[G-CORR/DSX-AD] Capt. Kells: Into the Dome (DeVeau)

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(( Corridor ))

Kells: ...I'm sure there's still a lot of mysteries left in those old walls.

DeVeau: I bet you’re right.

:: He saw the glint in her eyes and grinned. He knew what that meant. ::

DeVeau: I have half a mind to lose myself and discover all those secrets before we leave, but I have a feeling I might lose myself forever in that place if I try.

Kells: Forever is a long time. But we can still try!

DeVeau: So tell me about _your_ experience with the spiders. They were amazing and I really wish I could spend more time with them.

Kells: Do you, now?

:: It was his turn for an eye's glint. Why not? If Egan Manno was to be believed and DSX wouldn't be their base of operations beyond this leave, there was no better time to go exploring. Hell, there might not be another time. ::

Kells: Well, mostly it involves a lot of being chased around and almost eaten, which is why I much prefer these versions. And if you really do want to know more about them--

DeVeau: ?

:: His nod was swift. ::

Kells: Come with me.

:: He grabbed her hand, and, as if they were kids, tore off toward the turbolift. ::

DeVeau: ?

(( Jump: Deep Space 10, Arachnid Dome ))

:: Aron, who knew the way to the Dome as well as he had during the quarantine crisis, found that the roundabout way he'd recalled wasn't even close to the best way to get there. In fact, there was a pretty direct route from the Comm Quad, though it was pretty empty. Why go visit the spiders? In fact, as the door to the Dome opened, he was regretting some of his earlier bravado and recalled his latent arachnophobia. But Alora was his friend and she was clearly quite excited, so he bent low and followed her through the door. ::

DeVeau: ?

Kells: Maybe we shouldn't tell them we're all being reassigned.

DeVeau: ?

Kells: You're right. Maybe they already know.

DeVeau: ?

Tag! and TBC!

Captain Aron Kells
Biologist, USS Garuda
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