[G] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "When I Get All Steamed Up" (Core)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 6, 2014, 11:21:13 AM10/6/14
to Garuda
((Sick Bay))

DeVeau: It could be fun. We could do duets together.

Core: Duets?

:: Did he not know the term? Core was Rodulan so perhaps it just wasn’t
a word he’d come across before. ::

DeVeau: Duets. Sing songs. Entertain all of sickbay and drive the nurses
and doctors crazy. Or maybe ease the tediousness of their day, depending
on whether or not they liked the songs.

Core: You know, I haven't heard music in ages. Well, technically I
listen to the Starfleet Engineering soundtrack, but the beeps and bops
and hums of equipment and all that doesn't really mean it's music . . .

DeVeau: Actually, it depends on your point of view. Do you not listen to
music a lot?

::Alora often did. Whenever she was in her quarters, there was something
playing in the background. Most of the time it was music from the Terran
Baroque, Classical, or Romantic periods, but she shuffled it with music
from other eras as well as music from other species.::

Core: The last time I listened to music was when someone locked me in my
quarters and I kept playing I'm A Little Tea Pot over and over again
until someone noticed me locked in my quarters.

DeVeau: Seriously?

::Evidently Core hadn’t found it quite so funny, but Alora coudn’t stop
the smile from stretching over her face.::

DeVeau: Did someone do that to you on purpose?

Core: I have a feeling it was Roshanara, but she still hasn't confessed
- it featured too much genius to *not* have been her. Plus, she thought
it was flippin' hilarious, especially when I didn't consider manually
opening the door . . .

DeVeau: Would you hate me if I said I find it flipping hilarious too?


DeVeau: Did you sing along?

::Alora placed one hand on her hip, then lifted the other in a crooked

DeVeau: I can just imagine you…I’m a little tea pot short and stout
::She bobbed up and down a couple of times as she sang.: Here is my
handle here is my spout...


DeVeau: Aww, you’re such a spoil sport.


Tbc . . .

Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science and

Teapot Extraordinaire

USS Garuda

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