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Jul 13, 2016, 10:54:41 AM7/13/16
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((OOC: Sorry for the late reply. I must have missed this one))

(( Baker Street Irregular, USS Doyle-A ))

::Amuro was still drinking himself to feel a buzz...but can't really do that with what was being served, so he decided to just drink himself til the need to go to the restroom comes to him when the PADD in Ceciri's hand just broke apart, causing him to move back a bit if not to avoid debris coming his way.::

McKnight: Whoa there, ma'am...read something you didn't like? ::Then he noticed the blood and first had to smell it. He doesn't see different colored blood often.:: Commander...you're bleeding.

Hakashri: Hn? ::She looked at the person with a very blank face.:: No, my hand doesn't even hurt. Why do you ask?

McKnight: Usually when one is bleeding, it equals hurt.

:: Ceciri looked down. Oh. She WAS bleeding. Probably should get that looked at. But really, she just wanted to curl up for a bit. Maybe throw things. How could they be so.. well, she supposed they saw it as clearing up a thorny image problem. ::

Hakashri: Huh. Maybe I should go to the infirmary. Or just go back to my quarters.. ::distracted voice::

McKnight: Yes, Sickbay is best, ma'am.

::He helped her out of the chair and grabbed a towel off the counter to wrap around her hand.::

McKnight: Let's get you help, Commander.



::Amuro carefully walked Hakashri to sickbay and called for someone::

McKnight: Hello, doc? You in here? I have someone who needs help.




2nd Lieutenant Amuro McKnight
USS Doyle-A

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