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Amanda Nordstrom

Dec 6, 2014, 6:31:28 PM12/6/14
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(( USS Garuda, Dr. Skyfire’s Quarters ))

:: When they arrived, Devlin started running circles around Fergus’s
legs out of impatience and eager puppy wanting to do something. Fergus
smirked as he was caught in the leash, shifting the bulky bundle in his
arms as he looked to DeVeau. ::

Fergus: Would you press the buzzer, please? I don’t have any free hands.

DeVeau: Excuses, excuses.

::Alora was merely teasing, of course, and she shifted the contents of
her arms as she pressed the button to indicate new arrivals. As the
buzzer rang, Chythar answered the door. He was clad in off-duty jeans
and a tank top, and the faint scent of sandalwood emanated from the room
behind him. ::

Skyfire: What’s all this then? :: His eyes are drawn to the adorable
little puppy. :: Aww…

Fergus: Can we come in, doc?

:: He stood aside, allowing the lieutenant and petty officer to come in.
The scent of sandalwood was a bit stronger within the room, a meditation
candle lit on the table and a stick of incense burning near his console.
He motioned to the couch. ::

Skyfire: Have a seat, my friends. And tell me to what I owe the
unexpected pleasure?

DeVeau: Cute puppy goodness. Love the scent.

::She inhaled deeply then motioned to her companion.::

DeVeau: I think he can give you the full story on the downlow with the
dog and all that jazz.

Skyfire: Mr. Fergus?

:: Chythar took the puppy’s leash from Fergus then picked up the beagle
from the floor. Fergus set down the basket and emptied the contents: the
rawhide bone and the bowl, the blanket remaining folded up beneath it. ::

:: Devlin’s tail wagged as he was picked up, and he licked Chythar’s
face several times in greeting. ::

Devlin: Raff!

DeVeau: Isn’t he adorable? I just love dogs.

::And cats, and goats, and pigs, and horses, and dolphins, and parrots

Fergus: This little fellow wasn’t permitted to go with his mistress
where she was headed, so I got him a few accessories and brought him to
give to you as a therapy dog. His name is Devlin. Just over 8 weeks old.

Skyfire: Therapy dog…? But I’m no---

DeVeau: Oh animals are great as therapy.

Fergus: You’re high-stressed. And he’s an adorable little puppy.

DeVeau: I agree.

::Well, she figured he was probably high stressed - the man was a doctor
after all - but all he had to do was look at him.::

DeVeau: Look at those cute little ears. Oh you’re such a sweetheart. And
you know, there is something called animal assisted therapy - it’s been
in use for centuries and even now animals are used to help patients.

::Not that Alora was a doctor but she had done some research on the
subject and found it very interesting.

Skyfire: Well...yes, you have a point...

DeVeau: Now doctor, I bet you’ll fall in love with him and he’s already
in love with you so you couldn’t just break his little heart now could you?

:: oO The doctor isn’t taking this very well. Wonder if I can…? Oo
Fergus thought to himself. Chythar set down the puppy for a moment while
he pondered this over. ::

Skyfire: Well...no…?

::Alora reached out and gathered the little critter in her arms then
stood once more. She held him up so her face was right next to the pups.
Immediately she widened her eyes and pouted her lips.::

DeVeau: How can you resist this cute wittle face? You know you
want...deep down inside….

Skyfire: I don’t suppose I can. I concede. :: He picked up the puppy
again, and got licked in the face for it repeatedly. :: I have a
question for you, Lieutenant. Maybe two.

DeVeau: Me?

::Oh dear. That didn’t bode well did it? Or maybe it did. He didn’t look
upset, which meant she probably hadn’t broken something. Besides, she
hadn’t been anywhere near the sick bay.::

DeVeau: Sure, what is it?

Skyfire: Didn’t you say before that you have a green thumb? I’d be happy
to take a look at it, if you like. :: He smirked at his own joke. ::

::Alora couldn’t help but giggle. She loved jokes of all sorts, even bad
ones. While she enjoyed them, however, she was not good at making them
usually. Most of the time people simply groaned.

DeVeau: I do have one. In fact, it’s so bad my quarters are practically
bursting with plants. What would help would be if you happened to give
one a good home.

:: The doc nodded again in contemplation, thinking it over. ::

Skyfire: Probably could do with a plant, I guess. :: He then turned his
attention to Fergus. :: You are transferring to the Garuda, then?

::Alora grinned over at poor Fergus who had been left out of the
conversation for the last couple of minutes. She’d not butt in on a
question that wasn’t hers to answer.::

:: The petty officer nodded, smiling softly as he sat on the couch. ::

Fergus: Your Commander Calderan suggested that you might be able to
oversee my studies as I go for my MD.

DeVeau: It’s always good to continue one’s education.

::Alora was doing that herself and was grateful to have someone oversee
it. Some of the study was hands on, some of it was digital, but one
always needed a sponsor to make it official.::

:: CD pondered that thought, and remembered he’d made a similar offer to
Lt. Knight not too long ago. With a grin, he answered. ::

Skyfire: Looks like you and Lara would be taking the same classes then.

DeVeau: And in the mean time, you’ll both have lots of practise.

:: Something about that made Chythar shudder. He wasn’t looking forward
to patching up the commander again, but he wouldn’t object to doing his
job if it came down to that. ::

Fergus : Did anyone break anything this shore leave?

Skyfire: :: gave a headshake as he continued petting Devlin :: No, no.
Thank gosh nothing more serious. Why? Eager to start work?

DeVeau: Oh I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more patients.

Fergus: :: shrugged to Chythar before answering Alora :: Oh?

DeVeau: All the females will probably start wandering in…

:: The young nurse’s brows raised in curiousity. ::

Fergus: What makes you say that?

DeVeau: Well, you know, cute doctor, cute nurse...it wouldn’t surprise
me if some of the single ladies decided to pay you two calls just so
they could flirt.

:: Chythar chuckled softly, already having some sort of relationship
like that with Chase Valaine; whom he realized hadn’t called yet. ::

Skyfire: I think Chief Valaine is already trying to flirt with me.
Speaking of, I think I have an engagement with him at some point
tonight. I can drop by your quarters later to retrieve the plant, Alora?

DeVeau: You’ll probably have more flirting with both of you - male and

::Alora wouldn’t be one of them, but she knew how people tended to be
and honest, it would be rather funny to watch.::

DeVeau: As for dropping by later, of course, but you might wind up with
more than one.

::Or three or four or...ten…::

:: Chythar nodded faintly and continued to pet his new puppy. Devlin
climbed up onto Chythar’s shoulder and licked his face again before
laying down where he stood. ::

Skyfire: That’ll work. I’ll call you later then.

DeVeau: That sounds like a dismissal. Ah well, it was nice seeing you
again doc - don’t forget to come by.

::She offered a finger wave as she twirled about to make an exist.
Greywin got up and smiled softly to the doc as he followed Alora to the
door. ::

Fergus: Glad you like him. Take care, doc. See you later so we can begin
my studies.

DeVeau: He’s going to work your fingers to the bone.

::Alora grinned as she teased just before the door closed them off from
the inhabitants remaining in the room.::

:: As the two of them left, Chythar took Devlin with him to the couch
and had a seat, content to just have a puppy on his shoulder for the
time being. ::


PO 2nd Class Greywin Fergus


USS Garuda

Devlin the Beagle

Therapy Dog

USS Garuda

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire

Chief Medical Officer


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda
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