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Jul 15, 2016, 10:50:36 PM7/15/16

((restaurant  - Promenade, DS285))

:: Gewel and Bam Bam go into the restaurant for food after buying a few items from a store. And they look around to find a place to sit. ::

D’piere: where would you like to sit?

Bam: Bam Bam want to sit away from the people.

:: Gewel loos at Bam Bam who is pointing at a seat in a place that is not crowded. ::

D’piere: You’re right we should sit over there, where there isn’t so many people.

Bam: Bam Bam wonder who should get food first?

D’piere: I’ll sit here while you go get your food first. Although if the line was longer I would have gone first so I could get a nice steak for the little one.

:: Gewel watches as Bam Bam goes in line and orders both of their meals as well as a steak for the little puppy. ::

D’piere: you didn’t have to get me lamb. I was ok with getting it myself, really

Bam: Bam Bam no mind. Bam Bam want everyone to be happy.

:: As Gewel started eating her food, Bam Bam started a conversation with her. She also see the puppy eating happily too. ::

D’piere: I’m glad you two are enjoying the food.

Bam: Bam Bam wonder, have you thought of a name for her yet?

D’piere: Oh, well I hadn’t had much time to think of a name. But I was thinking of sprinkles, might be the fact that I love cooking and use sprinkles on most of my sweets.

Bam: Bam Bam think it’ll be okay, a name will come to you both.

D’piere: Thank you Bam Bam. Speaking of which, maybe we can make sweets together.

Bam: ?


Gewel D'piere


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