[P-AU] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Back and Forth" (Koren-El, Rahman, Shandres, Core, Kells)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 26, 2015, 9:09:17 PM2/26/15
to Garuda
((Scion's Conference Room, Armittin University))

DeVeau: A moment, if you please, and we can get you this information.
::She turned her attention back to her friend and fellow crewmember.::
Captain, would you mind transferring that information to my triPADD?

Kells: Of course.

::As they did so, another member spoke up in protest.::

Shandres: Is that wise?


Kiren-El: The university’s transporters are at our disposal. I've also
ordered several laboratories to be cleared for our use, should they be
needed. How do you wish to proceed?

::Aron did shrugged, but Alora felt as if they were trying to rush
things. She didn’t necessarily think they needed to go where any
fractures were, but perhaps they could be studied at a distance. While
interesting, the fractures could prove dangerous.::

DeVeau: Let’s find it first.

:: They didn’t have a chance to find out more information. As Aron
inched closer, the world around her began to ripple and bend.::

DeVeau: Aron!

::His response had been to turn toward her just before he’d sunk into
sticky mud that slurped at their boots. When they had finally returned,
hours had passed, but much less time had done so for their other
companions. While they had barely moved, she and Aron had been having
quite some adventures. It had resulted in Aron being thoroughly drenched
while Alora had managed to have a few ::

Kells: How long were we gone?


::Five minutes? That was it? Although such little time had passed for
the Elders and those who hadn’t been spirited away, much more had
happened with Alora and Aron.::

Kells: That's it? But we had to be gone -- how long, Alora?

DeVeau: At least twelve hours.

::Give or take a few minutes.::


Kells: I-- I-- ::beat:: I guess it'll all be in the report.

::Indeed. For the moment, what Alora wanted most was to get rid of the mud.

DeVeau: Um...is there any way we could...clean up?


DeVeau: That would be lovely. Thank you.

::While Alora wanted to be rid of the dirt and grime, she was hesitant
to go back to the ship just yet. The Peppalexans were far too fascinating.::



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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