[G-LAB] JP by Lt. DeVeau and Dr Saveron: Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Part 1

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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 16, 2015, 6:04:11 PM2/16/15
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(Lab 1)

::Alora wasn’t going to be left out of the mission, not if she could
help it. While she’d technically been put on light duty, she’d been
given permission by her captain to participate and she was going to take
advantage of that. Her triPADD in hand, Alora made a stop by one of the
labs to begin some processes so they would automatically run while she
was working with Core. When the doors hissed open to reveal a familiar
form seated at one of the terminals.::

DeVeau: Hey Sav.

Saveron: Sochya, Alora. ::The Vulcan turned his chair to give his friend
his full attention.:: It as agreeable to see you in the laboratories.

::On the screen all the rather minimal information available on the
Peppalexans and the Ancient Alliance was scrolling past; he’d been
speed-reading what he could in the time before their departure.::

DeVeau: Preparing dutifully, I see.

::Of course he would be - he was a dutiful officer, and always thorough.::

Saveron: Will you be accompanying an Away Team to the planet?

DeVeau: The captain said I could, so yes, I am.

::Even if she were strapped to a bed, Alora would find _some_ way to get
out and stow away with the team. Otherwise, she might have to be
committed to a rehab facility.::

Saveron: I anticipate that you find a return to duties preferable. ::He
observed dryly. Like himself he doubted that Alora liked to be left out
of new discoveries.::

DeVeau: Are you looking forward to your first mission back with us?

::Part of her was disappointed that they wouldn’t be on the same time,
but she was still very glad to have her friend back.::

Saveron: I anticipate a fascinating learning opportunity. This is a
First Contact situation.

::They were going to play with aliens. Corridor aliens that were vastly
different to the majority of Federation life forms, and with their own

Saveron: You are recovering then? ::He asked carefully, grey eyes
watching her closely.::

DeVeau: Yeah. Recovering.

::Not recovered. It would be quite some time before that happened.
Although counseling was helping, Alora still had nightmares. There had
been multiple times when she’d awoken in the night, sorely tempted to
call Raissa or Saveron, then calling neither for fear she’d annoy them.::

DeVeau: I’ll be okay.


::He nodded gently. Some recoveries did take time; it would be
preferable if he were able to do more to assist.::

Saveron: Time is, perhaps, the greatest doctor of all.

DeVeau: I suppose that’s true.

::Alora reached out to swivel the chair next to Saveron around so she
could plop down into it. As she twirled toward the adjacent console, her
fingers tapped against the screen, drawing up several choices of
processes to run.::

DeVeau: It helps to have a good counseling, and good friends, too.

Saveron: That is preferable. ::He allowed, turning back to his own
console and pausing the scroll of information.:: If I can assist, I
would consider it preferable that you inform me.

::Alora’s eyes danced from the screen to Saveron and she smiled again.
If he had only known how close she’d come to calling him just the
previous night.::

DeVeau: You sure? I got you out of bed once...you might not like it if I
make it a habit.

::Unfortunately, her nightmares had become a habit she didn’t
particularly care for.::

Saveron: I have no objection. I require less sleep than Terrans.

DeVeau: A distinct advantage at times.

::He did not wish to cause her to dwell on her own troubles however.::

Saveron: Would you be interested in a Suus Mahnalesson, when time
permits? You did introduce me to your ‘Aikido’.

::At the suggestion, her eyes lit up and she nodded with a measure of

DeVeau: I would love to. Maybe if we have downtime during the mission.
::Which was rather unlikely.:: Or after the mission is over. ::As long
as she didn’t get kidnapped or taken over by a psychic entity.::

Saveron: Given the usual nature of the Garuda’s missions I anticipate
that the latter is more feasible. ::He observed dryly. The Corridor
didn’t tend to take things easy on them.::

DeVeau: Probably true, barring the worst.

::With her luck as of late, Alora would be as likely to wind up in
sickbay. No, she needed to stop thinking that way. She shook her head as
if to get rid of the thoughts that plagued her and set the processes in


Lt. Alora Deveau

Chief Science Officer

USS Garuda


Lt. Cmdr. Saveron


USS Garuda
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