau: And to what do I owe this visit?




Kindred Alora


USS Garuda

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