LtCmdr T'Lea & Lt. Rune Jolara: A Small Favor

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Rune Jolara

Oct 14, 2014, 9:50:09 AM10/14/14
((Trill, Telrin Archipelago, Beach))

:: While Rune loved the feel of the sun on her skin, her sensitive eyes weren't as appreciative. Thankfully the dark glasses she wore afforded some relief and she was able to see almost normal. She had mingled with other guests, waiting for an opportunity to approach when she was alone. ::

:: Seeing that chance, she made her move. ::

Jolara: The ceremony was beautiful. ::smiling:: We don't have such occasions on Leya-I. I think this is where I'm suppose to say congratulations.

T'Lea:  Then I’m supposed to say thank you.

::  T’Lea was returning to the party after having stepped away to change into something more casual and beach-like.  Wearing the lovely slinky dress was nice for the ceremony, but not very beach-friendly.  Now she was dressed in plain yoga pants, and fitted tank top.  Vulcan-styled sandals adorned her feet.::

T’Lea:  Have you had anything to eat yet?  We have plenty of food and beverages.

:: She said that while searching the crowd for Della, and then stopped as a thought occurred to her.::

T'Lea:  Do you drink alcohol?  I don't think I've ever seen you do that.  Could be interesting to watch.

:: Rune shook her head. ::

Jolara: I am sure it would be but, no, I do not drink alcohol. ::almost rolling her eyes:: It is another one of those Al-Leyan forbidden things. However, if you would like to get a drink I may be persuaded to have a small glass.

::  Warding off the idea like it was an evil demon.::

T'Lea:  No.  I've banned booze from my diet.  Possibly forever.

::  She avoided the thought of Hannibal and their drinking frenzy the night before.::

Jolara: ::not entirely convinced by that statement:: Forever is a long time.

T'Lea:  Forever sounds pretty good right now.

:: Especially, after what her sketchy memory had revealed so far about her night with Parker.  Singing and a bed.  Not really two things a bride wants to consider on her wedding day.::

T’Lea:  Let’s join the others and get you some food.  You look like you need to eat something.

::  Or had perhaps the AI-Leyan wasn’t feeling well and needed to sit down.::

:: Rune reached out and actually touched the Romu-Vulc's arm but just as quickly removed her hand. ::

Jolara: There is something I wanted to ask you.

:: Or perhaps the AI-Leyan wanted to ask her something.::

T'Lea: Oh?  This better not be more "honey moon" questions.  ::a tease::  Ask it.

:: Rune reached up and unclasped the small necklace she was wearing. Then she held it out to the woman. ::

T'Lea:  A wedding gift?

::  She had lifted a curious Vulcan brow when the necklace was presented to her.::

Jolara: ::shaking her head:: I believe humans would call it... an insurance policy. ::shrugging:: It's a data chip. Ironically, there's no one else I trust with it.

T'Lea:  Data chip.

:: She still hadn’t taken the necklace, instead, T’Lea slanted her head at the odd little alien woman.::

T’Lea:  Care to elaborate?  What is on the chip and is it going to get me killed?

Jolara: Would it matter?

T'Lea:  Well, yes.  I tend to take those kinds of things personally.  Fairly certain my wife would be a little upset if I ended up dead too.

Jolara: ::making a face and shaking her head:: That's not what I meant. I mean, I don't think so. No one knows I have it and you don't have to do anything with it unless something happens to me.

:: That wasn’t entirely reassuring, but it was entirely perplexing.::

T'Lea:  Let’s take a walk, and you just hold on to that until I am certain it isn’t going to kill me. :: at her feet::  Well, these are useless…

:: The Vulcan sandals she’d chosen to wear did next to nothing to keep the sand out of her toes, and therefore she removed them and opted for bare feet.::

:: Down toward the beach they strolled.  It was a short walk, but far enough away from prying ears to have some privacy.::

T’Lea:  It sounds like you have some dangerous information on that data chip – information that could get you killed.  And if it can get *you* killed, then it can get *me* killed.  You’re going to have to convince me why it’s better that I hold on to it.

:: Rune took a moment to figure out how to explain it, not looking at the Romu-Vulc. Sure if anyone could understand it would be her. That, aside from trusting her, was why Rune had decided to involve her at all. She glanced down at the necklace and then squeezed it in her hand.::

Jolara:  No one knows I have it. At least not yet. ::her jaw clenched and unclenched:: It contains proof of certain illegal experiments, specifically what my mentor had done to me. It's not enough for the Al-Leyan Council to do anything but it's enough to use against them... to keep them from openly doing anything to me. ::glancing sideways:: Before you ask, I stole it.

:: Well, that made more sense than T’Lea was hoping.  Leverage was a mighty powerful thing.::

::  The Romu-vulc looked out at the ocean and studied it for a moment, when she looked back at Rune, she squinted her eyes.::

T’Lea:  You broke the law.  ::laughing::    You’re a thief.  I cannot believe you did something illegal. Better yet that you got away with it.

:: It was true. No matter how she tried to justify it, she had stolen the files.::

Jolara: I am sorry if that is disappointing.

T’Lea:  Are you kidding?  I’m proud of you.  Welcome to my world.

:: Rune gave her a puzzled look. ::

Jolara: Proud? You are joking right?

T’Lea:  Not even a little.  The fact that you are a criminal is very serious.

:: Rune shook her head and looked back toward the water. ::

Jolara: I know it is.

T’Lea:  I have only one question for you, and this will determine my participation in the matter.

Jolara: Okay. What?

T’Lea:  Did you have fun?

:: Rune gave her another puzzled look.::

Jolara: Fun? Was what fun?

T’Lea:  Stealing it.  You know, did you enjoy the art of thieving? Simple question.

:: Her brow furrowed into a frown. She looked down at the sand and then back up. ::

Jolara: I admit there was a certain... excitement to it but I would not say I had *fun.* I did what I had to do and I am not sorry for doing it.

T'Lea:   Okay, perhaps ‘fun’ is too much to expect right now.  ::she thought about it::  Let’s try… Satisfied.  Do you have satisfaction knowing that you have your mentor by the karakas, and that little gem gives you all the power to destroy?

:: The grin she gave Rune was one of darkness – one that wanted her to feel and enjoy the fear-inducing power she held in her own hand.::

:: Rune thought about that for a moment as she toyed with the small pendent on the chain. It was the first time she'd actually looked at it that way. While the Al-Leyan Council might not believe it's enough to take action, others might. Either way, her mentor and the others involved certainly wouldn't want the data released publicly. ::

Jolara: ::slowly nodding:: I suppose it does give me some satisfaction.

T’Lea:  Well, it should.  For once in your life, you control your own fate.  More importantly you control the fate of others.  Enjoy it.  It’s called self-preservation, and revenge, sweetheart.

:: Shifting her weight, her feet sank into the sand as she looked at T'Lea.::

Jolara: So, will you help me?

T’Lea:   I would be honored to help you make people miserable.

:: She held out her hand for the necklace, and closed it sharply before it dropped.::

T’Lea:  Are you certain you want to give it up?  You could have a hell of a lot of fun with this.

:: Rune's jaw clenched in a hint of annoyance. This wasn't about having fun and T'Lea knew it.::

Jolara: Yes, I am certain.

::  She shrugged and opened her hand to receive the piece of jewelry.  Once she felt it’s cold surface hit the palm of her hand, she made a fist and placed it in her pocket.::

Jolara: Where are you going to keep it?

:: Not that Rune really expected an answer.::

T’Lea:  It’s probably best if you don’t know.  Rest assured, it will be safe.  Now, then…  are you hungry yet?

:: Rune smiled and turned around to head back to the party.::

Jolara: Starving actually. ::Pausing and turning toward the Romu-Vulc, she placed her hand on her heart then moved it outward, palm up in a rare Al-Leyan gesture.:: Thank you.

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