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Nicholas St Gabriel

Oct 31, 2018, 1:13:27 PM10/31/18
((OOC: Welcome aboard everyone, very glad to see you all. ))

(( Starbase 821 ))

:: Aria stared out the window of the transport as the Starbase came into view.  During the journey, she had experienced trepidation at taking command of a vessel, a bit nervous at doing so without a net with her, and a fair amount of joy in the idea of putting her own stamp on the running of a ship.

All of it gave way as the USS Eagle, NCC-74659, Intrepid Class, docked at an upper port came into view.  The Eagle, her ship, was there waiting for her, hanging like a beacon in space.  Aria knew it wasn't huge, she had referenced the class often enough in her Engineering work, but it seemed bigger now that it was hers, and had a full crew depending on her to make the hard decisions.

The orders were ominous in their simplicity, and she had read them multiple times on the trip, 

TO: Commander Oddas Aria
FROM: Starfleet Executive Council

REFERENCE: Ship Assignment, USS Eagle, NCC-74659

Greeting Oddas Aria.  You are hereby requested and required to proceed to Starbase 821 forthwith.  Upon arrival, you are to immediately assume command of the USS Eagle, NCC-74659 and proceed to the area designated the Aavaro Wilds by the Cardassian Authorities (see attached star charts). Your mission is to explore this area, make contact with native species where appropriate, and not allow the area to degrade into a threat.

See attached appendixes and consult with Admiral Turner for more information.

Starfleet, EC

There had been a lot to unpack there, and when she had it seemed Starfleet was sending her to explore an area the Cardassians were giving up.  She wondered if there was some sort of symbolism in sending her, a Bajoran CO.  She hoped not, and from her talks with Admiral Turner, she didn't think so.

Her reverie was broken as the transport, seemingly for her benefit, flew slowly below her new ship, from bow to stern, close enough she could see a crew member here and there through a window.  The outlines of the Aeroshuttle, and then the deflector dish.  Landing Pylons were clearly visible, as were various escape pods and other windows into the ship.  

She let out a deep breath and a smile.  ::

(( USS Eagle, Bridge, Timeskip ))

:: Somehow the bridge was mostly quiet.  Her stepdaughters were most likely moving belongings into the expanded Captain's quarters, or, possibly, trying to see how much trouble they could get into.  There was a crewmember here and there checking systems and Aria took the opportunity to walk to the center of the bridge, in front of the chair that would be hers for the foreseeable future. 

Normally she preferred to stand, but at this exact moment she wanted to sit in the chair that was hers, feel it before the rest of the crew showed up and she had to get to work.

She sat and marveled at how it made her feel both small and more confident at the same time.  She clutched the armrests slightly, rubbing them with the tips of her fingers.  She leaned back and closed her eyes for a moment, absorbing.  When she was done, sat up and nodded to no one but herself.  ::

oO Its going to be ok. Oo

:: She almost stood to move on to the Ready Room, but stopped herself.  She had sent ahead a list of modifications and repairs for the Eagle, the Engineer in her wanting to improve on some things, and just downright wanting other things done a particular way.  Now, she couldn't help herself and felt around for the catch that would be there are the right-hand armrest.  It pressed with a satisfying, but almost inaudible 'click' and out whirred a cub holder, perfectly sized for her coffee mug.

She was still smiling when she heard a door slide open behind her.  ::

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Commander Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
USS USS Eagle, NCC-74659
ASDB Co-Facilitator - Training Team

One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. -Robert Heinlein

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