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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 18, 2014, 8:11:15 PM10/18/14
to Garuda
((Commercial Quadrant, DSX))

Man: See! See! We're trapped in here with _him_ ::He pointed to the
Cardassian most recently affected, then toward the area where the
previous Cardassian had been taken out of sight of the crowd.:: and him!
Then we'll get sick and we're all going to die! Get us out of here!

DeVeau: Sir, please, you're not helping...

Calderan: You heard the Doc, he's got a cunning plan!

Gilaars: COMMANDER!!! WAIT!!! ::jumps to feet::

::Lukin was far too busy trying to pry men off of one another and keep
from getting smashed over the head with a metal rod or some other
equally heavy makeshift weapon. His attempts to negotiate fell upon ears
deafened with fear and the people retaliated in the only way they felt
they could gain some meager amount of control - through physical force.


DeVeau: Sir! Sir! Stop!

Ivanova: ::stepping next to DeVeau:: Looks like you could use a hand.

::Alora was a bit busy herself, but while she wasn’t security and she
wasn’t good with offensive maneuvers, she could defend herself decently,
particularly when prepared for a possible outlash - as she was when the
man aimed for her. A moment later, he was on the floor, unharmed but no
longer armed. He pushed himself back to his feet, ignoring the cries of
the doctor who attempted to command some control over the crowd.::

Gilaars: EVERYONE! STOP!!! ::beat:: Please! I need to talk to Commander
Calderan, especially, and Chief Zorkal!

::One man fell and others began to trample. Despite the Doctor’s
attempts, the small crowd continued to beat at the doors. Lukin dove in
among the writhing bodies and managed to grab a hold of the fallen man,
then pulled him to safety - though not before he had sustained a few
injuries. By the cry he emitted when he shifted, Lukin suspected at
least one broken rib. In the corner of his eye, he noted the doctor
talking to Calderan and a couple of others, including a stranger whom
he’d never seen before. Lukin turned his head away and coughed into the
crook of his helbo, missing what the doctor announced.:::


Gilaars: I heard Chief Zorkal cough, several times. This pathogen *may*
be aerosol-transmissible.

Man: What?! Did you hear that everyone?!


DeVeau: Oh, great.

::The man had forgotten all about Alora for the moment, his gaze fixated
upon the doctor and wide, glistening with pent up emotion that broiled
beneath and skimmed the surface in clenched fists and ground teeth. At
his shout, the small riot stilled enough to turn and pay attention. His
voice had been the catalyst for the panic, now it was what drew them to
silence to hear what was being said.::

Gilaars: That means airborne mucus, containing the virus can be inhaled,
by anyone close enough when he coughed. ::to Calderan/Zorkal:: Is this
thing specific to Cardassians?

Ivanova: Ahem, doctor, I would advise keeping your voice down when
speculating. We have a lot of frightened people around...

Gilaars: I’m sorry. I *had* to talk loud, over the din, or *no one*
would hear me!


DeVeau: Even so, it might have been better not to announce it in such a way.

::While the crowd was stilled for the moment, Alora could sense that it
would not last long nor would it take much for the panic to resume.::

Ivanova: Well whatever this is or isn't we need to find a way to get the
sick to the medical center or at the very least, the first aid station
at the other end of the quad.

::Although Lukin had missed the doctor’s first sentence, he’d caught
everything she’d stated since and frowned. Airborne, specific to
Cardassians? He glanced back to the area where he and the medical
officer had dragged his earlier comrade and then to the one most
recently down with symptoms. Thus far, no one of any other species
showed anything at all. Perhaps it was - either that, or for some reason
those who had succumbed just happened to be of his kin. He coughed
again, then frowned::


::Alora eyed the Cardassian security officer who obviously understood
what that cough meant. Thus far, only Cardassians seemed to suffer, and
that realisation hit the crowd who calmed enough to remain still, though
she could feel the tension wrap around the room like a blanket.::

Ivanova: I recommend we set up a temporary holding center there until
the doctor can find out a little more about what we're dealing with.
::She looked to Gilaars.:: What supplies do you need, doctor?

Gilaar: The *first* thing we need are protective gloves and gowns, to
act as isolation PPEs, then we draw up plenty of clean water and towels
or clothes, to use as a means to alleviate the fever response. ::lowers
voice to whisper:: All we can do is make anyone who is sick comfortable,
until an effective treatment can be found and mass-produced. ::beat:: I
am worried about Chief Zorkal and Commander Calderan, as I heard both
coughing earlier, right after the Cardassian man coughed and collapsed.
That is why I expressed my ‘theory’ a moment ago.

::The doctor made sense and Lukin agreed with her assessment. He was not
too pleased at the way she lowered her voice to where he could no longer
hear. If it was important, he should be made aware of it. Lukin crossed
over to join the group and caught the last bit of her words and he
nodded slightly.::

Zorkals: I’m not a dunce, I’m aware of what this cough could mean.
However, I plan to make myself useful until the time comes that I can no
longer be.

::His gaze shifted to fall upon Ivanova, his frown more severe.::

Zorkal: If you’d listened to what I said earlier, there are other ways
to get where you want to go around here.


::That frown shifted into a slight smirk.::

Zorkal: I suggest you get to know your space station better. Creshan'na
Riyas holds secrets.


::His only reply was to smirk again and turn upon his heel as he
motioned for them to follow. That same clothing store was entered once
more, but that time he didn’t stop at the rows of merchandise. Lukin
paced toward the rear then slipped through a door that led to the far
back. Once there, his eyes shifted and he slid his hand alongside the
wall. He pressed his fingers in a pattern to the right hand side and a
moment later, the wall slid open slowly, and with a quiet moan to reveal
a passageway behind, wide and tall enough to walk comfortably.::

Zorkal: I’ve found several of these and this one I know will connect
with another that will lead to the medical center.



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda


Glinn Lukin Zorkal



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