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((Sick Bay))

DeVeau: Oh! I do smell it!

Core: I **knew** I wasn't a nutter!

::Alora bit back a playful retort of, "I don't know about that and,
instead, gave him the indication of what the scent possibly was.::

DeVeau: It's...hyacinth.

Core: Hicca-what?

DeVeau: It's a lovely flower from Earth. It's actually my second
favourite - I have two in my quarters, one deep purple and one bright
pink, but haven't cultivated them so don't have any babies. They aren't
nearly as prolific as African Violets

Core: Flowers have babies . . .? ::More importantly, though,:: Wait, so
it has medical purpose?

DeVeau: I'm not sure. Maybe one of the doctors or nurses has a hyacinth
plant around here somewhere.

Core: It smells funny. And I **told** you it wasn't a drug thingy.

DeVeau: It doesn't smell funny, it smells quite lovely.

::There was no petulance in her reply and her words were coloured with

DeVeau: Drug thingy, eh? Do you need to be on drugs?

Core: For my shoulder . . . I think. If it was for the bump of the head,
I don't think I'd feel this funny. Plus, shoulder was busted pretty
badly, so . . . ::He laughed.:: It'd be pretty illogical for it to
**not** be for the shoulder problem.

DeVeau: I was hoping you weren't as bad off as you are.

::The fact that others had gotten hurt - herself included, though only
slightly - sobered her quickly.::

DeVeau: I hope you heal quickly.

Core: ::He squinted.:: Did you get back aboard okay? I honestly don't
really remember . . .

DeVeau: Yeah. I did.

::Thanks to the holographic Mei'konda and others who had proven more
useful than she. Alora wondered if she should thank the real one - and
had a feeling the real one would have done the exact same thing.
Although they worked on the same ship, she hadn't seen the Caitian in
some time. She should amend that.::

Core: Definitely no bad injuries?

DeVeau: A small bump on the head, nothing major. It gave me a headache
which went away when I was treated.

Core: Great! Though I guess it wouldn't really matter - I think we'd
make good Sick Bay buddies. Absolutely nothing wrong with Sick Bay. One
of the best places ever, actually.

::Core's light tone brought the smile back to her lips.::

DeVeau: Sick bay buddies? Well, I honestly prefer my own quarters, but
if I have to be in sick bay, you'd be a great person to get stuck here
with. Maybe I should go get hurt so I can camp out here with you.


DeVeau: Nothing major, just enough to keep me a couple of days for
observation or something.

::She wouldn't truly do any such things, of course, but Alora did always
feel better in the company of friends. Could she call him friend?
While she didn't necessarily know everyone on the ship as well as she
might, Alora always tried to treat everyone like they were - or could
possibly be - friends.::


DeVeau: It could be fun. We could do duets together.


DeVeau: Duets. Sing songs. Entertain all of sickbay and drive the
nurses and doctors crazy. Or maybe ease the tediousness of their day,
depending on whether or not they liked the songs.




Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
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