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(( Embassy of Duronis II, Hangar 1))

:: Cadfael's shuttle had just landed and he had his duffel bag over one shoulder. As he glanced around, he took a minute to familiarize himself with the room and seemed to get lost in his own thought patterns. It was as though he was searching for something, or possibly even some one when he started to take a trip down memory lane. ::

(( Flashback -- Utopia Planetia Fleetyards, Counseling Office ))
(( Time Index: A few days earlier ))

:: The counselor sat back in her chair with a pleasant smile. Cadfael's anger seemed to have faded away, channeled into his school work and his desire to become more than what he was. It was as though she was talking to a changed man, though how much he had changed would be revealed in due time. Starfleet brass was preparing to send him elsewhere, and needed to make sure he was fit for duty. ::

Corix: I'm glad to see you've made so much progress, Mr. Peters. Do you feel that you are more in control now than when we started a few years ago?

:: That seemed an odd question, but one he felt at least more capable of answering now than he had been three years previous. It was a long three years on the road to recovery, and he was still curious about the pursuit of a romantic relationship but it wasn't at the forefront of his mind. He felt much more grounded than he had in the last few years, and was grateful in a way for the fact that his encounter with Baylen never progressed into anything beyond a casual acquaintance. ::

Peters: Yes, I do. As you're aware, I graduated recently from the extension course at the academy with a tactical major.

Corix: Yes, and congrats. I was just about to ask you about that, in fact. Have you decided what you want to do with your new skills now that you have majored in it?

:: He hadn't given it much thought. Surely there was somewhere in need of a tactical officer, but he'd also been up to his ears in his new wrist-mounted tricorder design trying to make the components fit on his new bracer, which was still in the experimental phases. Hence why it didn't work as well as he would've liked. ::

Peters: Not put much thought into it. Why?

Corix: Well, we've received word that there is a need for tactical officers on Duronis II. I feel that you've made significant progress and feel that you are ready for duty

Peters: I...well...I am honored, doctor. Thank you. I accept the suggestion.

Corix: Excellent. I'll go ahead and update your records, then send it ahead to them. Your transfer orders should come through in a few days. It's been a pleasure working with you, Mr. Peters.

:: The Bolian rose to his feet, extending a hand out for Cadfael to shake if he so chose. The lieutenant rose also and accepted the offered handshake, then promptly made his way out of the room to go de-clutter his office space. He had lots of packing  to do, and from the sound of it, a few days to do it. Still, it was always best to get the packing done early. ::

(( End Flashback ))

:: The young lieutenant was still staring off into space, but was still on the gangplank for the shuttle that brought him here. The pilot started to close the door when he got an error message. Turning back toward the passenger compartment, he called out. ::

Crewman Harris: Uh, sir?

:: Shaken from his reverie, Cadfael turned around to glance back toward the pilot. ::

Peters: Yes, Mr. Harris.

Crewman Harris: You haven't actually left the ship yet, sir. I'm needed back in orbit.

Peters: Oh. Sorry about that. I'll just be going now.

:: He made his way off of the shuttle, taking enough steps to get clear of the shuttle and its exit route. Once he had done so, he glanced around again and shifted the weight of his bag to his other shoulder. ::

Crewman: You look lost, lieutenant. Can I help you?

Peters: Hm? Yes, you could say that. I just got here. Lieutenant JG Cadfael Peters, tactical. 

Crewman: Ah, right. I'll show you to the conference room and take your bag. You'll get your quarters assignment shortly.

:: Cadfael handed off his bag to the young officer and followed. He was sure he'd run into at least one familiar face, but at the same time he was eager for a chance to see those three years spent in classes utilized to something greater than just the inside of a components closet. Now, with his new posting as a tactical officer, he felt he had the opportunity to do that. ::

(( Conference Room ))

:: Cadfael glanced around at the conference room and realized it seemed somewhat less spacious than the ballroom he'd seen previously. Then again, the last time he was here he was watching the then-fleet-captain Turner receive her promotion to rear admiral. Roaming these halls again felt almost like deja-vu, but it was different somehow. He felt wiser and more experienced than he had before. It was only a matter of time before the other officers made their way in. ::

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Peters: Hello. Lieutenant JG Cadfael Peters, new tactical officer.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Cadfael Peters

Tactical Officer

Embassy of Duronis II / USS Thunder-A NCC-70605-A


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