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(( Pavlova/Oddas Household, Dining Room ))

:: With the group of adults enjoying after dinner deserts and drinks, the Ijos wanted to know how her work was coming.  She suspected there was nothing about her performance, mission reports, or anything else they didn't know due to ... whatever it was Cada had done and still did. 

She was honest, nothing else would suit the situation, and she was telling the truth when she told people she generally thought it was the best policy.  Especially among the people in the room. ::

Oddas::: taking a sip and moving her head back and forth :: Honestly, maybe I'm getting to like it, well, mostly.

Pavlova: Mostly is more than enough.  :: Turning to Aria:: : You are better than you think.

Oddas: :: waving her wife off :: I doubt Hannibal would agree with that assessment.

Pavlova: Hannibal’s my friend, and as you probably know marines share a special bond.

Cada: :: smiling and sipping her tea :: I thought you had transferred to Starfleet?

Pavlova: I’m no longer in the marines, but I’ll always BE a marine.  Anyway, marines are good at many things, but commanding a ship, especially when not at war, probably isn’t one of them.  You understand the real mission of Starfleet, and understand the costs that often come from seeking peace instead of justice.

Oddas: I guess I just didn't realize there was a disagreement on that.  :: sighing into her drink :: Look, I know he's your friend, I just think he is always fighting some battle he started .. umpteen years ago, expects the rest of us to continue as if that war is still going on, forgetting that some of us have actually lived through ...

:: she caught herself ::

I think he just wants us all to be the tip of some spear in some war that's always going on.

Pavlova: Five, even two-years-ago I’d probably have agreed with Hannibal, but I took off my marine greens, and I’ll always have your back.

Oddas: I know, thank you Irina.  I didn't mean to bring everything down.

Cada: Sweetie, we came here to talk, we want to know everything going on with you. 

Teevin: :: drinking and considering:: You know Aria, there are always going to people who are going to people who don't think you should be in command, for one reason or another.  Some new private who thinks they know everything because you're too old, some grisly old soilder who thinks you lack some experience they have, or some other damn thing. 

Oddas:  And what did you do?

Pavlova: Response

Teevin: Well that works.  Actually, the 'Oddas Way', as practiced by one Major Oddas during the Resistance, was to shoot the one who questioned her fitness for command.

Pavlova: Response

Cada: :: chuckling:: So I've heard.

Oddas: I'm not sure that's a family tradition I want to carry on in any event. 

Teevin: I don't blame you, but .. if you don't mind some advice from someone who's been there, :: taking another sip of his brandy:: try to earn their trust and respect, but don't hesitate to knock them down a peg or two when you have to.  If nothing else it will show them you are serious.

Pavlova: Response

Oddas: Thanks.  :: She took a deep drink. :: That's enough about me though. :: directed at the Ijos:: What else is going on?

Cada: Like someone putting out a hit on our gorgeous daughter-in-law?

Pavlova: Response


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