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Peacock, Daryl (MCSCS)

Jul 13, 2016, 7:37:16 PM7/13/16

((Office of the Deck Officer, DS285))


Cauta: =/\= He admits it. Said it was the only edge he could play in order to win. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= That sounds like him. =/\=


Cauta: =/\= Regardless I have already submitted his reports and my own to this stations commanding officer. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= I'm sure your reports are in order, but I'd make sure you put in your reports that you signed off on his taking the fighter. Just so it doesn't seem like you are trying to offload all the responsibility. =/\=


Cauta: =/\= If I was you I would have that $%^&*( muzzled. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= I am issuing you a second warning on that language while speaking to a superior, and noting your name. I already have a reason to contact Captain Faranster, don't make you part of the agenda, Lieutenant Commander Cauta. :: Her tone was cold. :: As for muzzling Tel-ar, it wouldn't change the fact that you signed off on giving him a fighter after being able to look up his record. =/\=


Cauta: =/\= For the record Captain it was not me who authorized his joy ride. That was Lt. Vabathus who has already been severely reprimanded for allowing that, :: slight pause. :: Individual to borrow one of our fighters. Of all the hair brained stunts I’ve seen pulled over the years this one tops the dung pile and seeing his record I’m surprised he’s still in uniform. I would have tossed him on the refuse pile ages ago. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= Excuse me, how I handle it is between my officer and myself. You concern yourself with you. Now, I expect to have those reports forwarded to me immediately. Captain Faranfey OUT. =/\=


Cauta: =/\= As you wish Captain. After all he is your headache. Lt. Cmdr. Cauta out. =/\=


:: He snorted as the screen went blank. How some officers remained in uniform was beyond him, especially this one. After reading the man’s file which was so full of obvious exaggerations and improbabilities compiled on top of what appeared to be a well-documented history of mental illness and criminal behaviour with sections sealed by the order of the Andorian High Council he had to wonder if the man was just lucky or if he had some hidden political clout. ::


:: Regardless he was not going to let the man get away with damaging one of his fighters without a fight. As he thought that he was sending copies of all the files including pictures of the damage and the estimates on repair time and cost to both his captain and the captain of the USS Doyle-A. ::




NPC Lt. Cmdr. Cauta

Senior Fighter operations deck officer



As simmed by


Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

Tal Tel-ar’s Writer’s ID: T237708TT0


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