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Nicholas St Gabriel

Nov 3, 2018, 2:00:28 PM11/3/18
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(( Deck 5, Sick Bay, USS Eagle ))

:: The machines were scanning her, and she took a deep breath, focusing on the work and trying not to let it remind her of her past experiences.  Besides, it would be good to not have to worry about the arm hurt at inopportune times. 

Her curiosity was getting the best of her and she found herself trying to see the readings, but they were the bio readings which she was much less interested in. ::

Foster: That’s a full synthetic arm, not a biosynthetic, right?  

:: She had a feeling the Doctor was humoring her, trying to make her feel more at ease, but she didn't mind for the moment.  ::

Oddas: It is, Helms-Merkel-Tor, MK-IV.

:: She flexed the hand, moving it from full ball to fingers going hyper-extended. In the latter position, she winced, just as if she had raised the arm all the way above her head. ::

Foster: My dad has a biosynthetic leg.  ::he said it almost apologetically:: He lost it in a shuttle crash ages ago.  I’ve work with these replacements quite a bit.

Oddas: Oh? 

:: Her last doctor had made it sound like a synthetic was quaint, and had apologized.  It was one of the few time she could remember seeing Doctor Hendon anything less than abrasive. ::

Foster: I know doctors like to tout cloning technology as the be all and end all to limb replacement -but it’s only really been a stable technology for the past two decades.  Before that there was a high risk of rejection in the long term, and it damaged the connection point.  :: beat ::  Synthetics either bio or regular are still the better choice for plenty of patients.

Oddas: :: shrugging:: It seems Lera Syndrom runs in my family, it means I cannot accept cloned tissue in any event.  :: putting on a weak smile:: Its all synthetic, or nothing for me.

Foster: Well it’s a state of the art synthetic alright, and from what I can tell you’ve kept the arm in prime working condition.  This sort of replacement can last a lifetime… which tells me the feedback issue isn’t with the arm itself.  It’s with the connection between the arm and your body.

:: She looked at the offered results, many of which she could only guess at their meanings.  She knew enough from when she had gotten the arm and she had done her research to figure out what she was doing, some of the readings where on her, and she had never done much biology beyond the basics. ::

Oddas: So, what's the cause?

Foster: Well, its’ delicate connections – nerve endings mostly that can get strained.  ::He looked to her:: You ever see a frayed connection in engineering?  It’s together, but not as solid as it could be?  That’s what’s going on – you’ve got a frayed nerve connection, and that feedback is your body signaling that something’s not quite right.  ::he drew in a breath:: I can fix it.  ::He said with assurance:: The question is do you want the jerry rigged ‘will do me for now fix’ or do you want to schedule the ‘fix this for good’ fix?

:: He looked at her, in a way that made it clear he wanted her to make up her mind.  The fact was she wanted it fixed for good, the issue was she wasn't about to sit out the launch of her first solo command.  She also wasn't one to put in shoddy work in Engineering, she hadn't tolerated it when she was the Chief, and she had forced officers to rip out work more than once as an XO and had been functionally the Chief Engineer..::

Oddas: Let's schedule the permanent fix, it needs to be done.

Foster: Response

Oddas: I can live with it until then.

:: She hopped down off the bed and straightening her uniform, and fastening the jacket.::

Foster: Response

Oddas: I'd just rather not miss the launch of my own ship.  :: nodding toward the displays:: How's the rest of me looking?

Foster: Response

:: Nodding, thankful that the minimal training she had been doing with her wife had been enough to cancel out the sweets and the coffee she consumed on a regular basis.  ::

Oddas: That's good to hear.  And Doctor?  :: she raised her prosthetic :: I hope I can count on your discretion? I'd rather no one know about this, including:: she took a deep breath:: certain Security Chiefs.

:: She knew the Medical Code of Ethics would normally preclude him from mentioning it to Irina, or anyone else on the ship, but she also knew sometimes it happened.  On a ship this small the chances increased and she didn't know him.  For all she knew he could turn out to be the ship's gossip.  

She'd tell Irina eventually, but she didn't want Irina worried, or distracted. ::

Foster: Response

Oddas: Thank you, it is much appreciated.


Commander Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
USS Eagle,  NCC-74659
ASDB Co-Facilitator / Training Team

One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. -Robert Heinlein

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