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((Ten Forward ))

Moonsong: Good evening Alora… Captain… And congratulations to you both.

DeVeau: Sorry, Raissa, I didn’t mean to exclude you. And, um...thanks.

Moonsong: ::smiles.:: You did not exclude me, Alora. Do not worry about it.

DeVeau: You weren’t here on the Mercury, so you didn’t know the other Aron Kells…

Moonsong: Indeed, I did not, though I have read his files.

:: Aron, meanwhile, had stood in shock though this exchange. It was her! The mysterious woman in the teal collar! This didn't answer who she was -- except that Alora had called her Raissa, and that certainly didn't match anyone in the sciences. But medical -- wasn't there a counselor by that name? It wasn't entirely surprising, then; counselors, in Aron's experience, often pulled multiple duties aboard starships in crises. No less than any other officers, true, but perhaps it was just more unexpected to see a counselor at the helm. ::

DeVeau: It’s a...rather interesting situation. I’m probably not the best one to tell it.

Saveron: Perhaps the best one to tell it is Captain Kells himself. ::The Vulcan suggested from behind them.:: Sochya, Aron. It is agreeable to see you in red once again, even if you find it less so.

:: At last, Aron found his voice again. Fine start to his second COing stint, he told himself. Can't even find your tongue at a party! ::

Kells: It was just unexpected, that's all, old friend.

Moonsong: Perhaps I should introduce myself. Lt. Raissa Moonsong, counselor. ::pause.:: Well… now Chief of Counseling.

Saveron: ?

DeVeau: And a mighty fine chief she is. I’m sure you’ll adore her soon enough, Aron.

:: Again with his eyebrow-raising thing. He really was picking up a lot from Sav at this point. ::

Kells: I've no doubt.

:: Neither Sav nor Alora would know why he had no doubt, however, as he'd failed to pass on his late-in-the-game savior to any of his friends. Any of his officers, he corrected himself. They were friends, sure, but now he was their CO, too. ::

Moonsong: It is clear you are all old friends. ::nods again.:: We will talk to you all later, perhaps. ::pause.:: And Captain, I would like to update your… evaluation when it is convenient.

Kells: Count on it.

:: But his smile felt a little sickly. His reaction to her had nothing to do with her, exactly. It was more that she'd caught him in a tricky situation and saved his ass -- all without him knowing who she was. And now he was her CO. A strange dynamic indeed! Alora, thankfully, saved him from speculating further. 

DeVeau: The nice thing about friends is you can never have too many of them - and now you’re a new friend to others. ::beat, to Aron:: I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just don’t tell her about your 
imaginary friend.

:: He smiled at her feigned innocence and subsequent grin, but his eyes passed over Saveron, too: As yet, no one except Sav was really aware that there was an invisible friend lurking somewhere down in his head. Well, not a friend, and not really lurking, but the memories of his old doppelganger were evidently buried very deeply, awaiting him. Really, not a very nice friend at all. ::

Kells: ::lightly:: Oh, I won't.

Saveron/DeVeau/Moonsong: ?

:: He grinned at them. It was no less than his usual luster, but he felt hot and constricted all of a sudden. It had nothing to do with his friends or even with Moonsong's identity, but rather with his own limitations and the fears of the memories that awaited him. He'd easily pack them away again when the mission was underway -- or at least he hoped he would -- but he felt, just now, slightly overwhelmed. ::

Kells: I'll be happy to come by for my eval, Counselor. Any time that suits you. But for now, please excuse me.

Saveron/DeVeau/Moonsong: ?

:: And he ducked away. He didn't intend to leave, but he just needed a few moments and a few breaths before he rejoined the group. It was, as he knew it would be, a heady thing, this COing business -- and, as of yet, it hadn't really gotten started yet! But it would soon, he knew. It would soon. ::

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