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(( OOC - This sim takes place towards the beginning of our last shore leave. ))

(( Evan Delano's Quarters ))

DeVEAU: You're getting better.

::Alora switched back to Standard and offered a smile to the half vulcan across from her.  The two had continued their conversations since that first meeting which had allowed both of them to continue practising the languages they wanted to gain strength in.  Although her Klingon still wasn't as comfortable to her as Vulcan, she'd noticed a better understanding of the language.  WIth his help she might even be fluent one day!::

DELANO: Thanks, Alora. It's been coming back to me, slowly.

DeVEAU: Shall we call it a day?

:: Evan rubbed the back of his neck. ::

DELANO: If you don't mind. I think I've had enough linguistic exercises for today.

:: He stood, stretching his arms overhead for a few seconds. ::

DeVEAU:I can leave if you prefer.

::As much as she enjoyed Delano's presence, Alora also didn't want to wear out her welcome.  The last thing she wanted to do was to make a nuisance of herself.::

DELANO: (chuckling) Don't worry, I'm not trying to chase you out. (break) Actually, I was wondering if you had any advice. I've had these quarters for several months now. They're much bigger than what I'm used to, and, well, I don't really have enough stuff to decorate it.

:: The room was fairly spartan. He kept a few personal belongings in his bedroom, but the main living area was hardly changed from the default configuration. In a word, it was bland. ::

::Alora's gaze slowly studied the room, noting the bare walls and the stale colour.  When she had first arrived, Alora had put out all her plants then added a few things here and there.  She'd even changed the colour of her walls through a nifty little program she'd found in the computer.::

DeVEAU: Do you have anything in particular in mind?  A colour scheme?  Do you want paintings or colourful accents, what?

:: Evan shrugged. ::

DELANO: Well, I've been thinking about adopting a few plants. Rumor has it you're the person to talk to.

::That usual grin that came so easily to her appeared immediately and a sparkle lit those bright green eyes.::

DeVEAU: Ah, plants.  Plants, yes, I can definitely help you there.  I have severa species that I cultivate, but my mos bountiful plants are my African violets.  They grow like weeds - but they're not weeds of course.  I have tons of them in all sorts of colours and they're really easy to care for and prefer the temperature that most people generally keep their quarters.

::Most. Some Vulcans were known to heat their private rooms to something closer to what Vulcan actually felt like. Alora had actually been in one room like that and his 'compromise' was still pretty darn hot.  The thought of that particular Vulcan sent a pang of lonliness.  She missed her friends.  With a shake of her head, Alora tried to refocus on another Vulcan - well, half one anyway. Evan's quarters, at least, seemed to be close to standard. ::

DeVEAU: Interested?

DELANO: That sounds like a good start. I was always better with animals than with plants, so something easy to take care of would probably best for now.

DeVEAU: You could come take a look and see what I have now if you like.

:: The red-collared lieutenant considered for a moment, the nodded. ::

DELANO: I have a few duty reports to go through tonight, but they can wait an hour or two. Let's go.

DeVEAU: Some procrastination is healthy, right?

:: Alora pushed herself to her feet and motioned for Delano to follow.  It wasn't a long trek by any stretch of the imagination and they came to the doors that, as they had been since her arrival, decided not to part when she approached.  By that point, Alora had simply fallen into the habit of smacking the doors, which then would open to allow entry.  It had become so automatic that Alora didn't even realise she did it any more. ::

:: As sparse as Delano's quarters were, Alora's were quite the opposite.  Pictures were scattered about, many of them containing people.  Most of those people boasted dark hair and similar features, particularly a woman who seemed to be an older version of the science officer.  In between photographs of people were those of places.  A mountain rose up with a cloud ringed top in one while a landscape of oddly bent trees were cast in pink with a Terran sunset in another.  There were also a couple of small, framed quilts with generic but colourful landscapes and a painting or two. ::

:: Also scattered throughout the room were pots filled with plants.  There were several species of alien ones, but most boasted a small, fuzzy-leafed plant, most of which had blooms in varying shades.  A couple of shelves with lights had been erected which were double layered with more pots .  As before, however, most of the plants were of that fuzzy leafed variety along with another plant which had much longer leaves and bell cupped flowers in a variety of hues.  Stuck in between the varying pots were small cups that contained more of the fuzzy leaves, though some with smaller versions of the oblong leaves, but none of them were blooming.  A third shelf also stood as a silent sentinel and boasted several environmental regulators to allow her the pleasure of alien plants that didn't do well in an environment that she considered comfortable. ::

All of these were in conjunction with a small table with four matching chairs, a couch with a quilt folded across the back, a cozy arm chair, and a small coffee table. As they entered, Alora stretched out her arms and indicated the all of the plants in her possession.::

DeVEAU: Take a look around and see if there's anything you like.

:: Evan was surprised at how much more homey Alora's quarters were compared to his own. In general, he tended to think of his quarters as little more than a place to rest in relative quiet and privacy. Alora had turned hers into an actual home. At her direction, he focused his attention on her impressive collection of plants. He thought he recognized a few species, but not by name. ::

DELANO: I'm impressed, Alora. How do you keep track of them all?

DeVEAU: All of them are labeled and numbered.  The babies just have the numbers, but if you find an adult you like, you can choose one of the babies to take home with.  Feel free to pick out more than just one too.  I have a bunch more in my room that are growing and I'm always planting new leaves.

::Which was why she was always giving out plants for she just couldn't bring herself to just compost the ones that fell or she pruned off. His gaze settled on a violet-streaked white-blossomed flower - one of many fuzzy-leafed plants that had to be the African violets she'd mentioned earlier. ::

DELANO: This one has an interesting pattern. Will its offspring be the same?

DeVEAU: Ah, a chimera.  They won't grow the same from leaves, so if they grow that way, no, the off spring won't be the same. However, if you choose one that has the same number, then yes, it will most likely look like that.  Occasionally you'll get a 'sport', which means offspring don't bloom true to the parent, but that's not really that common.

:: Evan perused the shelves for a few more minutes before returning to the one that had caught his eye. ::

DELANO: I think I should just start with this one. If I can keep that one alive, then we should talk about a few more.

DeVEAU: They are really, I promise.  Any reason you chose this one in particular?

DELANO: I don't know, I just like this one. Maybe it's the colors. Do you mind?

DeVEAU: Of course not!

::Alora grinned and shook her head, then crossed the room to one of the shelves that held smaller plants.  She checked the label on one, then removed it from the shelf.::

DeVeau: this is just a temporary container, but there's an african violet pot program in the replicator - I actually managed to do it myself!  You can just put this with some new soil - also in the replicator - and water it in the bottom part of the container once a week.  You should be good to go.

::She paused, considering the instructions she'd just given, then added.::

DeVEAU: If you like, I can go back with you and show you how to pot it.

DELANO: Is it more complicated than planting something like a tomato plant? I can probably handle it, but you're welcome to come along... you know, just in case.

DeVEAU: Oh, I should also ask, do you keep your rooms really warm like a Vulcan or more temperate according to human standards?

:: Evan shook his head. ::

DELANO: I tend to keep it matched to the general ship settings. I never acclimated to the harsher Vulcan temperatures. Should I keep them warmer?

DeVEAU: No, no no no.  They don't like it any colder than sixty four degrees or so and no hotter than eighty or so.  Anything below or above that and they won't be too happy.

::Not that Alora kept it outside of that range.  A nice temperate climate was her preference and comfortable to her.  She dealt with the 'compromise' of Vulcans if she had to.  After he'd chosen one, Alora peered at the labels until she found one where the number matched the adult he'd considered.::

DELANO: I’ll keep that in mind if I ever decide to convert my quarters into a sauna.

DeVEAU: Here you go. If you can do a tomato plant, you can probably do this.  Just let me know if you run into any problems.

DELANO: Will do, Alora. Thanks again. If this goes well, I’ll see about adding a few others.

:: With that he headed towards the door, potted plant in hand. ::

DeVEAU: Have a good night, Evan.

DELANO: Good night.


JP simmed by

Lieutenant Evan Delano

Strategic Operations Officer


Lieutenant Alora Deveau

Chief Science Officer

USS Garuda

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