[G-QTRS] JP by Lt. Evan Delano and Lt. Alora DeVeau - Lessons and Distractions (Part II)

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(Delano’s Quarters)

Delano: I know the feeling.

:: Evan had been putting most of his efforts into repairs, not to mention the ongoing questions surrounding Andrew Davenport and his presence on the ship. He wasn't sure how well he’d be able to adjust in Alora’s position, however. ::

Delano: What did you want to work on today?

DeVeau: Anything.  Everything.  Something.

::The answer wasn't specific by a long shot, but honestly, Alora just needed to do it.::

DeVeau: Maybe we could try and try and find some vocabulary neither of us has used before, expand it more.

:: Evan considered the science officer for a long moment. It took considerable effort to suppress his immediate instinct to send her away. He was still having trouble looking at her without thinking of the way she’d looked while ‘possessed’ by the Kindred. And of the things the Kindred had made her do. He knew that wasn't fair, but that didn’t make it any easier to dismiss. Still, Alora didn’t deserve that. He took a deep breath.  ::

Delano: To be honest, I could do with a distraction myself. Why don’t we just focus on some Klingon conjugation today. I’ll see if the computer can pull up a list of intermediate verbs.

DeVeau: That sounds really good.

:: The Vulcanoid entered the commands into the computer which promptly composed a list of suitable words and transferred it to a pair of PADDs. He handed one of them to Alora. ::

Delano: What do you think?

DeVeau: That sounds good.

::Depending on how they did it, it could be really fun, or really boring.  Either way, Alora would be happy because she’d enjoy spending time learning regardless and not having to think about what had happened.

DeVeau: We could get really crazy with these.

:: Evan laughed. ::

Delano: I can imagine. What did you have in mind?

DeVeau: You know, just think up of sentences a Klingon would never use or just some insane ones, then conjugate the verbs using the silly sentences.

Delano: (Klingon) ]Dainty Klingons pirouette majestically. ::break:: (Federation Standard) I can see the appeal.

::Alora’s expression slipped into a sly smile that actually twinkled a little in her eyes.::

DeVeau: That was hilarious.  Let me see…

::She thought for a moment, a single finger tapping against her chin as she pondered something appropriate.::

DeVeau: Sensitive Klingons prefer lace over leather.

::She struggled with lace and finally gave up and used the Standard word for it, then wrinkled her nose.::

DeVeau: Yours was so much better.

:: He chuckled again, settling down on the couch. ::

Delano: That’s pretty good. Alright, I think we have a lesson plan.

DeVeau: And a fun one. ::And boy she could do with a bit of fun.:: Let’s do this.


Lt. Evan Delano

Chief of Security/Tactical

USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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