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(( Starfleet Mission Commander's Office ))

Egan Manno: We have three hours at most. Make the most of them.

Yal'Sethir'Anth: We are ready to begin the search when you are. 

:: To this, Aron could only nod. He knew that the three days would be packed -- but he didn't know, given Egan Manno's original marching orders, that they would end with a tenuous, pretty unofficial alliance with the Va Wreth. He didn't object -- in fact, he was rather impressed, because she didn't really seem the sort -- but he was certainly surprised.

He left her office with Saveron, Bakari, and the Va Wreth in question, leaving Delano and King to split and coordinate with the unaffiliated security staff of the station. Good for them, Aron thought; he just wished he had a better idea of what to do next. ::

(( Starfleet Diplomatic Mission, Corridors ))

Saveron: In an emergency, Station Control should be prepared to shut off the lighting on the event. Our Va Wreth allies will have a distinct advantage in apprehending Ross or his accomplices in the dark.

Bakari: Perhaps we should have the Va Wreth meet with Glinn Zorkal to augment station security, then? The Invicta is going to be covered from bow to stern with their own security. If one of Ross's accomplices makes a move, or if he somehow attempts an escape, there's a lot more room to hide 
on the station.

Yal: ?

Kells: Very true, and it's going to be much more difficult over here, too. A1's the equivalent of something like a dozen different sovereign states, and while I think most of the diplomatic missions here will be cooperative, given what we're doing, they could certainly slow us down if they're not....

Saveron / Bakari / Yal: ?

(( Starfleet Mission Commander's Office ))

:: Well, Cassie hoped that this little political alliance would be fruitful. If the Va Wreth did possess the abilities that Yal'Sethir'Anth had -- if not explained, then at least hinted at -- then Ross was as good as caught. What happened with him afterward, well, that might be a little more tricky to pin down. His most recent crimes had involved the Va Wreth, after all, and even though he was a Federation fugitive, Cassie could see extradition getting tricky. What they really needed was some impartial organization, perhaps something on the station itself, that could act as a unifying body -- some group of beings who weren't affiliated with any government or power. A good idea, she thought, but how to make it happen?

And then the report came in. She read it twice, quickly, then once more to ensure that she hadn't misunderstood. Once she was sure she hadn't, she stood up at once and hurried from her office. ::

(( Starfleet Diplomatic Mission, Corridors ))

Egan Manno: Excuse me. Wait, please.

:: There was another surprise, Aron thought. Egan Manno hurrying after them, shocking not just the group she wanted to waylay but the officers around her. Her face was set, though, and he knew her better than to assume that she cared at all. Dutifully, the group of four stopped. ::

Kells: Fleet Captain?

Egan Manno: I've just received a report: Ross has been captured. 

Saveron / Bakari / Yal: ?

:: Aron felt like he'd been hit with a low-powered phaser. Already captured? And now was in custody? ::

Kells: When did this happen?

Egan Manno: I've just been informed. Commander Rahman's report just came through. 

Saveron / Bakari / Yal: ?

:: Aron watched Egan Manno take a deep breath that she tried to hide as any other. He'd done too much of the same to believe it entirely. ::

Kells: What now, ma'am?

:: He saw a spark of gratefulness in her quick look. She'd already been working on that, of course, but he'd given her a few more moments to consider. She'd known what he was doing, just as he knew what she was. ::

Egan Manno: I suggest you all head for the Invicta. They'll no doubt have their security covered, but you have -- we have been directly involved not only with the Ross incidents but also with the Va Wreth since the Kubarey complaint. ::beat:: At least three of us are meant to be there for the address anyway. Perhaps they'll be happy to see us there early.

Kells: Perhaps.

:: The address. It wasn't that he kept forgetting it. It was more that it didn't feel real, after all they'd done. Sit down, be quiet, and zone out for the better part of an hour (or maybe more). Was that really possible. ::

Kells: --I'm sure they will, ma'am.

Saveron / Bakari / Yal: ?

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