[A1] Lt. Skyfire -- Checking In (Moonsong, Egan Manno / Kells )

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Jun 18, 2015, 12:25:50 AM6/18/15
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OOC: Tags farther down in parentheses during the Egan Manno / Kells conversation are optional, dependent on whether Moonsong came with him or not.

(( Astrofori One ))

:: By the time they docked, Skyfire had relaxed a bit more. He really wanted to go make his report so he could catch up on some much needed rest and so that he could work on getting off the inhibitor again. ::

Moonsong: The ship is at station-keeping. ::she glanced at CD:: Are you all right?

Dunross: Entire colony destroyed, fill out a form.  

Skyfire: I just want to give the keys back to Aron, stuff my nose in the after-action paperwork, then go to sleep. That's all I want to do.

Moonsong : Ian….

:: Ian was silent and seemed to storm off in a huff. Chythar ran a hand along his face, glancing at a nearby terminal. :: 

Skyfire: Computer, location of Fleet Captain Egan Manno.

Computer: Fleet Captain Egan Manno is at security checkpoint Beta.

:: The doc nodded and looked to his teal-collared colleague. ::

Skyfire: I'm going to go make my report to the captains. You coming, or would you like time to yourself?

Moonsong: Tag

(( OOC: Will continue as necessary ))

(( Timeskip -- Checkpoint Beta ))

:: Chythar fell in-step beside his two captains, one his CO and the other his former CO. He smiled as a lull happened in conversation, allowing him to speak and announce himself. ::

Skyfire: Lt. Chythar Skyfire back from our investigation mission to the Taredge Colony, Captain. If this is a bad time, I'll write my report and submit it on your desk.

Kells / Egan Manno (Moonsong?) 

Skyfire: Understood, sirs. 

:: For now, he held his tongue. He'd write it down and do just as Ian would be: filling out paperwork and giving a verbal debriefing later. This obviously wasn't the place to discuss such things, but he'd come along for now. He was still on his inhibitor, fortunately. ::

Kells / Egan Manno (Moonsong?): 

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda NCC 73809
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