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Kayla Drex

Mar 1, 2019, 1:23:51 PM3/1/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Eagle
((Room 319, Deck 3 – USS Eagle))

Drex: ::gently stroking the dog's head:: She's a sweetie. How long have you had her?

::Mandy lifted her head and pressed it against Kayla's hand, enjoying the petting as she gently headbutted the other woman.::

Waters: I have been in possession of her for a total of six months.

Drex: Well, she seems to really care about you. Seems like she's decided I'm not a threat. Is she always so vigilant, or just when something's bothering you?

Waters: This is always her way.

Drex: I'm not prying, and we don't have to talk about it, but I want you to know that I'm here if you need me - literally right across the hall. ok?

::Kayla continued absentmindedly petting Mandy as she watched Chloe. Finally, Chloe sat down in a chair near the sofa where Kayla and Mandy were. Normally, Kayla would have laid a reassuring hand on Chloe's arm, but given the girl's tension and her faithful canine protector, she simply held out her hand, offering the reassurance if Chloe wished it.::

::Mandy's head lifted from the sofa and she looked at Kayla again, nudging her insistently and whimpering. Chloe caught the gesture as she watched the two of them, then reached out a hand across Kayla's body to pat the strangely behaving dog on the head. And that's when she thought she saw something... odd.::

::Wordlessly, Chloe took Kayla's hand in her own and brought it up to her face, before adjusting her grip to hold Kayla's wrist gently. Something seemed... off. Either she was seeing things or...::

Waters: Computer, lights off.

Drex: What? What's going on?

:: Kayla then realized what was going on. Chloe had seen it first, but now with the lights off, there was definitely a glow emanating from both of their hands. ::

Drex: What is that?

Waters: It is your hand. And... mine. Look.

:: Sure enough, both of the girls' palms glowed a very soft blue. ::

Drex: That's ... not normal.

:: Kayla immediately when into scientist mode, experimenting with various orientations of her hand, but it wasn't until she happened to change the distance between their hands did she realize the glow got brighter (though still not so bright to provide any practical light source) as their hands were closer. If they were at least one meter apart, the glow was undetectable, even in the dark room. ::

Drex: Ok, That's super weird. I'm guessing ... the radiation from the beam? We should talk to Dr. Foster about this at some point, but I had him scan me, and he said there were no adverse effects from the radiation.

:: The two experimented with this new bond a bit more, but eventually, having exhausted all ideas of uses for such a dim light, they increased the lighting in the room again, and Kayla stood to head back to her own quarters. She stopped momentarily before exiting the room though.::

Drex: You know ... I meant it. You never have to tell me what's bothering you, but I would like to be your friend. Friends are available to listen when and if you need them. 320. Right across the hall. Goodnight, Chloe.



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