[P-AU] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Back, Forth, And Back Again" (Kiren-El, Rahman, Kells)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 12, 2015, 12:22:04 AM3/12/15
to Garuda
((Armittan University))

DeVeau: Elder, you said the sensors might be able to locate the fractures?

Kiren-El: ?

DeVeau: Would you mind helping us with that?

Kiren-El: ?

DeVeau: Okay, so we have all these fractures, right? They have an
origin, a commonality between them all. Perhaps there are some lingering
threads - roads, paths if you want to think about it. If we can somehow
follow these roads, maybe we can use them to pinpoint where and when our
friends are.

:: Aron nodded so at least he thought that she wasn’t completely
bonkers. That was a relief.::

Kells: If we can do that, then we'll have created a map of time. Very
useful, given what we're up against.


DeVeau: I would think that any fracture through which someone passed
would have some sort of distortion, so that can help sift out most of
the ones, even if there are a bunch clustered in a certain area. Perhaps
if we start out by comparing them all, see what they have in common and
whether or not certain ones have variances that would give away the fact
someone’s passed through?

Rahman: ::nods:: Like ripples through water as you walk through a stream.

::Exactly. Alora thought it was well put, almost exactly like that.
There would be a trail and hopefully they could follow it.::

Core: It could-

::One minute he was there and the next he was gone. Not only had Core
disappeared but so had the snarky Betazoid. Alora stared at the spots
they had once occupied a moment, then turned to Aron and Nara.::

Rahman: Tristam!

DeVeau: Uh oh.


Rahman: Quick, see if you can track the chroniton signature!

::Aron was faster than she.::

Kells: On it.

::That didn’t mean Alora was going to stand around and do nothing.::

DeVeau: Is there any way you have that could help track them?


Rahman: Wait, where's Lieutenant Shandres?

Kells: Did anyone actually see him disappear?

DeVeau: No, but I didn’t hear him leave either.

::Surely they would have heard the door open. Something. Besides, they
shouldn’t just wander about willy nilly, especially with all those
fractures about.::


Rahman: ::turning to Kiren-El:: Where are those sensors you were talking

::Which was pretty much what Alora had meant when she’s requested help
from the elder, but she kept her mouth shut.::

Kiren-El: ?

Rahman: Then let's go!

Kells: Yes. I have the chroniton signatures and other data now. Assuming
our systems can interface, it should be useful.

DeVeau: Excellent. That will help pinpoint them, though hopefully we
won’t have to.

::Hopefully they would have a similar thing happen that had occurred to
her and Aron, no need to pull them back.::

Rahman: We have no way of knowing if they'll just return like you two
did earlier. I don't think we can just stand here and hope for the best.

::Except Nara had a point. Dagnabit.::

Kells: Agreed. Besides, we reappeared almost immediately. They're not
back, so the best thing to do is to try and get them back however we can.

DeVeau: If we take the chroniton signatures and look for those ‘waves’
as you put it, Nara, we might be able to match up the information, see
where the signatures follow.

Rahman: The temporal fragments could eventually destabilize and
dissipate completely. We'd lose any chance of getting them back.

:: She was grim, though Alora couldn’t blame her. They were in a rather
odd situation and while Alora had heard of temporal distortions and time
getting altered, it had never been in a way such as what they were going

Kells: If my tricorder can't interface, I'm sure Alora's triPADD can.
From there, we should have enough to be going on with. The sensors?

Kiren-El: ?

DeVeau: It’s newer technology, and it’s made to be a lot more flexible.

::She offered it to the elder to study in the hopes that he might see a
way to connect it to their technology.::

DeVeau: It’s possible we could alter it somehow.

::While she was loathe to mess with the creation, she was even more
loathe to leave her friends and fellow co-workers afloat in the sea of


DeVeau: Maybe if we…

::But Alora didn’t get to finish her sentence either. Just as with Core
and Shandres, one moment she was there - and the next, she was gone.



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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