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Elizabeth Rahuba

Jun 20, 2015, 6:43:39 PM6/20/15
to SB 118 Garuda

(( USS Garuda, Tuk's Quarters ))


Having heard the all call message, Hanar was relieved to be included, among the transfers, despite being a junior officer and relatively new to the crew, as a whole. He supposed his assistance on Astrofori One, had a lot to do with this, among other factors, which he was not privy to. As he packed his meager belongings, he was actually glad this happened, before he had any chance to acquire more belongings. This made for a short pack "session", enabling him to wrap up and head for the Invicta.


((USS Garuda, Swift’s Quarters))


Skokie had also been fortunate to not have much to pack, given his short duration, as a member of the Garuda’s medical staff. He pondered the motive for this, but dismissed them, as mere conjecture. Once he was done, he looked around for one last time, before exiting, to his new “home”, the USS Invicta.


Soon both officers arrived aboard the massive vessel. The first thing that struck them, was the bright, much roomier layout, *everywhere*. If the rest of the ship looked like this, Hanar and Skokie wondered what the *Bridge* must look like.


They then reported to their respective quarters, to drop off their belongings, before heading to report in to their respective departments. This would prove to be an interesting challenge, getting used to a new ship, once again.






Lieutenant(jg) Hanar Tuk

Security Officer

USS Garuda





PNPC Lieutenant(jg) Skokie I. Swift, MD

Medical Officer

USS Garuda


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