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John Nugra

Jul 16, 2016, 9:38:42 AM7/16/16
OOC: Of course, any opinions expressed by this Romulan is hers alone and not that of the writer.

(( Arboretum - USS Doyle-A ))

:: Having drug Kaji out of her room and forcing her to take a walk, Shiarrael was pretty pleased she did not have to resort to dragging the Rodulan out by her ankles and forcing her to enjoy the warm full spectrum light being admitted by the arboretum. Talia did resist conversation, but the Romulan was not going to give up on it. After making another pass around a Gungo tree, Shiarrael began to slow when her eyes picked up the tell-tale antenna of an Andorian. ::

oO Oh, gods, not Tel-ar again. Oo

:: The gods must have heard her because she saw that he was not as built nor the blue quite the same. The biggest giveaway was the fact he wore on one pip on his uniform. ::

th'Idrani: Commander. :: He stood at attention. :: Please, allow me to present my condolences. I haven't met the Colonel, but everyone who mentions him has a special glimmer in their eye. His example enriches us, much as his passing lessens us.

Kaji: Thank you. And please, be at ease.

:: His green eyes turned towards her and she met them cooly. ::

th'Idrani: Jolan Tru. I'm afraid I haven't had the honour. Ensign Akeen th'Idrani, Engineering.

Shiarrael: Jolan Tru, khlinae-eitroi. Tribune Shiarrael Ei-Ihhliae. Liaison officer to the USS Doyle-A representing President Mobek and the Romulan Republic.

th'Idrani: To hear my new friend talk about it, our Arboretum is a place of resilience and healing. Perhaps we might... draw from its gifts?

Kaji: It is beautiful here. I'd like to stay and sit a while. Would you join us, Mr th'Idrani?

:: A pang of irritation shot through the Romulan, as Talia was one of her best friends, but it was good that she was reaching out to other people. She remained silent listening to the conversation. ::

th'Idrani: Response

:: Heading over to the bench that allowed those to see the full splendor of the Gungo tree and it's surrounding flowers, Shiarrael watched the two sit, but took up a position to the side. Ever bit of her resisted the urge to sit down and turn her back to foliage. To easy for a killer to be waiting there. ::

oO Old habits die hard. Oo

Kaji: So, what do you think we can learn about healing from the trees?

th'Idrani: Response

Shiarrael: ::sarcastic:: Talia. It's a damn tree.

Kaji: :: a true smile broke through. :: Shiarrael, you are the most unpoetic person I know.

Shiarrael: ::Grinning:: That's a compliment to me, dear.

th'Idrani: Response

:: Eyeing up the Ensign again, Shiarrael settled her back against a thin, little tree and felt a bit more at ease with the wooden trunk pressed in. ::

Shiarrael: ::glancing at collar:: what's your position aboard the Doyle? Tactical? Andorians love to fight.

th'Idrani: response

Shiarrael: Engineering instead of weapons? ::thumbing at th'Idrani:: He's going to need some counseling, Talia.

Kaji: response

th'Idrani: response

PNPC Tribune Shiarrael
Liaison Officer
Romulan Republic

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