[A1] Lt(jg) Hanar Tuk: Another New Experience (TAG: Rahman/Delano/King)

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Elizabeth Rahuba

Jun 18, 2015, 4:22:34 PM6/18/15
to SB 118 Garuda

((Security Office, Astrofori One ))


:: Hanar Tuk arrived at the entrance to the security office and soon, Delano and Ensign King arrived, as well. As they approached the area, a Cardassian officer moved to block their way. Fotrunately, Cmdr Rahman gave the all clear. ::


Rahman: It's all right. They're with us.


:: Once the Cardassian nodded his permission, he returned to his post. Rahman turned to the others. ::


Rahman: Gentlemen, we don't have much time.


Delano: How can we help?




Tuk: I’ll help any way I can, Commander.


Rahman: Ensign King, as you no doubt surmised, you will not just be attending as a guest. ::She gave him a stern glance.:: I'm holding you accountable for the captain's protection.




Rahman: Tuk, go with Ensign King to meet with Captain Kells before the address. Officially, security is being handled exclusively by Invicta's staff by direct order of the president, but as you are part of the Garuda's senior staff, I was able to get their chief of security and the president's chief of staff to agree to have you assist.


Tuk: Aye, ma’am. I hope they won’t mind our assistance and not see us as interfering.


Rahman: Frankly, I think Invicta is actually happy to have the help. The chief seemed a little overwhelmed by the sudden role they've had to take on, protecting the president, a number of Federation Councilors, VIPs, and the press.


Delano: Commander, I’d be lying if I said I was comfortable with this. An event like this should have twice this many people working security.




:: Tuk listened, so he wouldn’t miss any details laid out. He wanted to avoid overlooking anything, no matter how small, or insignificant. ::




Rahman: Are there any questions, you two?


Tuk: Is there anything specific we need to look for?




Rahman/Delano: RESPONSE


:: After seeing Delano’s nod, Hanar started for the door, to leave and report to the site of the Invicta. HE looked to see if King followed. ::


Tuk: How are you feeling about all this?




Tuk: A lot of this is new to me, as well, but After helping capture Ross, I’m feeling more confident, in my skills.







Lieutenant(jg) Hanar Tuk

Security Officer

USS Garuda


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