[ARB] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "All Over Now" (Egan-Manno)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 22, 2015, 11:22:16 AM1/22/15
to Garuda
OOC Toddler is distracted by my mum while older kids work on math so was
able to finish this. Yay!

(( Arboretum ))

DeVeau: Do it!

Egan Manno: =/\= Egan Manno to Vistain! Now! =/\=

::For a second, Alora wondered if maybe the Captain’s plan had gone
awry. Then something within her shuddered. An intense pain seared
through her mind as whatever grip the Kindred Mother had on her was
sliced away and then evaporated. Her head pounded and she collapsed to
the floor, darkness granting her reprieve.::

Egan Manno: Lieutenant? Ensign? Alright?

Delano / Fox: ?

::There was the sense of someone near her as that darkness turned into a
dense fog. Voices, thick and almost transparent, as if they were some
distance away, conversed with one another. A gentle, warm hand pressed
against her throat.::

Bakari: Captain? Is she all right?

Egan Manno: I think so. Let's get a medical detail down here.

Bakari: Aye.

:: There was movement and Alora’s eyes flickered open. Verdant eyes
peered out from beneath half open eyes, lashes guarding their depths
even as they sought the dark ones of the captain. Brilliant, white teeth
were stark against beauteous brown as she smiled.::

Egan Manno: Welcome back.

::Her first instinct was to simply break down in tears. Alora wanted to
curl up simply give herself up to that almost overwhelming desire.
Although the physical pain had past, she was left with the realisation
of what had occurred - much of it at her own hand, even if unwillingly.
Faces swam before her, one clad in a white beard, others of varying hues
of hair and skin, all with shock and fear twisting their features as the
Kindred took them captive. Some didn’t survive that encounter, and it
she had been a part of it.

The last thing she wanted to do was to lose it in front of her captain.
As her face attempted to twist and her body screamed to simply throw
itself into a fit of hysterics, she managed to inhale slowly and hold a
small measure of control.::

DeVeau: Thanks.

::It was a fragile thing, ready to crack and burst, that torrent which
pounded at the walls she had thrown up. In, out, breathe, slowly,
carefully. Attempts to move were met with stiffness and soreness.
Perhaps it was an after effect of the hostile takeover of her bod?
Despite herself, a shiver trespassed through her body and she attempted
to push herself off the foor.::


DeVeau: I’m okay.

::No, she was not. She was far, far from it, but that wasn’t what the
captain needed to see.::


DeVeau: I just…

::Just what? A sweep of the room revealed masses of plants that had been
sucked dry of life. Why hadn’t she perished with them? Had the exit of
the Kindred caused their deaths or simply the enhanced growth? They were
questions she’d have to find the answers to.



DeVeau: Right. Sickbay.

::Honestly, Alora just wanted to go back to her quarters. She just
wanted to retreat from the world for a while, allow herself the release
that she couldn’t there in front of her superior officers and anyone
else who might be witness to it. First, though, she’d have to go through
standard procedure. Afterward, she could hide in the sanctuary of her
quarters. She just hoped she could hold it together until then.::


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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