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:: Delano, Kells, and the rest of the team from the Va Wreth ship were ushered into the mission commander’s office. Fleet Captain Egan Manno waited for the four of them to enter before gesturing towards them ::

Egan Manno: These officers will offer whatever support you need. We are operating with very little time before the speeches begin. ::beat:: I've also been informed by Commander Rahman that she believes, based upon information she's discovered, that Ross's target may not be the president herself, but that he may want to do something to or with Tyson Holt. Whether or not this matters to you, I don't know; I understand that the Va Wreth may be able to help us locate Ross directly.

:: Evan nodded, quickly taking in the Va Wreth. He trusted Egan Manno’s judgement, though he wasn’t certain how he felt about taking orders from one of the Va Wreth. A part of him felt guilty about that. After all, Starfleet officers were supposed to be above prejudice. That didn’t mean he had to trust every strange lifeform they encountered, however. ::

Yal'Sethir'Anth: We can assist in finding this Ross, and any others whom you can present to us in this manner. ::She indicated the hologram.:: We can capture and restrain them. I assume that you want them alive.

:: Bakari walked towards them and raised his voice. .::

Bakari: Actually, I've just received word from Commander Rahman that Ross is securely placed in a holding cell, under watch by Astrofori One's security chief Glinn Zorkal. They haven't been able to get anymore answers though besides what Director Reynolds originally reported.

:: Evan tried to hide his surprise at this announcement, though the suddenness of it sparked an emotional response that was difficult to suppress. Ross represented months of trouble for him and the rest of the Garuda’s crew even before the added distaste of his ‘betrayal’ further clouded matters. ::

Bakari: Commander, ensign, she'd like you to meet with her in station security after you're done here.

:: Evan nodded in the affirmative. ::

Delano: Understood, Commander. I imagine they have their hands full about now.

:: With the president’s speech only hours away, that was an understatement. ::

King: ?

Saveron: Where will Tyson Holt be during the State of the Federation, Fleet Captain? Will we need to split our efforts?

Bakari: He's a guest of honor, if not *the* guest of honor based on all of the press leading to this address. He'll be right there in the room with the president.

Delano: Given his… criticism of certain Federation policies, he may be in as much risk as the president during this event. I hope station security is prepared.

:: He wasn’t sure anyone could be adequately prepared in these circumstances, but it seemed the right thing to say. Even if they had access to Garuda and Astrofori 1’s full compliment of security officers, he didn’t think they would have enough to provide the thorough level of security an event like this required. Did Bacco understand just how big a risk she was taking by coming out here? What value was there in exposing herself so publicly? ::

King: ?

Egan Manno:
We have three hours at most. Make the most of them.

( Time Jump )

:: Evan and King arrived at the security office shortly after Tuk. The chief nodded to the Bolian. It seemed as if they hadn’t seen each other in weeks, though it had only been a few days since this mess with the Va Wreth had begun. ::

:: As they entered, a Cardassian officer moved to block their way forward, but Commander Rahman gave the man the all clear. That was interesting. ::

Rahman: It's all right. They're with us.

::The Cardassian nodded, though his flat expression remained before he returned to his post. The first officer turned to the others.::

Rahman: Gentlemen, we don't have much time.

:: Understatement seemed to be the theme of the evening. ::

Delano: How can we help?

King: ?

Tuk: ?

Rahman: Ensign King, as you no doubt surmised, you will not just be attending as a guest. ::She gave him a stern glance.:: I'm holding you accountable for the captain's protection.

King: ?

Tuk, go with Ensign King to meet with Captain Kells before the address. Officially, security is being handled exclusively by Invicta's staff by direct order of the president, but as you are part of the Garuda's senior staff, I was able to get their chief of security and the president's chief of staff to agree to have you assist.

Tuk: ?

Frankly, I think Invicta is actually happy to have the help. The chief seemed a little overwhelmed by the sudden role they've had to take on, protecting the president, a number of Federation Councillors, VIPs, and the press.

Delano: Commander, I’d be lying if I said I was comfortable with this. An event like this should have twice this many people working security.

:: He left unspoken his belief that it should be taking place somewhere far more secure - say the Federation Council  building. Astrofori One wasn’t his jurisdiction, but he still felt vaguely responsible for the president’s security. ::

Rahman: ?

Tuk: ?

King: ?

Are there any questions, you two?

Tuk: ?

King: ?

(OOC - Will backsim as needed)

:: Evan nodded his own dismissal of his senior officers, then looked to Commander Rahman. He could tell she had more to say, and he had more than a little suspiscion as to exactly what it was concerning. His gaze unconsciously flicked to the over-protective Cardassian security officers nearby. ::

Rahman: From what I gather, Glinn Zorkal hasn't gotten much out of Ross. Commander Delano, I'd like you to try to get some answers from him.

:: Evan raised an eyebrow. ::

Delano: Wouldn’t Captain Reynolds be the better choice for that kind of interrogation?

:: He could sense her hesitation, and the suppressed emotion behind it. Evan was feeling a good deal of that on his own. He could only imagine what it would be like for Rahman. Ross had nearly destroyed her career. ::

Rahman: …I believe given both Director Reynolds and my own personal dealings with Ross in the past, having you question him will keep him from wasting our time.

Delano: I honestly didn’t have much interaction with him while he was on Garuda. He won’t have as much personal leverage on me. :: He nodded, as if he had been convincing himself. :: Makes sense.

:: He cleared his throat, then added. ::

Delano: Commander, about the president…

Rahman: ?

Delano: A few months ago, I heard some disturbing rumors about “something big” coming down the pipe - whispers of conspiracy and closed-doors deals and attempted assassinations. I still don’t know how valid those rumors were, but If it were me, and I were trying to disrupt the stability of this region, an exposed and embattled Federation president would be a very tempting target.  

Rahman: ?

:: Evan nodded. ::

Delano: Watch your back, Commander. And keep a phaser handy.

Rahman: ?



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