DSX] Lt. DeVeau & [PNPC] Lt. (j.g.) Knight: Something Special Part 1

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((DSX - Commquad))

DeVeau: Oh my goodness, what _is_ that thing.

::The thing in question was a...well, Alora wasn’t quite sure _what_ it was.  It was about the size and shape of a small shield, but it boasted features that were vaguely humanoid.  Vaguely.  The features were twisted with metal and what looked to be some sort of deep wood, a cacophony of shapes and turns and knots that somehow worked together in something that was completely unusual - and down right ugly.::

::Lara tilted her head from one side and then to the other. It didn’t change the view of the object in question. It just enhanced it disturbing attributes.::

Knight: I think its a wall decoration. I think… And probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

::Alora cast a sidelong glance at her companion.  The two had run into each other a couple of times on the Garuda since her assignment to the ship, but when they’d found themselves wandering the same path on the Promenade, Alora had suggested they hang out.  After all, it was much more fun spending time with a friendly person and she always did enjoy getting to know others.  She had just about to start interrogating the Head nurse when the strange object had caught her eye.::

DeVeau: I think we’re in agreement on that.  What in the world would someone do with that sort of thing?

Knight: It would make a great gift…. For someone you disliked intensely maybe…

DeVeau: Really, really, really intensely.  Maybe.

::Alora leaned over to peer a little more closely then wondered why she’d bothered.  There was no making sense of it what-so-ever.::

DeVeau: Okay, I think this thing has had enough of my attention.  We should probably keep walking in case it decides to come alive and eat us for dinner.

Knight: ::smirks:: More likely it’ll enter our dreams and haunt us.

DeVeau: So now, you were going to tell me something about yourself.

Knight: ::She gave her a sidelong glance as they began walking along the storefronts:: What do you mean? I’m not very interesting. What did you want to know?

DeVeau: Oh, I don’t know, whatever you want.  Where you’re from, what you like, how many bodies you’re hiding in your closet…

Knight: ::snorts in amusement::  Well I was born on Earth. I love the beach and my closet isn’t big enough to hold on the bodies. I have to borrow closets from friends.

::Lara glanced at the Chief Science Officer. According to rumor… Gabrielle had the strangest sources of information, Alora was becoming one of the more popular officers on the ship. And something about plants.::

Knight: What about you? Where are you from? What do you like? How many bodies are you fertilizing your plants with? ::she waggled an eyebrow at the other woman::

DeVeau:  Earth, like you, originally Virginia but we moved to Japan when I was ten or so.  I like _lots_ of things.  Music, movies, art, people, plants, animals…

::As she pondered the next question, she glanced around, eyes darting here and there nervously.  She licked her lips and leaned forward, whispering.::

DeVeau: Right now, just one, but it’s early yet…

::Lara leaned closer, her voice low.::

Knight: Well… you’re plants are well fertilized….

::She straightened and giggled and shook her head.::

DeVeau: I guess I’m getting known for my plants.  I’m constantly having babies.  Would you care for one?

Knight: ::laughing:: Absolutely. From what I hear just about everyone you meet gets a plant.

DeVeau: Well, about half of my collection is terran with most of that focusing on gesneriads, particularly African Violets, but I have plenty of other species as well.

::And she made the most of the space in her quarters to accommodate as many as she could.  Of course, there was always the arboretum, but it wasn’t suitable for all plants and she wouldn’t necessarily be able to take anything with her should something happen and she ever transfer ships.::

Knight: Really Alora, word is that you are the official plant lady. ::shakes her head::  Anyway, are you just browsing or were you looking for something in particular. I think I need a new outfit to cheer me up.

DeVeau:  Oo, the plant lady.  When I was back home I was the animal girl.  I’ve changed names!

::She giggled, then flicked her hair behind her shoulder before she shrugged.::

DeVeau: Eh, I’m just walking around, hanging out, we can go where you want.

Knight: ::shrugs:: I don’t want to bore you.

DeVeau: Bore me?  Impossible.  I like hanging out with people so it’s not going to be boring.  What are you looking for?

Knight: I think I need something sexy. Then I’m going to go out and *meet* people.

::As Lara spoke, various people passed by, doing their own browsing.  One man in particularly, however, angled in their direction as if to enter the shop outside of which they hovered.  He was tall, dark hair and shirt and pants both completely black.  Although he sported long sleeves, tattoos peeked out from his left which promised a larger picture further on his arm.  As he approached, he drew up behind Alora, put his fingers to his smiling lips, then reached around to quickly cover her eyes.  He eased his mouth over to her ear and in a rough, low whisper, spoke.::

Adrien: Guess who.

::Alora froze, her expression unreadable for a moment because of those large hands over her face, but then her mouth broke out into a wide smile and she squealed before squirming around to face the man and throw her arms around his neck.::

DeVeau: Oh my stars, Adrien!

::The man laughed and picked Alora up so he could whirl her around a couple of times before setting her down and enveloping her in a bear hug.::

Adrien: Hey Little Lora, long time no see.

::He released her and Alora stepped back to playfully swat at his arm.::

DeVeau: You’re telling me, where have you _been_.

Adrien: Oh, here and there, you know.  ::His gaze, dark where Alora’s was light, flicked over to Lara.::  Who’s your friend?

DeVeau: Oh!  Sorry, Adrien, this is Lara.  Lara, this is Adrien, one of my brothers.

::Lara had watched the interaction at first confused and wary, but when she saw Alora’s reaction she relaxed. oO Brother, huh? Good looks runs in that family. Oo.::

Knight: ::holding out her hand:: Lt. j.g. Lara Knight. A pleasure to meet you.

::Adrien’s eyes skimmed over the junior lieutenant and he grinned broadly.::

Adrien: Pleasure’s mine.

Knight: I leave you two to your reunion

DeVeau: Pfft, and leave you alone just like that?  That would be rude.

Adrien: Indeed it would.  Any friend of my baby sister is a friend of mine and hey, I can’t complain if I get to hang out with two pretty ladies.  What were you two up to?

Knight: I’m planning to buy myself a new outfit.

Adrien: Oh really?  I’d be happy to offer my opinion.  I’m not biased.

::Adrien wasn’t a fashion connoisseur, but he also liked eye candy so he wouldn’t get too bent up over it.::

Knight: ::smiles as a wicked gleam briefly lights her eyes:: You’ll probably regret that offer.

Adrien: I rarely regret hanging out with beautiful ladies.

::Alora rolled her eyes at the grin that spread across Adrien’s face.  Lara, however, seemed undaunted by his obvious flirtation.::

Knight: ::gestures at the store they were standing in front of:: This is my first stop. ::She swept into the small boutique like a woman on a mission. She was going to get over her bad mood even if she had to kill somebody::

Adrien: Lead on.

::Adrien honestly wasn’t that into clothes, but he didn’t mind looking at the bodies behind those clothes - and that Knight woman was smokin’.  As if Alora read his mind, she smacked his arm and he merely responded with another grin.  She knew him far too well.::

Knight: ::as she started digging through the racks:: You know, Alora, you could always buy that wall hanging we saw… The one you said reminded you of your brother? ::winks::

Alora: It certainly resembled him greatly, didn’t it?

::She stuck her tongue out at her brother and Adrien couldn’t help but be curious.::

Adrien: You’ll have to show me this wall hanging - if it’s as handsome as me, it might be worth purchasing.::

::Lara pulled several dresses out and then flounced to the dressing room.  Adrien perched himself on a bench to wait while her friend disrobed to try on one of the dresses.::

Adrien:  I expect to inspect every one of those!

::He chuckled softly as Alora shot him another sharp look.::

Adrien: So how’s little Lora been?

DeVeau: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Adrien, but I’m not so little anymore.

Adrien: I suppose not.  I hope other men haven’t noticed.

DeVeau: And what if they have?

::Alora selected a dress of an off white into which had been embroidered a delicate array of golden thread which glittered in the light.  There was really no point in her having the dress, she didn’t really _need_ it - but she had to admit it was very pretty.  She held it up to her and viewed herself in a full length mirror.

At her question, Adrien almost snarled.::

Adrien: Do I need to have a little chat with anyone in particularly?

::Another eye roll was mimicked by her mirror image and she craned her neck to gaze at her brother.::

DeVeau: I can take care of myself.

Adrien: Or I can take care of them for you.  I’m fine with that.

DeVeau: Well have no worries, there isn’t anyone in the picture at the moment.

Adrien: Oh good.  So all I have to do is threaten every male on the station and ship and no one will touch you.

DeVeau: Gee.  Thanks.

[PNPC] Lt. (j.g.) Lara Knight

Head Nurse

USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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