[10F] Capt. Kells: Casual Fridays (DeVeau)

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(( Ten Forward ))

KELLS: (to group) Dismissed.

:: As he might have predicted, Alora was the first to approach him. Well, she sought him out like a quantum torpedo, actually. She would've made a good guidance system. He smirked, but only slightly, because as much as he could spin it off as funny, he was actually quite touched. Of course she would have been the first to come up! ::

DeVEAU: That’s so not fair.

KELLS: You're telling me. The estimable fleet captain threatened to throw me into space if I said no!

DeVEAU: I was really looking forward to continuing to have you as my subordinate.

KELLS: I would've preferred that, too. Believe me!

:: Well, he would've preferred staying in the sciences, anyway. He hadn't ever liked being anyone's subordinate, but at least now that he knew his direct superior was going to be Egan Manno, and also since he'd uncovered her sense of humor, he felt much better about that. Not as good as if Alora had been advanced to fleet captain and he'd remained a biologist, maybe, but okay. ::

DeVEAU: I suppose I’ll have to get used to calling you ‘Captain’ again.

KELLS: Eh, if you want. I don't really care what you call me.

:: That, of course, would be frowned upon by his superiors -- even if Egan Manno wasn't the one who was doing the disagreeing -- but he smirked again. It was his ship now. Maybe he'd require that no one could wear pants on Friday. A return to the skants of the 60s! Not that anyone would go for it, probably. These were the 90s, after all. ::


KELLS: Well, maybe I'll draw the line somewhere.


KELLS: It's going to be different, though, won't it? This ship sure isn't the Mercury, and the crew.... Half I know or remember, half remember me and I don't really recall them -- yet -- and half don't know me at all. And, yeah, I know that's too many halves.

:: His glance around the room was idle, but enough to remind him that this was the size of lounge you'd expect on a ship like the Garuda. The Mercury she wasn't indeed. ::


KELLS: As long as my orders don't result in open mutiny, I think everything will be okay.


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