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(( Armittan University ))

:: They began walking towards the exit but Roshanara was quick to stop
them. ::

Rahman: Wait!

::Both stopped to look at her. ::

Rahman: Hmmm...

::That didn’t sound good.::

DeVeau: What is it, Nara?

Rahman: I'm detecting a slight temporal flux in both of you, along with
an elevated chroniton signature.

::Uh oh.::

Shandres: Which means what?

::Alora knew what it meant, and her brow furrowed. That would be a

Kiren-El: Is that a side effect of the temporal fracture?

Kells: Well, that's to be expected, isn't it? Since we just took a trip
through time?

DeVeau: Yes, I suppose so, but it doesn’t always _linger_. If it does,
that can cause other issues.

Rahman: It means you're susceptible to additional time jumps if you're
exposed to any temporal fields nearby. It might not be safe for you to
remain here.

Kiren-El: Fascinating. Why would the two of you be more vulnerable?

DeVeau: I’m not sure. Usually such things would dissipate within a few
seconds of returning.

::Usually, but then again, there was still a lot about chronitons and
temporal fluxes that they didn’t understand. Usual didn’t necessarily
mean always - or that it was truly usual, it had only been usual in the
limited experience they’d had.::

Kells: Just beam us back to the Garuda. Should solve that problem.

::Alora shook her head, but Nara explained before she had th chance.::

Rahman: I would advise against the transporter. For any of us. If a
transport beam were to cross through any polarized chronitons in the
area, it could end up being channeled to a different time at its
destination. An hour, a day... months, years, even centuries. Maybe not
deadly if you were going to somewhere else on the planet, but if we
tried to beam back to the Garuda and she's not there anymore...

Kells: Oh. ::beat:: Oh.

Shandres: So using the transporter would be bad. ::he raised his
eyebrows at their expressions:: Just clarifying.

DeVeau: In a nut shell.

::Alora really didn’t want to die, or find herself stuck in another time
forever. While she thought the idea fascinating and it could be
interesting to explore the past, she wouldn’t want to live there.::

Kells: In that case -- I don't want to be a pain, but is there somewhere
we could change? Or dry off, at least? I don't imagine there are any
jumpsuits lying around. I would ask, normally, but ::beat:: it's been a
long day. And it hasn't even happened yet.

Kiren-El: If you need to rest, I can take you to guest quarters. The
pool here is refreshing, but small. And… I admit, I don’t know all of
your species’ needs.

DeVeau: Water’s a good start.

::She offered a smile, then glanced at her clothes.::

DeVeau: And, perhaps, a chance to wash these?

Kells: Still. Maybe it's a good thing those portals are hanging around.
At least we know that there's still some time slippage we could make use
of. ::beat:: Could we use them in some way, do you think, to return the
planet to its time?

Kiren-El: It is possible that these fractures may provide a window back
to our own time. We will need to examine them closely to know for certain.

DeVeau: It will definitely take more study - and care.

::The last thing they needed to do was cause even more problems by
messing with the temporal fractures. As always, such things shouldn’t be
attempted without making sure one could understand as much as possible. ::

Shandres: It seems that Lt Commander Bakari and his team has vanished.
::I’m guessing through your time bubble during transport. Since they
haven’t re-appeared, we have a bigger problem.

Kiren-El: They may have been caught by one of these temporal fragments.

::Ki frowned. Didn’t he just say that?::

DeVeau: Wait...Bakari’s team is missing too?

::Who else was missing?::

Kiren-El: I’m sorry to say our planet may no longer be safe for visitors.

::Alora glanced over at her fellow crewmembers and Shandres stated what
she was thinking.::

Shandres: I don’t think we can just leave…

Kiren-El: I believe the sensors in the temporal mechanics laboratory may
help us to track these fractures and locate your missing people. Once
your people have had a chance to recover, I will take you there.

DeVeau: Now _that_ sounds like a plan.

:: Their guide was as good as his word, thankfully, and Alora had to
admit, she was grateful for the chance to rest. While they had managed
to avoid anything _too_ horrific, that hadn’t meant their ordeal hadn’t
drained either her or Aron completely. She had to admit, Alora was
curious about the Temporal Mechanic’s lab, and her curiosity almost
drove her to ask to be taken there right away. Fortunately, her common
sense prevailed and she took full advantage of the time allotted to her.

Both of her pants legs had been torn, but whatever the Peppalexans had
done, they were as good as new once they were returned to her. She
hadn’t realised exactly _how_ tired she was until she’d gotten cleaned
up and was able to relaxed. While just sitting down, Alora had almost
fallen into a snooze, but she jerked awake and realised that she really
should rejoin the group. A small smile was offered to her companions, a
particularly familiar one to Aron and she slid her way to his side,
hoping that another dose of adrenaline would kick in sooner rather than

The mechanic’s lab was a marvel to behold. While Alora wasn’t
particularly gifted with machinery, she couldn’t help but note that if
all of it wasn’t on at _least_ the level of Starfleet, it was further
advanced. Metal gleamed, silver mixed with gold, bronze, and copper as a
various array of mechanical tidbits filled the room in various places,
sizes, and stages. Aron was impressed and he’d begun scanning the room
just as their Captain’s voice echoed from their commbadges.::

Egan Manno: =/\= Egan Manno to all away team personnel. =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Mei’konda here, Captaain. =/\=

Shandres: =/\= Shandres here, Captain. I have Core, Kells, DeVeau,
Rahman and the Scion with me

Egan Manno: =/\= We've had a situation develop in orbit. I'd like all
away teams to return as soon as possible to the ship. =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= I see… whaat sort of situation, Captaain? =/\=

Egan Manno: =/\= Several Breen warships have arrived and we saw one
::beat:: apparently lose half of itself through a, hm, hole in time. The
rest didn't survive. If this is the same phenomenon.... =/\=

::The Breen? Great. Just what they didn’t need. While their presence
didn’t guarantee there were hostilities, that didn’t mean they were
there on a peaceful mission.::

Mei’konda: =/\= Uh, Captain, we cannot at present. Lieutenant Commander
Saveron haas vanished. We suspect, through an intermittent tear in
tiime, created by the chroniton paarticles near our locaation. We are
not sure if he has gone forwaard or back, though, or preciisely how to
recreate the event. I would not be comforrtable leaaving until we can
retriieve him. =/\=

::If Alora wasn’t fully awake, she was after that bit of news. So more
than just Bakari’s team had gone, and this time it was a good friend.::

Shandres =/\= Similar situation here, captain.

Kells: =/\= This is Kells, Captain. Lieutenant DeVeau and I did go
through a tear, but we returned almost in the same moment we left.

:: But not Saveron. What had happened? Was he all right? What if he’d
gotten hurt but was unable to get help?::

Egan Manno: =/\= I understand. Something similar has happened to
Commander Bakari and his team. We're attempting a retrieval at present.
Is there anything you need?

Mei’konda: =/\= Yes, Captaain. Could you traain the Garuda’s sensors on
our locaation? Attempt to get more accuraate readings so that we can
determiine just whaat happened? I am suure that both we and
our…Peppalexan friends would appreciaate it. =/\=

Egan Manno: =/\= Yes. Another officer will be in contact shortly,
Commander. Lieutenant Shandres?

Shandres: =/\= Our team are working with the University resources here,
Captain. We’ll let you know when they have something.

Egan Manno: =/\= As soon as you can, because I would prefer that your
team return to the ship before you lose anyone else. Continue your
investigation but be ready for evacuation. Egan Manno, out. =/\=

:: Then she was gone, so to speak. Worry coloured her features. While
she’d been told that Bakari’s team had gone missing and no one had said
they’d returned, she had thought their trip had been as quick in this
time as hers and Aron’s had. Now come to find out, not only Saveron was
also missing, but both Bakari’s team and the Vulcan hadn’t reappeared.
With the Breen in the mix, she had to admit things didn’t look so good.::


Shandres: You heard the captain. She needs answers.

:: That tone _didn’t_ help - not one bit. Alora’s worry shifted into
annoyance and her gaze snapped to the man who seemed bent on ordering
them around.::

Kells: If these sensors work, then she'll have them. Let's see what we
can do before they evacuate us.

DeVeau: Lieutenant, rather than ordering superior officers around, I
think it might be more helpful to brainstorm ideas.

::Fortunately, Alora was decent enough at controlling her facial
features so that at least that annoyance didn’t reflect on her face and
her voice kept a cool, calm timbre.::

Kells: If Dr. Rahman's right -- and why shouldn't she be? -- then Alora
and I are still tracking residual chronitons from our trip. Couldn't we
use those to calibrate the sensors?

DeVeau: Now that sounds like a viable starting point.


Kells: Great! Let's do it. ::beat:: How do we do it?

DeVeau: Good question.

::Alora was so very grateful that she had managed not to damage or
destroy her triPADD despite the rather odd series of events in relation
to her and Aron’s little trip through time. Although she was sure they
could probably figure _something_ out on their own, why not take
advantage of the knowledge and technology of the people who were their

DeVeau: Elder, you said the sensors might be able to locate the fractures?


DeVeau: Would you mind helping us with that?


DeVeau: Okay, so we have all these fractures, right? They have an
origin, a commonality between them all. Perhaps there are some lingering
threads - roads, paths if you want to think about it. If we can somehow
follow these roads, maybe we can use them to pinpoint where and when our
friends are.


::She paused a moment to ponder the situation further.::

DeVeau: I would think that any fracture through which someone passed
would have some sort of distortion, so that can help sift out most of
the ones, even if there are a bunch clustered in a certain area. Perhaps
if we start out by comparing them all, see what they have in common and
whether or not certain ones have variances that would give away the fact
someone’s passed through?



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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