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(( Bridge ))

:: Raissa was not pleased to be privy to CD’s internal dialog with himself. His inhibitor kept him from using his ability, but it did not mean someone as telepathically over-sensative as she was, would miss it.. ::

Skyfire: Anything?

Dunross: No.

::She bit her lip. There were unanswered questions, but it would take someone other than the Garuda to find the answers. They had a specific mission they couldn’t stray too far from.::

Skyfire: We'll probably need a bigger science team to investigate this further. Put everything you've found so far into a report for further analysis.  Mr. Gerrard, take us back to Astrofori One. I'm sure the captain wants his ship back.

Dunross: It's all in my report, along with the Peppalexan descriptions and specifics of the molecular disruption that occurred on this planet.

::Raissa couldn’t help but pick up Ian’s feelings. He was sure the Va Wreth were involved in this planetary disaster, his scientific mind cateloging so many possibilities. He was certain the Va Wreth were responsible even though he didn’t have definitive proof…. yet. She sighed. It was going to be a long trip home.::

Gerrard: Yes, sir.

(( Time skip --  Astrofori One ))

::The Garuda returned as smoothly and as quietly as she had left, sliding into her assigned berth with a bump or a scrape on her hull. Normally Raissa would have been relieved, but in this case it put her once again at the mercy of thousands more minds.::

::Her hands were gripping the arms of the XO’s chair tightly.::

Moonsong: The ship is at station-keeping. ::she glanced at CD:: Are you all right?

Skyfire: I just want to give the keys back to Aron, stuff my nose in the after-action paperwork, then go to sleep. That's all I want to do.

Dunross: Entire colony destroyed, fill out a form.  

::His anger was like a slap.::

Moonsong : Ian…..

::Ian said nothing, rather just got up and walked off the bridge and into the lift.  Raissa looked at the closed door with a sigh. She would need to get him back into the ‘chair’ in her office.::



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