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((Deck 9: Moonsong Quarters))

DeVeau: So this happened during all that stuff on the space station?

Moonsong: When this… ::gestures at her head:: happened, I ended up in Sickbay. So some things are a little hazy. For some reason I thought he and Gabrielle were together. ::shakes her head again: When I woke up in sickbay I thought I was dreaming. He was there telling me he loved me… It took me a minute to realize he was real and really saying that.

DeVeau:  Wow...that’s...that’s actually pretty romantic.

::Not quite riding in the dawn on a white horse but it certainly wasn’t a bad way to wake up.  There was a hint of jealousy, not the sort where Alora would resent Raissa for her good fortune, but the sort that indicates someone who wouldn’t mind having _that_ happen to her!::

Moonsong: ::shrugs:: I don’t know if it’ll work. I want it to. He’s transferring to engineering. Which also is the best way to deal with his issues. All about control…

DeVeau:  Control over something that can be controlled?  

::Alora smiled a little as Raissa reached for the teapot and refilled their cups.::

Moonsong: I know. I’m being blindingly boring mooning of some guy. ::she got up and rummaged around until she found her stash Vaala’s cookies and brought them back to the couch.:: Oatmeal raisin. Now… tell me all about you.

DeVeau: Nah, I think it’s sweet.  At least it’s nice to see someone embarking on an adventure that doesn’t involve bombs and blackouts.

::Alora snorted and waved her hand as if to dismiss the request before that hand stretched out to snatch a cookie so she could nibble on it.  It wasn’t chocolate, but oh oatmeal raisin was still pretty darn tasty!::

DeVeau: I’m pretty boring.  I mean, you say you’re boring but I’m boring with a capital ‘B’.

Moonsong: ::shakes her head:: Alora, that’s ridiculous. You can’t possibly seriously think that.

DeVeau: No, I’m serious.  I mean, I pretty much eat, sleep, work...and practise a couple of hobbies along with caring for my plants.  I’m thinking about asking if I can bring a cat on board.

Moonsong: I’d love a cat myself…

DeVeau: I _love_ animals.  I got a cat when I was little but she died a year or so before I went to the Academy.  Now that I’m out, it would be nice to have a furry friend again.

::Of course, Mei’konda was a furry friend, but she doubted he’d be interested in curling up in her lap and purring while she scritched him behind the ears.  That was not the type of relationship they had.  Of course, if someone offered to scritch _her_ behind the ears, she’d be all for it, but alas, there was no one around for whom she had that sort of affection.::

Moonsong: ::she really hadn’t read Alora’s mind for her thoughts to wander in the same direction:: Somehow I see Commander Mei’konda objecting to having his belly rubbed by one of us. ::chuckles:: Evan would probably object as well…

::Raissa munched on a cookie as she eyed her friend, with only the slightest hint of concern::

Moonsong: That’s it. We must hang out even more so I can prove to you that you are not boring. I will not allow you to turn into my Aunt Starshine.

DeVeau: Aunt Starshine?

::Good morning, Starshine - the earth says hello!  You twinkle above us, we twinkle below...Alora had a song for almost everything.  Well, maybe not almost everything, but a lot of things, but that name certainly brought a song to mind.  Honestly, it was a nice name and she wouldn’t have minded being called that.::

Moonsong: She was a veterinarian. Then she retired and wound up with a houseful.

DeVeau:  Oh yeah?  A houseful of cats?

::Alora grinned, mulling the idea around in her head.  Hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats!  If it wasn’t songs, it was stories.  She hadn’t thought of that book in _years_.::

Moonsong: :;wagging finger in her face:: That’s how it starts. First one cat… then another.. and another….

DeVeau: I could deal with that.  I fully intend to become a crazy cat lady when I’m older - though I might not limit myself to just cats.

Moonsong: ::chuckling:: So what do you like other than cats?

DeVeau: Oh I like all sorts of animals.  Dogs, cats...I wouldn’t mind owning a sehlat or a tribble.  Did you know they _show_ tribbles?

Moonsong: ::tossing one of the small throw pillows at her:: Now I know you’re joking.

DeVeau: I’m quite serious.  I mean, I’ve heard of cat shows and dogs shows and even rabbit and chicken shows on earth, but I never realised they had tribble shows.  Maybe I could get into that when I retire.

Moonsong: ::puts an arm across her eyes in mock despair:: I have this vision of coming for a visit and digging you out of a pile of tribbles.

::Raissa dropped her arm, her eyes alight with an idea::

Moonsong: You say you like animals? I think I’ll take you on a virtual tour of my family farm.

DeVeau: Oh?

::Alora perked up at that offer.  She hadn’t really done much holo exploring since Saveron left.  In a way, it just wasn’t the same without her partner in crime, so to speak and exploration was always more fun with someone else.  Raissa’s invitation, however, certainly caught her interest.  Just because it wasn’t another world didn’t mean it wouldn’t be interesting.::

DeVeau: What sort of animals do you keep?

Moonsong: We have the usual furry critters. Cats, dogs, horses… But our primary product are llamas and alpacas.

DeVeau: Llama llama red pajama!

Moonsong: ::deep solemn voice:: One does not jest about llamas. They are very dignified. Unless they spit.

DeVeau: I’m not joking - it’s actually a children’s book.  There are another books about llama llama too.  I even know a couple of songs about llamas - did I mention I practically have a song for everything?  They’re neat animals, and I used to have this shawl made from llama wool - I wore it til it almost literally fell apart.

Moonsong: Their wool is incredible.

::jumps up off the couch and runs to her sleeping area. She dragged the alpaca wool blanket off the bed and hurries back to Alora. She throws the incredibly soft blanket over her friend.::

Deveau: Yeah it is, hey!

::She laughed and pulled it off of her head only to bunch it up and hug it.::

DeVeau: Soooooooooft….

Moonsong: Keep it.

DeVeau: Seriously?  I can’t do that!  

Moonsong: ::shakes her head:: Don’t worry about it. My mother sends me two or three a year and I still have a couple extras.

::It was such a pretty blanket, the soft, grey fiber undulating with natural highlights that the weaver had augmented in the pattern of weaving.  Alora ran her hand along it’s deliciousness and shook her head.::

DeVeau: And all I gave you was a plant.

Moonsong: ::shaking her head as she plops down on the couch:: You give me a hell of a lot more than that.

DeVeau: Of course, now I have to give you more plants.  THat’s not usually a problem - my quarters are getting crowded again.  I can’t bear to throw away leaves.

Moonsong: The leaves? Seriously?

DeVeau: Oh African violets propagate easily from leaves.  You can just stick them in the dirt and they’ll usually grow.  I do a couple of things to help encourage the maximum number of plantlets as well as to help ensure health, of course - and then I always have something to give.  

Moonsong: I’d happily take more then. ::grins:: Maybe my pitiful sage will try harder now that he has a friend. :gestures to the sill where the two plants sat side by side::

DeVeau:  It could be that it just needs some modifications to the soil.  Every plant has specific things about its environment it likes, but soils can be key in how well a plant does.  How about I mix up some soil for your sage and see if that helps?


DeVeau: I can give it to you tomorrow.  Now, what about that tour?

Moonsong: I will definitely set up that virtual tour as soon as I can. You’ll love it.

DeVeau:  I know I will!


Lt. (j.g.) Raissa Moonsong


USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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