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Sarah Eccles

Jun 18, 2015, 7:00:51 AM6/18/15
to Garuda IC
((Holding Cell, rebel Va Wreth ship))
Yal’Sethir’Anth: Find something that will radiate. ::She snapped, before moving towards the two former captives on the ground. One she knew.:: Alora, trader turned Starfleet. I am Yal’Sethir’Anth. We met at the soiree. The rebels are being nullified.
DeVeau: Yes, I remember. I was…
::From nearby there was a click and something held by one of the Va Wreth began to give off a sickly green glow, just enough to make out shapes by.::
DeVeau: What, exactly, is going on?
Mei’konda: Response ?
Yal’Sethir’Anth: I imagine they intended you as hostages. We will return you to the station momentarily. Are you missing any of your party?
DeVeau: No, but Mei’konda’s sick, we need to get him to a doctor, quickly.
Shandres:  Not to mention Commander Core has taken a dangerously high energy surge.
::The alien that Alora crouched by had not moved, and the one over by the control console was barely moving. That one presumably was ‘Core’, who from the smell of it had been tanpering with the electrical systems. Tenacious things these aliens, though perhaps inadvisably so.::
Mei’konda: Response ?
DeVeau: It’s pretty bad, he couldn’t move. We need someone now.
Shandres: We need immediate transport to the station Medical Section.
Yal’Sethir’Anth: Remain here. Transition to the station’s medical facilities will be arranged momentarily.
DeVeau: Thank you.
::And with that the Va Wreth Negotiator disappeared at a high-speed, six-footed scuttle, closely followed by those who had entered with her, leaving the group alone again in the sickly green light of the glowing lump of plastic one of the Va Wreth had left behind on a console for their benefit.::
::Once, a pair of Va Wreth scurried quickly through the room, but they did not pause nor pay any mind to those crouched on the floor. A minute later there was an odd, disorienting shift as, silently, the Va Wreth ship’s transporters engaged and the world dissolved to be replaced by the bright lights and white walls of Astrofori One’s brand new medical facilities.::
::It was not long before the rebellious crew were dealt with. The reprisal came at the hands of the crews of the other six vessels, only a portion of Kethir Clan’s fleet, but at the spearhead was Yal’Sethir’Anth and her staff from the Va Wreth Delegation. It was they who liberated the prisoners, they who cleared the control room and they who hunted down Ohar’Kara’Seth and sealed her fate.::
::When at last it was done, Yal stood on the raised space in the centre of the command burrow. Others approached to bring the news.::
Va Wreth Guard: It is done. Ohar’Kara’Seth, all her rebellious crew and all their kin are dead, down to the last larva.
Yal’Sethir’Anth: Did you find Inil’Sethir’Fawr?
Va Wreth Guard: Indeed. She has shared their fate.
::Sethir traditionally worked in pairs. Inil had been Yal’s counterpart, her betrayal more than that of a colleague; she had been sister, partner and friend. Clearly she had also been ambitious, but her ambitions were misplaced.::
Yal’Sethir’Anth: Send their bodies to be prepared; they will feed the growth of the new crew. How many Kan remain?
::Males were immune from power struggles unless they chose to involve themselves.::
Va Wreth Guard: Five. There were six but one chose death. Of the five, one is from Tana Clan.
::Fresh genetics; doubly valuable.::
Yal’Sethir’Anth: Assure them that they are most welcome, and they shall not be bereft of their sacred trust for long. ::She said, almost gently.:: Contact Nial’Sethir’Anth and inform her that the ship is secured and at her service.
Va Wreth Guard: It shall be done.
::Her staff busied themselves readying the ship, whilst those crew of other ships returned to their craft, each in turn ungrappling itself and turning in a leisurely fashion back towards Astrofori One. The captured ship followed suit..::
::The one she had spoken with before returned.::
Va Wreth Guard: Nial’Kara’Anth acknowledges your message and commends your efficiency. She bids you take the dock closest to the Embassy, Yal’Kara’Orth.
::Va Wreth did not smile, but the erstwhile negotiator registered satisfaction in her own way.::
MSNPC Yal’Sethir’Anth, now Yal’Kara’Orth
Negotiator turned Matriarch
Kethir Va Wreth

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