Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson - New Arrival

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Adi Aharoni

Jan 7, 2020, 5:01:09 PM1/7/20
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OOC: First sim aboard the ship! Yay!

((Deck 10, USS Eagle))

Ensign Levinson's first day in her new posting was far less than ideal. The day started fairly well - she safely arrived aboard the Eagle, and her personal effects were safely stored until quarters are assigned to her, save for a small bag, which contained a PADD that she used for various uses - from programming simple programs to writing essays at the Academy. From that point, however, things started going south. It all started from that turbulence. She stumbled and fell, confused. And when the power was cut in her entire area, she was practically confused. Obviously, there's something she's missing, and arrived for just in time. At that point, she began rummaging around the entire deck, trying to find a single functioning turbolift - if she wanted to find out what was going on, there's one place she should go to. Getting increasingly frustrated, she then heard the blaring red alert, with the fitting lights. She's just glad nobody saw an ensign running around the ship. At least, she didn't see anyone during that time.

oO What the hell is going on here?! Oo

An Intrepid-class may have been her first choice for a vessel, but she didn't expect that much action on her first day. She continued to practically run around the deck, as she almost passed up a turbolift she didn't check. The LCARS still functioning. oO Huh... How did I miss that? Oo She tapped the panel, and to her relief, the doors opened up, revealing a fully powered turbolift. oO Finally! Oo

((Turbolift 2, USS Eagle))

Noa stepped into the turbolift, took a few seconds to catch her breath, and uttered her destination.

Levinson: Bridge.

As the turbolift made its way to the bridge, Noa took a few breathes in, and out. Slowly but surely, she brought her Vulcan demeanor back up. At the same time, she tried to cheer herself up, to relieve her anxiety.

oO Well, at least I'm on an Intrepid-class starship, on the way to the bridge! I just hope whatever is going on, we'll be fine... Oo

A few more moments passed, and the turbolift doors opened up. Her excitement boiled up in her Vulcan demeanor, as she managed to suppress a small smile.

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Eagle))

Collins: Hi, I'm Quentin. Erm, Lieutenant Collins rather. I'm terribly sorry, first days around here tend to be kinda gonzo…

Noa raised an eyebrow towards Quentin, not sure how to react to walking into that. oO Lieutenant Quentin Collins... Oh! He's my direct superior! Oo Upon the realization, she silently and subtly nodded to no direction in particular. The thought of this being the first thing she hears also causes her to form a small smile, without her noticing.

Delri'ise: Response

Shayne: Science officer, find me that juncture. Tactical, once that information is relayed, you are to fire a precise phaser beam at that point and nothing more.

oO Fire a phaser? On what...? Oo After she heard the instructions from who she assumed was the first officer, she took the opportunity to look around, and saw the viewscreen... With a Federation starbase right in the center. oO Is the ship going to fire on a starbase? What's going on? Oo She tried to piece out the information she had, but what she knew wasn't enough to form anything coherent.

Collins/Delri’ise: Response

At this point, she made her presence known to those who hadn't noticed the Ensign who has just entered the bridge, when she took a couple of steps into the bridge, and the turbolift doors closed behind her. She stood with her hands held behind her back,  and held her bag she carried the entire time in them. An attempt to appear professional, yet with consideration for what she holds. All signs of a smile immediately disappeared from her face. She looked at Lieutenant Commander Shayne directly.

Levinson: Commander. Ensign Levinson, reporting as ordered. ::She glances around, as if analyzing the situation, and returns to focus on Shayne:: If I may ask, Sir, is there any way I could be of assistance?

Shayne: Response


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