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(( Starfleet Diplomatic Mission, Corridors ))
Kells: What now, ma'am?
Egan Manno: I suggest you all head for the Invicta. They'll no doubt have their security covered, but you have -- we have been directly involved not only with the Ross incidents but also with the Va Wreth since the Kubarey complaint. ::beat:: At least three of us are meant to be there for the address anyway. Perhaps they'll be happy to see us there early.
Kells: Perhaps. ::He paused.:: --I'm sure they will, ma'am.
Saveron: Proximity to the Invicta would be logical, given the suspected target.
Bakari: ?
Yal: We three will accompany you as Nial’Kara’Anth’s representatives. The remainder of my crew are spread throughout the station and able to respond rapidly should they be needed.
:: Rapidly, indeed. The more Aron had learned -- not hearsay, but actually about the Va Wreth -- the more he'd been impressed with their prospects as potential allies. He was still disquieted by the death they'd seen on that ship, though he was willing to entertain that there was more to it than the immediate moral outrage he'd felt upon seeing and hearing those first explanations. He saw something tauten in Egan Manno's face, just for a moment, and he suspected that she'd thought something similar. ::
Egan Manno: I have no doubt that they will, and I feel safer for it.

:: So did he, Aron realized. Huh. What a strange feeling, given what they'd been ordered to do three days before. ::

Bakari: ?

Egan Manno: And did you say ::beat:: 'my' crew?
Yal: That is correct. There has been some changes in our crew following the incident. Our re-captured ship shall remain a part of our Embassy. There will be other Sethir.
Egan Manno: You are no longer--?

Bakari: ?
:: Cassie, too busy watching the face -- or, perhaps more accurately, the facial region -- of the being that had been Yal'Sethir'Anth, didn't note the reactions of the others to the sound that Yal made then. What was it? She'd heard it before, but she couldn't say, not without seeing Yal in similar situations. Triumph, perhaps? ::

Yal: The ship is mine, as is the Embassy. I am Yal’Kara’Orth now.
Egan Manno: Well! Congratulations. It seems we are equals in that, then.
:: And better for it, Cassie thought. If she was going to be the mission commander, better for her to establish relationships (good ones, and she frowned slightly as she imagined what the Kubarey would say in private) on her own in her new position. ::

Bakari: ?
Yal: I was trained as Sethir, yes, but two castes cannot be taught. Kan are born, and Kara… make themselves known. ::She bowed slightly.::
Bakari: ?
Saveron: After you, Fleet Captain.
Egan Manno: Thank you, Commander. I expect the welcoming committee will be gratified to see us, especially with the news of Ross's capture.

Kells: Though we shouldn't assume the danger has passed.

:: Aron felt Egan Manno's eyes on him for just a moment, and turned to find her withering him in that special way she had. Though only for a moment, because he realized that of course she knew that -- and she, he hoped, had realized that he meant well, and that he'd had the station security at the top of his mind. ::

Egan Manno: Nor do I, Captain. However, I think that we can trust to the competency of our officers and crew. ::to Yal:: That's perhaps the most difficult lesson I've had to learn so far in this post. It's simply too big otherwise.

Yal / Saveron / Bakari: ?
( Jump: Security Checkpoint Beta )

:: Take the three checkpoints' worth of security clearances to even get to the single airlock that had been connected to the Invicta, for example. All transporters to the ship were likewise being strictly controlled, and while Cassie appreciated the attention to detail, it was certainly slowing them down. Early as they'd come, the twenty or thirty minutes it appeared that their large and mixed group took per checkpoint certainly slowed things down. For one, evidently the Garuda's sociologist petty officer, Loorix, was on the guest list for some reason, but Saveron was not, and Kells had argued with the security personnel for ten minutes before Cassie had, after a couple of comms calls, swooped in and smoothed the whole thing over. Yal's presence was complicated, too; though she was supposed to be there, no one seemed to have expected she'd show up except by herself and (Cassie thought) apparently wreathed in some sort of heinous, shadowy aura. 

In the end, though, the delays worked out well for them, as at the second checkpoint, they were informed that a couple of the Garuda's senior staff members were looking for them after being out on assignment in the ship. They waited, then, for their arrival. ::

Skyfire: Lt. Chythar Skyfire back from our investigation mission to the Taredge Colony, Captain. If this is a bad time, I'll write my report and submit it on your desk.

Kells: Not 'bad,' Lieutenant, I'd say -- just inopportune, maybe. I'll be looking forward to reading your report whenever you finish. ::beat:: The sooner, the better.

:: It was too much to hope, Aron supposed, that Skyfire would finish his report and submit it during the ceremony. Reading that report would no doubt be better than anything that anything this dull speech was going to offer, he expected. ::

Skyfire: Understood, sirs. 

Kells: Thank you. ::beat:: The sooner, the better. 

Moonsong / Bakari / Saveron / Yal: ?

:: Well, that was laying it on a bit thick, maybe. He might as well have been admitting his complete lack of interest -- and he certainly caught Egan Manno's withering eye for a moment -- but the truth was that, while he was entirely fascinated to hear what might come out of the politics and diplomacy of the place, he was much less than interested in the rhetoric it was going to be wrapped in. ::

Kells: I expect you'll be watching the speech shortly? Look out for us, won't you -- for some reason, the president's staff wants us all in the front row. 

Skyfire / Moonsong: ?

Bakari / Saveron / Yal: ?

:: Aron would've rather watched it from afar, too, but what could he do now? He shrugged as the security ushered them on and towards the final security checkpoint. ::

Bakari / Saveron / Yal: ?

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