[HoV] Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau - "Seeing Things" (Egan Manno, Shryker, Jolara, Ananja, Rahman, Delano, Trel'lis, Prianna)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 5, 2014, 6:03:45 PM3/5/14
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(( The Trials, Rho Aurigae IV ))

::They were being called. The light faded and the next thing Alora knew,
they were...::

EGAN MANNO: Where is this?

ANANJA: This is... ::She looked around, still somewhat confused.:: This
is the Heart of Vahasamara.


::A ship. Another ship, not their own, the strange lines and alient
design obvious, yet there was beauty even in the cold metal that
surrounded them. It was evidently familiar to Ananja, for she had named
it. Along one silent wall, writing shimmered into existence. It was
strange, runes that were incomprehensible to her. They hadn't existed a
moment before, then suddenly they were there. Were they words? There was
something about them, something strangely familiar, but what Alora
couldn't pinpoint.::

DeVeau: What are those?

::Her gaze shifted to Ananja, and she pointed, but when she turned back,
the runes were gone. Had she imagined them? Were they a message to them
that she was supposed to somehow interpret? Then the Garuda appeared and
automatically, Alora stepped forward as if to shorten the distance
between it and her.::

EGAN MANNO: That's the Garuda! Can we speak to them?


::It was a good question, but it was one that went unanswered. Doors
slid open to reveal guards who poured in, armed to the teeth and those
weapons braced and ready. The strangers were trapped once again. Was
this part of the trials? Were they still undergoing them? The guards
remained steady and only a short span of breaths passed before another
Kubarey entered. Confusion marred the air of authority that surrounded

SATYADARSHI: {{/Kharanavala? What are you doing here?/}}

::The language was almost musical, but then again, language usually was.
Even Klingon had a certain tone to it. Unfortunately, Alora had no basis
to interpret the words.::

ANANJA: {{/The Trials are over, the envoys have proven themselves. This
has to end now, before blood is spilt./}}

::Something passed between them, the tension which was already palpable
thickened. What had been spoken? Had something happened?::

ANANJA: {{/Withdraw your troops, fetch the medics for their wounded and
give the Captain a channel to speak to her people./}}

::Whatever Ananja said, the male Kubarey replied. Egan Manno was offered
a device - and Ananja offered advice.::

EGAN MANNO: What is this?


ANANJA: Speak into it. Your people will hear you. We have doctors on the
way to help you, too.

::There was a frown as Alora's gaze met the female Kubarey's. Surprise
registered over her own expression and she canted her head as if to
study Ananja from a different angle. Her mouth opened but then closed.
She'd ask later - it wasn't the time.::

SHRYKER: Where is Commander Ross?

::It was, however the proper time for that question. Despite their
distractions, it was also the question Alora wanted most answered.::

EGAN MANNO: Is he here, aboard this -- ship?

ANANJA: I believe he's still on the planet.

::Still a captive. Evidently they were no longer, so that meant he'd be
released too, right? Something caught her eye and Alora turned back to
the sight of the Garuda just as all the lights flickered, then suddenly
died. The ship was dead to sight and Alora's breath caught in her
throat. What had happened?::


EGAN MANNO: What happened? DeVeau, ideas?

::She had been asking herself that very same question. She was a
scientist, not an engineer, but the captain asked so she hazarded a guess.::

DeVeau: Some sort of ship wide short? Purposeful suspension of ship
functions, whether by us or our Kubarey friends? Destruction of internal
systems? I can't say without more data...

::But she didn't really need to. Suddenly the lights returned, spurting
back to life and awashing the Garuda in their normal glow. Alora exhaled
long and slow in relief.::


EGAN MANNO: =/\= This is Captain Egan Manno to the Garuda. Whoever is in
charge over there, please respond.

HANDLEY-PAGE: =/\= Page here. I believe that would be me, Ma'am.=/\=

EGAN MANNO: =/\= Thank you, Lieutenant Commander. We're -- I think --
aboard the Kubarey ship. The Heart of, erm, Vahasamara. Please give me
an abridged report. =/\=

HANDLEY-PAGE: =/\= Doctor Saveron and Captain Reynolds are…. away from
their stations at the moment. Chief Rahman has taken a shuttle to try
and contact outside help I believe. We have secured the bridge, sickbay,
the crew decks and I am in engineering. Chief Mei'konda is restoring the
ship’s systems, but we’re minus our warp core and are under a tractor
beam. We have suffered casualties, and the majority of the crew have
been transported over to the Kubarey ship. ::He paused.:: Is that how
you ended up on their ship too? =/\=

::Colour drained from Alora's face. Casualties? Who? How many? Were her
friends all right? Saavok and Saveron particularly came to mind and she
swallowed as her eyes stared at the ship, as if she might somehow seer
through the layers of metal to see if those she cared about were all
right. Her concern was interrupted by the appearance of the runes, that
time over laid upon the window. Alora's hand lifted to indicate the
etching, but they faded once more and no one else said a word about
them. Her hand dropped to her side. What was going on?::

EGAN MANNO: =/\= I'm not entirely sure. I will check back shortly for
your report, Commander. Stand by.

HANDLEY-PAGE: =/\= Aye aye Ma'am!=/\=

::The Kubarey were quick. Already medics were assisting the two injured
officers. Alora hovered, feeling rather useless.::

EGAN MANNO: When may we return to our ship?

ANANJA: As soon as you wish.

EGAN MANNO: I see. And Commander Ross -- and the rest of the Garuda crew?

::There wasn't an immediate answer as Ananja evidently requested that
information from the other Kubarey who was in charge.::

ANANJA: {{How soon can her crew be returned to her ship?}}

SATYADARSHI: {{Most of them have been relocated to the planet for their
own safety, and their wounded are being cared for in our medical bays.
We can begin transport immediately, although I would recommend they
ensure they have regained full control of their systems, first.}}

ANANJA: {{The tractor beam?}}

SATYADARSHI: {{It can be released as soon as they have full navigational
control. Their orbit was in dangerous decay, we tractored them in order
to stablise it.}}

::Familiar faces began to emerge as doors parted once more. Some were
more familiar than others, but there were several faces she didn't see -
and two in particularly she really wished she could see.::

ANANJA: He tells me that your crew can be returned as soon as you
desire, and the tractor disengaged on your command -- it was only placed
on your ship to prevent its orbit from decaying. He suggests that before
you do either, you confirm that you have regained full control of your
ship's systems.

::Better that than risk allowing the orbit to decay further. For a third
time the runes appeared, on the window again that time. A shudder ran
through Alora. Was she going mad? Was this still part of an ongoing
trial? How would she know reality from the fantastical creations of the


ANANJA: Is there anything else I can do?


::She wanted to ask, but Alora held her tongue. Not there. Not...but
when? Later? She wanted to know. Why was she seeing these things? Had
she lost all shred of sanity? There had been a sense of that in the
trials, had it truly come to pass? So she remained quiet. For the moment.



Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Mercury

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